Superheroine Destruction – Alex Blake – American Dream Crushed – Humiliation, Mental Domination FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 9/24/17 03:56PM

The American Dream is the paramount of the American Way. Truth. Justice. Freedom for all. These are the principals which course through her Superheroine veins.
Gustav Saurez is polar opposite. A South American despot, who reportedly was trained in genetic and chemical engineering by elements of renegade Third Reich members.
Gustav is in the process of enacting his most despicable attack yet. He’s filled a school with hundred of gallons of a highly toxic nerve agent primed by a powerful explosive.
The American Dream is tipped off t the exact whereabouts of Gustav’s planned attack and is en route to intercept and stop him.
Arriving at the school, American Dream searches for the weapon. Within moments she’s intercepted by Gustav. Confronting the tyrant American Dream demands to know the exact location of the weapon.

Gustav informs American Dream that the entire thing is just an elaborate ruse to draw her to him. His agenda, to fight, defeat and humiliate American Dream.
American Dream springs into action ready and willing to engage in combat. Tossing Gustav across a desk with the greatest of easy, she takes the upper hand. Powerful punches and kicks bring her to the verge of victory before the deplorable Gustav blows a nerve agent in American Dreams face!
Now, American Dream is under Gustav’s control and he intends on showing her just what defeat and humiliation look like!

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Alexis Rain, Tony Dinozzo – Brother sister combo – athletic Sister SD []

Added: 12/26/17 10:00AM

Combo of 3 Alexis Rain clips where she stars as the sister getting fucked and creampied by her brother! Includes: Sis got stuck and creampied, Wrestling turns into creampie and My sister’s ass
Sis got stuck and creampied:

Alexis was putting together her new couch when she got her arm stuck. She calls for her brother to come and help her get out. Once he realizes she cannot get out and how hot she looks in her booty shorts with her hot ass in the air, he takes advantage by pulling her shorts aside and slipping his cock inside of her. He fucks her doggy style until he cums deep inside of her!
Wrestling turns into creampie:
Tony is lying on the floor watching tv when his sister walks in and starts stretching right in front of him. He tells her to move but she stays in his way. They argue and then start wrestling. Tony gets turned on and starts humping his sister. He gets so hot for her that he pulls off her panties and starts to fuck her. She eventually gets into it but when Tony says he is going to cum inside of her she says no, but Tony cums in her pussy anyway!

My sister’s ass
I can’t resist my sister’s hot ass! I watch as she bends over and admire her ass. I can’t resist humping her from behind. She gets frustrated and tells me I should just fuck her, so I do. I pull her booty shorts to the side and slide my cock in. I fuck her and play with her nice tits until I cum in her pussy!

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Chloe Night – Adorable Sister Gives You Anal POV pov HD [720p/ / Western Canada/2017]

Thank you Keithk1, this was so much fun for us! The video starts with me alone in my bedroom putting anal beads all the way into my ass in preparation for your cock when you get home. You’ve been wanting to do anal for awhile and I want to make you happy so I can’t wait till you get here for your surprise. The perspective changes to your point of view as you get home to discover me waiting for you in the bedroom with my gift. We get your clothes off right away. I’m happy to suck on my boy for awhile before bending over to get fucked with my beads in. All ten beads get pulled out by you slowly to make room for your hard cock. You fuck me in the ass doggy style for a bit and then I get a dirty taste of your cock between that and missionary. You cum deep in my ass which leaves me a very happy girl in the end. As always, I hope you love it. xx

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Primalfantasies Summer Hart – Real Estate Agent Trained To Obey – blackmail fetish, stripping HD [720p/]

Added: 1/1/18

Summer is waiting for her client to show up so she can finish trying to sell a house to him. She noticed him starring at her at her office, so she decided to dress slutty to make her commission. Little does she know, he has a better trick up his sleeve.

Summer comes back to her master’s house to give him a blowjob like they agreed. What she doesn’t realize is he plans on training her more than she expected.

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Xev Bellringer – Husband Records Unfaithful Wife – hidden camera, voyeur, cuckolding HD [720p/]

Added: 7/28/17 8:12pm

Shhh, we don’t want to wake up my husband. You must be pretty surprised to see me down here alone, dressed like this in the middle of the night. I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I was so excited when my husband told me you were visiting that I even had a naughty dream. Yes, I…gave you a blow job in it….and it was really good.

I can’t let those fantasies keep building, so I thought why not just come down here while my husband is asleep and take care of you. Don’t think about it like you’re betraying your friend, it’s more like you’re making his wife happy. But he doesn’t need to know. No, I really don’t think he’s the type to set up a hidden camera…

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