Primal Fetish – Summer Hart – Sex Tape – Mesmerize, Mind Control Taboo Video HD mp4 2017

Added: 11/17/17 10:00am Primals FANTASIES

Summer is wrapping up a date with her co-worker at his house, talking on the couch about their other co-workers and how they can be extremely perverted. He says he has always thought she was a bit stand-offish, but he always figured that was why. He then pulls out a necklace he tells her he bought her and she immediately becomes “” by it. Before she realizes, she is subdued by his mind control and all the sudden is starting to feel really horny. When he suggests they make a sex tape, she is more than willing.

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Princess Leia – Jerk to Worship My Ass, JOI+Fingering FullHD mp4

Added: 4/14/15 3:32pm

This video is all about my ass and how perfect it is. First, my ass in my panties. Don’t you like the bright pink panties I’m wearing to highlight the curves and round, plumpness of my cute, hairy ass? You can’t wait to see what’s underneath this tiny thin piece of cloth. Your cock could probably rip right through it! Okay, panties off…
You want to see what my tight asshole looks like? Keep stroking for me. You’re on duty! Every second you’re staring at my ass, I want you to touch yourself until the breaking point. Then, touch yourself some more. You’re going to see a lot of my ass and cute asshole in this video. Extreme close-ups require extra hard stroking, too. Don’t stop! but don’t cum, either! Wait for my countdown…

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Princess Leia – Daddy’s Little Mommy FullHD – Breeding Daddy’s little girl mp4 2016

Added: 12/24/16 5:00pm

Daddy, I’m glad you’re back home from your trip. I’m not sure if you remember, but today’s the anniversary of when you and I began our new relationship. I’m really glad you were able to make it back home in time so we can celebrate. I know that many people would not approve of our relationship, but I love you Daddy.

Do you remember how our relationship started daddy? Remember how I used to peek on you and mom having sex? I’m pretty sure you caught me watching a few times. It used to make me so wet watching your thick cock stroke inside of her. I remember wanting to know what it felt like to have a man inside of me and I would run to my room and rub my pussy thinking about your juicy cock. Then you started walking into in on me while I was taking a shower and excusing yourself only after staring at my nude body.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Grounded Or Fucked – Daughter/Father Fantasy sex FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Added: 2/25/17 8:38am


Sara has skipped school this afternoon….and her Dad has received a phone call from the Principal. She knows the drill…..Grounded or Fucked!! Those are her two choices. When confronted by her Dad, Sara initially chooses Grounded…figuring, it’s only one week…but Dad reminds her that this is a second offence…which means two weeks of Grounding….so Sara changes her answer to….Fucked!!! “I can’t be Grounded for two weeks….so just go ahead and Fuck me”. She says. Dad starts by licking her cunt…and then gives her a good, hard, Pounding. As she is being fucked hard….Sara starts to really enjoy it….so, as she is being Fucked, Sara says “If I pull the fire alarm at school tomorrow…..will you Fuck me in the ass?”. Dad agrees to do so!!! Dad ends by making Sara “take it in the mouth”…as he shoots his load into her.

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BadDaddyPov – Marica Hase – Cosplay With Daddy – Interracial Porn Video FullHD [1080p/2018]

Cosplaying Japanese Princess Gets Fucked By Her Dad!

Marica was playing in her room when daddy comes in. She want daddy to play king and princess with her and when daddy shows her how to treat the king Marica jumps at the chance so suck and fuck and her daddy. Cosplay and facial Sexy Asian girl Marica Hase is in her princess costume. She wants her dad to play with her. This horny babe knows how to seduce her dad and wants to use his cock as her favorite toy. It doesn’t take long for the Asian slut to be on her knees showing her daddy how good she is at sucking cock.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Grandpa’s Little Slut – My Wife died and I fuck my Granddaughter FullHD


Carrie’s week of visiting Grandpa is coming to an end. It’s her last night there….and carries is making an entry in her diary. Apparently, she has REALLY enjoyed her visit…..especially the “special” time that she and Grandpa have shared. Since it is her last night….Carrie goes into her Grandpa’s room…and asks him if they can Fuck one last time. Dear Old Grandpa is easily convinced, when Carries tears her dress off and swallows his cock!!! Carrie has become a deep throat expert….and Grandpa can’t resist her talented young mouth!! Carrie sucks on Grandpa’s cock….then she rides Grandpa like a mechanical bull!!! Carrie finishes her Grandpa off by Jacking him off onto her Big Beautiful, young Tits. They vow to pick up where they left off during the Christmas season….making sure, of course…..that Mom never finds out what’s going on

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Amateur Clips By Sexy Fantasies – Brittany Lynn – Mom Tricked 4 Sex Gets Unwanted Creampie avi FullHD 2018

Helpful Mom Tricked by Son Saying He Needs Practice for Porn Tryout Ends Up Getting Unwanted Creampie

Added: 1/13/18 6:00am

A guy is in his living room jerking off when his hot MILF of a mom comes in and asks what he is doing. He tells her that he has a tryout for a porn film, but that he is worried that he thinks he won’t last long enough. She tries to encourage him and he asks her a taboo question. He wants to know if she would let him fuck her, just for practice. She says no at first since she is his mother, but he has her feeling guilty saying that she must not care about his career. She then reluctantly agrees, as long as he agrees that it is only for practice and that he does not enjoy the taboo action. He agrees and she bends over the couch for him.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Mom Made Us Lesbians – Mommy Spanking she Daughter FullHD avi

Added: 4/22/14 5:00pm

When the principal calls to report that JC and Vanessa have skipped school….again…Mom is furious! When the girls arrive home, mom calls them into her bedroom, and one at a time, orders each of the girls to drop their pants and go to the spanking bench. The spanking bench is at the end of mom’s bed…and mom puts each of the girls over her knee for a good spanking. Once the girls have both been spanked…mom decides that their punishment is not over…mom decides to really teach the girls a lesson they won’t forget!! To the horror of the girls…mom orders them to get completely naked….and make-out with each other!! They both protest as mom grabs JC by the scruff of the neck, and shoves her face into Vanessa’s Cunt…and makes her lick Vanessa! Then mom makes the girls kiss each other passionately on the lips…Mom makes them finger each other to explosive mutual orgasms!!! This is a punishment that the girls will not soon forget. By the time mom gets finished with her two daughters…they are full blown lesbos

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