Mom Comes First – Brianna Beach, Alex Adams – Mother’s Helping Hand FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 1/11/18 5:51am

Baby, are you almost done?.. I need to use the bathroom… Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve bee in there for a half hour. Do you need help with something? I’m your Mom, you don’t need to be embarrassed…. Oh, baby I don’t know about this… I know you must be very uncomfortable not being able to relieve yourself with your broken hand but… I just don’t know baby.. Okay, I’ll help you, but just this once….

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Jerky Wives Cory Chase, Krissy Lynn, Luke Longly – In the Office – Family Threesome sex FullHD [1080p/]

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Scene One: I need this job

Just divorced from her husband and now a single mom Krissy really needs a job. When an old friend tells her about a position at her company Krissy Lynn jumps at the opportunity. With no prior experience required and a 6 figure salary it almost seems too good to be true. “Why don’t you show her what her job entails” He says to Ms. Chase.

Krissy looks on in horror and shame as Ms. Chase gets to her knees and sucks off her boss. “If you want the job stand up” Ms. Chase tells her. Half paralyzed with fear Krissy stands up and is humiliated by her friend slipping off her panties, exposing herself to everyone in the room. Her legs are spread and her tits groped by the powerful man offering her a huge salary and a huge cock. He fucks her from behind and takes away her dignity and pride. As he presses his cock against her virgin ass she screams. “No you can’t put it in my ass!” and runs out of the room, unable to keep going even for the amazing job.

Scene Two: Ms. Chase offers her ass

Luckily Ms. Chase is still there to meet her bosses needs. She happily sucks her boss hard again and more than makes up for her friends failure. Bending over the counter she gasps as his big cock presses into her hot ass. A slap of punishment on her ass and he fucks her. “That’s it master, use my tight ass.” She moans.

Throwing her to the couch he fucks her like the slutty sex secretary she is. Shoving his dirty cock into her mouth and making her taste him and lube him up for more ass fucking fun. Ms. Chase has no shame anymore, doing exactly what her master wants of her until he shoots his big load into her welcoming mouth.

Her duties over Cory goes to comfort her crying friend. “I needed this job. Fuck!” Krissy Lynn cries. Cory explains that she can have the job if she wants it, she just needs to put in more effort.

Scene Three: The Accountant

Putting aside her pride for her, Krissy takes the job and walks into her bosses office with her first accounting report. He makes her bend over the desk and read it to him. She tries not to whimper as he pulls up her skirt and slides down her panties. As she reads his hands slide up and down her exposed pussy making her gasp as she speaks. “Just fuck me already!’ She yells.

He pushes her to the couch and grabs her big tits as his dick plunges into her. He makes her keep reading as he uses her tight milf body. He even lets her touch herself and cum on his big cock. “Thank you” She moans and he shoots a big load over her hairy pussy. “Go get cleaned up” He says, sending her back to work. “Thank you master” She replies.

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Chloe Night – Perverted Older Brother Seduces Sister – sex HD [720p/ / Western Canada/2017]

Oct 19

Brother and sister role play fun with my boyfriend: I’m woken up by a nightmare and decide to go use the bathroom instead of staying in my room alone and scared. Still feeling nervous, I start peeing only to have my older brother walk in just in time to catch me. He apologizes and I quickly clean and cover myself. I tell him about my bad dream and realize I would probably feel so much safer with him around so I ask to stay in his room. He agrees after some pushing on my part and then we go get comfortable. His bed is small, we need to spoon to fit on his single pillow. I feel him hard against me as I’m about to drift off. I call him out on it, he tries to get rid of it by jerking off which gets a strong reaction from me. He then points out that it would be faster if I helped him. As weird as this is, I realize he is right so I put my hand around him and things escalate… Hand job, Blow job, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy Style, and Side by Side finished off with his cum in my mouth. No mess on his bed that way. We get comfortable afterward like everything is normal. I hope you like what you see, it was a lot of fun as usual 🙂 xox

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Best Video – Chloe Night – Panty Sniffing Brother Needs His Sister HD [720p/ / Western Canada/2017]

Oct 19

More brother and sister role playing with my boyfriend: While I’m in the bathroom peeing I notice that my panties are missing from the basket of dirty laundry. Since I can’t find them anywhere obvious I decide to ask my brother since he is the only one home with me at this time. I enter his bedroom to find him masturbating while he is smelling a pair of my panties. Confronting him gets a little weird when he reveals that he needs help finishing and before you know it I’ve got my hand around his cock. I suck him, we fuck doggy style, spread for the camera, POV, cowgirl, and a facial finish. I take back my panties and leave my perverted brother with a feeling of satisfaction and the taste of his cum in my mouth. I hope you like watching this, we loved making it! xoxo

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Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S – Meana Wolf – Jealous Cuckold – Hard Anal Fucking FullHD [1080p/]

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**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

You started to feel it… that pain deep in your stomach… you knew she was lying to you. Day in and day out… the two of you were growing apart. Sometimes you could smell him on her but even then she’d always have some perfect excuse. You wanted to believe her… but you knew. And once you started snooping through her phone… you wish you could have unseen what you saw. But now the images of her fit and hung lover were burning in your mind. You knew she was going out to fuck him again tonight, but you couldn’t stop her. Maybe part of you subconsciously enjoyed knowing that she was about to get fucked by another man. When she came home early in the morning you pushed her to the ground and shoved your hard cock in her mouth. Your dick was so fucking hard and you felt so angry…betrayed… but the smell of sex on her and the thought of his cock inside her was driving you mad with passion. She denied it over and over and it just made you want to fuck her even more… to fuck the truth out of her. She laughed, “You know don’t you? You know that I’ve been with someone else. I let him fuck me bareback. Does that make you mad? Now both your cum is all mixed up inside my pussy”.

You’d never fucked like that before…and you loved it. But you wanted it to stop. The only problem is, your girlfriend Meana has a mind of her own…and now that she knows how the two of you fuck when you’re angry and jealous? Well she’s not about to just turn down her side dick AND go back to having boring sex with you. No she’s not going to stop fucking other men. She’s going to keep making you crazy with jealousy… starting with fucking her bull lover right in front of you…on your fucking couch. Because she likes what it does to you.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: 2 Sex Scenes. Feel your jealousy and anger boil over into passion as you fuck the truth out of your girlfriend. You cum inside her knowing that her lover’s big fat load is still deep within her tight, wet pussy. She likes what it’s doing to you… she likes the anger and the passion in your cock. So she brings her lover over to fuck right in front of you, knowing that it will drive you mad…and make you want to fuck her even harder. **Cheating Girlfriend. Lying. Snooping. POV Sex. CreamPie. Cuckolding. Bull fucks your Hotwife. Cum On Tits. **

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MILF Creampied Stepmoms – Lea Lexis – It’s Not Gonna Suck Itself, Mom SD [Mike Quasar/Third Degree Films/2018]

Stepmoms getting filled to the brim in every scene! It’s the super horny MILFs that crave a sweet load in their dripping wet pussies! These cocksmith stepsons dare not pull out when their hot mamas are squeezing their asses to thrust deeper – cougars aren’t afraid of a creampie! In fact, they want to feel that hot man juice dripping out all over!

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