Primal Fetish – Alex Coal – Gamer Girl – Aliens & Monsters, Transformation Fantasies FullHD mp4 2018

Primals Transformations Added: 1/14/18 6:00am

Alex just arrived at her friend Johnny’s house to play video games with him. He asks if she happened to bring his controller back that he lent her. Assuming it was a present she says no. He assures her it was a really expensive controller, and he doesn’t have one to play with now. As the conversation continues, Alex shows how selfish she is, expecting him to go get snacks and sushi for her while she plays.

Johnny, upset at how Alex is acting and the fact that she’s bluntly just using him remembers he just learned a new code to get a new “skin” for the console he has. She’s so excited by this that she gives up the controller for him to put it in. What he fails to mention is this new skin doesn’t just change what the game looks like.. it changes the player too. When Johnny leaves to go get his bratty friend her food, the new skin starts to change

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Taboo-Fantasy – Pavlov’s Bell – Brother use hipnosis to turn his Sister into a sex Robot FullHD

Added: 4/14/16 10:00am


Lexy is a little Brat….and a sneaky little cock teaser!!! She has developed a habit of annoying/teasing her Brother Josh. She even goes as far as flashing her bare boobs to him, in an effort to frustrate and excite him. Poor Josh has had about enough of his stupid, bratty Sister….so he plots a sinister revenge!! Josh has been attending school for “hypnotism” …..and he asks his bothersome Sister for help in preparing for his upcoming exam. Lexy, of course is derisive and insulting….but Josh convinces her to let him practice on her. Unfortunately (for Lexy)….Josh has become quite competent at “”….and he puts her under a trance. Once under….Lexy is trained with a special “Bell”….known as a “Pavlov’s Bell”.

She is programmed to become obedient to her Brother upon hearing the sound of the Bell. Josh programs his annoying Sister…..and a few hours later, when she is waiting for her Date to pick her up…Josh decides to cash in by ringing Pavlov’s Bell!!! After hearing the Bell….Lexy becomes completely limp, and mesmerized…..and unwittingly follows all the commands from her demented Brother!! Josh forces Lexy to suck his cock. he forces her to let him lick her cunt. He forces her to take a hard fucking….before using her face as a cum dumpster!!!! Once he is finished violating her…Josh snaps his fingers to break the spell….and Lexy is totally perplexed by the warm, sticky fluid all over her face!!!

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Taboo-Fantasy – Fuck Me Daddy – Daddy Care Im pregnant FullHD mp4 2017

Added: 6/22/17 9:15am


When Bentley accidentally sees her Parents having sex one night….she approaches her Dad the next day with an “odd” request! Bentley tells her Dad that she saw them having intercourse….and that she had NEVER seen Mommy so happy! lol Bentley figures Dad must know what he’s doing! Bentley asks her Dad if he would fuck her, the same way he fucked Mommy! Dad agrees to give his little girl what she wants….and after giving her tight, young cunt a good licking…Daddy gives Bentley the hard fucking she requested….even cumming all over her face!

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Naiomi Mae – If You Be a Slut With Me, I won’t Tell Your Mother You Snuck Out… MP4 FullHD 2017

Added: 1/31/17 11:15PM Family Manipulation

My 18 year old daughter is such a slut, but I must confess….I have masturbated to the thought of her being a little slut with me many times. I have never acted on my desires as I know this is wrong, and her mother would be sure to divorce me if she ever knew.

One weekend my wife was out of town, and I caught my daughter the next morning that she snuck out of the house to go party with boys. I went through her phone and found a bunch of text messages and naked selfies of her, while she was parting with boys and being a slut.

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Ariella Ferrera – Job Interview With My Stepmoms Pussy – Latina Mom want fuck SD mp4 2018

05/18/18 new! pervmom

I finally showed stepmom I was growing up by going for a job interview. She was so proud of how handsome I looked. She gave me a kiss and sent me on my way. I returned from the interview saddened. I was not chosen for the job, but I told stepmom how I would not give up and keep trying. I was becoming her little man! She rewarded me by fucking my brains out and letting me jizz all over her face. Boy do I love my stepmom.

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