Xev Bellringer – Virtual Anal sex – Simon Says Bend Over FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

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Your new babysitter is staying at your house all weekend … and she is hot. It’s just the two of you and she promises to make it FUN. What wouldn’t be fun about staring at that curvy body for days on end, even if you sport a raging erection in front of her. You want to see so much more though… you want to see her naked! Why else are you pressed up against the bathroom door, spying on your babysitter getting ready to take a shower, stripping down to nothing while on the phone with her boyfriend! She is so horny, a whole weekend without his dick… and SO excited to feel him inside of her ass for the first time. You watch her take a dildo out of her backpack and slide it slowly into her tight pussy from behind. You can’t believe what a slut she is, fucking herself in your parent’s bathroom!

You pull out your phone and record her pushing that cock in deep, over and over again until she she moans and gasps in ecstasy. Oh, you will have lots of fun with your new babysitter… She’ll do anything you asked to keep your parents from seeing that video. Anything at all… Even if it means letting you fill her ass first the first time.

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Cock Ninja Studios – Smartykat – Drunk Dadddy Fuck Daughter Christmas Before Santa Comes HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Mrs Claus has been a naughty girl this year! And because Santa Claus wotk hard she has to be fucked hard before he comes home! First she will suck this hard big dick as if it was a candy cane and then she will be fucked in doggystyle finishing with a creampie. But while she’ll be sucking the dick for a great finish Santa will arrive so she had to make this guy disappeared.

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Cock Ninja Studios – Fifi Foxx – My Mom Is My Best Friend HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 10/18/17 12:00am

My Mom and I have so much fun when we go out on the town. It’s better than anything I can imagine. She’s so crazy and beautiful. We get home and we are both a little dizzy from the excitement of the evening. She tucks me in and says how great it is that we are best friends.

She gives me sweet kisses on my face and then lips…I love it. I return the favor. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea but I keep kissing her until eventually she is too turned on to say no. I reassure her that it’s okay to feel these things and I penetrate her sweet tight pussy gently at first. She moans and wants more. I fuck her hard and rub her clit until she cums all over my cock! I bend her over and keep making her juices flow like honey down my dick. I love fucking my mom and cumming deep inside her!!!!

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Cock Ninja Studios – Fifi Foxx – My Family Gives Into Temptation Part 2 FULL VERSION HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 9/29/17 12:00am

My mom is SO upset that I fucked my sister. She talks to her and finds out that it really was my little sister that came onto me first. It’s not enough. Mom needs all the info from me too. I talk about what happened but it turns me on. Mom notices my hard on and starts stroking me??? She admits that catching my sister and me turned her on!!! OMFG, She is so tight. She strokes my cock while I finger her pussy. She wants me to fuck her just like I did my sister!!! I love feeling my mom’s pussy cumming all over me while she begs me to tell her she’s better in bed than my sister!!! OH, FUCK! My sister caught us fucking!!! What will we do about all this drama? I love them both so much!!!

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Cock Ninja Studios – Smartykat – My Family Gives Into Temptation Part 1 FULL VERSION HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 9/28/17 12:00am

I have been away in the peace corps for awhile and I’m finally home to enjoy some quality time with my family. I get a good workout in with my little sister but she’s really touchy afterward. I decide to hit the showers but she follows me in? Oh MY fucking GOD, she wants to wash my back. It’s getting weird. She touches me all over and says that I’m hot and shouldn’t be shy. She touches my cock and I just can’t say no. I love feeling her tight, wet pussy with my fingers. She wants me to fuck her from behind in the shower?? I plunge into her deep twat with everything I have. We go to the bed and I pound her until she cums all over my cock. OH, NO! My MOM CAUGHT US FUCKING!!!??? What will we do now??

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Natalie Mars & John Swift – Fucking Mom’s Ass FullHD (NatalieMars.com/Clips4sale.com/1080p/2017)

Ms. Mars walks in on her horny teenage son (John Swift) masturbating in the living room. She feels a mixture of surprise and arousal as she spots just how big his dick has gotten. She takes a seat next to him as he tries to hide his shame and interrogates him on his sexual experience – he says he’s fucked lots of girls, but mommy knows he’s lying. Thinking it’s time he finally experiences the real thing, she reaches over and grabs his cock and starts stroking it. He’s shocked, but turned on, and can’t help but go along with it. Things ramp up quickly as she starts blowing him, then making him eat her ass and fuck her in a variety of positions until he shoots a nice, big load all over mommy’s face. Also mom has a dick – just go with it

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Kylee Nash BUSTY CINEMAX STAR – You Found Your Stepmom’s Porno Shoots HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

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Oh no, I see you’ve found the old porn magazines I shot for back in the day. Listen, that was a long time ago, before I met your father, and he doesn’t know about this part of my past. Please don’t tell him. What’s that? You won’t tell him if I let you fuck my tits? But you’re my stepson! Well, okay, I guess, if it’s the only way to keep this secret…

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FamilyTherapy – Shae Celestine – Daddy Cums Inside His Disobedient Young Girl HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 10/19/17 06:24AM

Daddy I’m heading out for a little bit.. I’m just going out with Marisa to the mall. Just shopping and stuff, we might see a movie… No Daddy, there’s not going to be any boys there.. Stop Dad, my outfit is fine. You don’t need to worry… I promise I’ll be back for dinner….

***Starring Shae Celestine & a REAL creampie from her Dad***

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An Early White Christmas Gift HD (720p/2017)

As the holiday season is approaching, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; Mom favorite holiday of the year! It’s the holiday in which she gets to spread joy, love, and give plenty of gifts. Mom wants to give you a very special gift, though she figures your dirty & clever mind might be able to guess what that gift could be. Don’t get a head of yourself however! It isn’tt Christmas just yet, though Mom does want to warm you up & prepare you for her present; giving you a teaser. You come to find however, that giving you a teaser is quite the understatement when she lets you in on a sneak peek of your gift, her tongue and lips slowly moving along your cock; fingers grazing along your tip. You have your own early present for Mom as she uses different methods to edge your cock, streaming pre-cum in which she tastes and plays in. The more Mom edges and teases, the more you & your cock crave an early White Christmas. If this is the warm up and not your true gift, your cock grows harder in anticipation thinking about what Mom has planned when the 25th of December rolls around.

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