Maternal Seductions – Andi James – Just Mommy and Me – Virtual sex, bush, Family Little Secret FullHD 2017

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Scene One: Dad Leaves Us
“I know this has been really hard, Dad leaving us for another woman” She says to me, sitting me down on the couch. I can’t help but notice that I can see right through my mom’s nighty, and as she talks I try to peak through her clothes. Mom is feeling so terrible about herself, because he left her for a younger woman. “It’s just going to be you and me for now” She whispers to me as she touches my leg and rubs her big tits. “I see that bulge in your pants and now that it’s just you and me I can take care of that for you” she lovingly tells me as she reaches over and unzips me. Touching her pussy she strokes my penis and makes me want to explode. What the fuck is happening? It’s so wrong and weird but I can’t stop myself from cumming in my mom’s hands. “Let me clean that up for you” She smiles and sucks the cum off me. We’re going to keep this a secret just her and I.

Scene Two: Waking up with mom
The next morning mom comes to wake me up dressed in some teal lingerie. Sliding on the bed next to me she wakes me up by putting her hand around my morning wood. She tells me that we both have needs, as she softly strokes me. She puts me in her mouth and with a few sucks my dick is harder than it’s ever been before “Now that you’re good and hard I have to fuck you” she whispers to me. I’ve never had sex before and as my mom gets on top of me I don’t know what to do. Her body slides up and down me her big tits bouncing in my face and I send my white cream deep into her moaning cumming body. “Oh honey that was so good” She tells me.

Scene Three: Mom Says…show me your cock
Guiding me by the hand mom pulls me into the living room. Spreading her legs I see that she’s not wearing any panties. “You touch yourself and I’m going to touch myself and we’re going to cum together” She tells me. Like I’m on display, I have to pull my pants down in the middle of the room and expose myself for her. Something about getting naked and jerking like this for her to watch is so humiliating. And the more embarrassing and humiliated I feel the harder I become. She takes out her tits and licks them as she looks at me with her hungry eyes and cums on the couch. I can feel myself begin to shutter, my whole body becoming weak as I shoot my cum all over the floor for my dirty mother.

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Natalie Wonder Clips – Gangbang mom – Extreme Taboo Talk, Virtual HD 2017

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Captures Your Fantasy For: Taboo, MILF, POV, Fantasies, Dirty Talk, Virtual Sex, Intox Fantasy, Sexual Desperation, Confessions, Tease, Masturbation, Moaning, Cum Begging

Son can’t believe how drunk his mom is right now! Her eyes are bloodshot, she’s running her fingers through her hair, her body is squirming on the bed in a very provacative way. She’s touching herself. Mom’s drunk and horny! She hates being so good all the time just because she’s a “mom”. She starts blurting out things that a mother should never say! Mom wants a gangbang! She wants him to call up his friends right now and have them come over so they can take turns ramming her wet horny pussy. The dirty little whore inside her wants it so bad! Son is shocked yet extremely aroused by what he’s hearing. Her boy gets to fuck her first of course. Then he can watch as his friends all fuck her real good. Her boy can even hold mom’s legs spread wide while she gets rammed. Mom starts touching her body, begging to be gangbanged by her son’s hot young horny friends. They can use her body for their own pleasure. Fill her up with their cocks and all their hot cum. Mom gets on top & rides her boy’s cock. She wants so much cock and cum tonight, starting with her boy.

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Primal’s HANDJOBS Ariel Grace – Owned By The little Sister Hand Job – female domination, desperation HD 2017

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You and your wife just came home from a fun night out, and she went in the bedroom and almost immediately. You go to relieve Ariel, who has been baby sitting your . She starts to tell you she’s going to be needing twice as much money as you’ve been giving her. She sees the way you look at her and how you have a boner as soon as she starts posing herself provocatively in front of you. She has you wrapped around her finger, and she’s going to get everything she wants from you. She owns your cock.. and your wallet.

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Brother & Sister Made Love – Clit Rubbing, Family, Missionary SD 2018

This clip includes: brother/sister, brother and sister are boyfriend/girlfriend, in a secret relationship so their parents don’t find out, they are madly in love, brother had left for college & now has come back to see his sister, passionate, affectionate, making out, kissing, romance, romantic talk, neck kissing, clit rubbing, sweet teasing, giggling, “I love you”, ass grabbing, nipple licking/sucking, sensual blowjob, riding, cowgirl, missionary, fucking, sex, cum on tits, erotic, making love, love making

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XXX Multimedia – Sandra Luberc, Aiden Valentine – Bros Before Hoes – Humiliation, Mind control, Moving uncontrollably SD

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This clip includes: Sandra Luberc, Aiden Valentine, POV, friend confronts his buddy’s girlfriend about what he saw her do, girlfriend has been cheating on her boyfriend, refuses to tell him herself, friend of boyfriend decides he better get evidence to prove it, magic remote control, different modes – stripping, lap dance, dirty talk, masturbate, ride cock, missionary, orgasm, crying, whining, begging, pleading, strip tease, tit groping, ass shaking, dancing, masturbation, masturbation w/ vibrator, dildo sucking, virtual sex, cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle, moaning, orgasm, simulated creampie, cum in pussy, taking pictures, evidence, Russian, Russian accent, petite, perky tits, moving uncontrollably, against will

I was pissed when I knocked on the door to Sandra’s house. Right, I should probably tell you who she is first – I’m already getting carried away.

Sandra is this gorgeous, petite, Russian model that my best friend, Shaun, is dating. He’s really into her, and they’ve been dating for quite some time, but something isn’t right about her. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, and no offense to my buddy, but why would this bombshell want him? She could have any guy she wanted.

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Little Puck – Cat Fight for Daddy’s Cock – Dildo Sucking, Big loads FullHD [1080p/American / Ciao/Jul 11/2017]

Pretty much 1 and 2. Las Bombas

Category: Father – Daughter, Threesome, Teen, Dirty Talk, Big Dildo,Brat Girls, Daddy Roleplay, Girl Girl, POV, Taboo

Princess Berpl and Little Puck are two jealous sisters who can’t seem to outgrow their sibling rivalry. This time it’s over who is the best at pleasing Daddy with their wet mouth! Daddy does his best to give them equal time with his huge cock, but it’s not enough to keep Berpl from shoving Puck out of the way so she can have Daddy all to herself. It doesn’t deter Puck – she steals Daddy right out of Berpl’s mouth and takes the cumshot all for herself. But they’re not going to stop milking Daddy’s cum until he decides. Who’s the better cocksucker, Daddy?? You have to pick one or it’ll never end!!

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