Locked Forever : Chastity Boot Domination FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2016)

The theme is you seduce me into a steel chastity cage.you encourage me, support me and show excitement in coercing me into steel chastity in which you have no plans to ever unlock me from..but you never let on that this is permanent..you give me plenty of reasons why i should go into chastity for you..you don’t tell me “never” or “forever” but that is your planand you use subtle hints to insinuate there is no escape. Please do not degrade me nor put me down in any way..(I find degrading videos a biz )You are pulling me into something there is no way out of..Half way through the video you now have me locked,you then explain how you are going to keep me hornyand frustrated by becoming your full time boot licker..you know that I have a boot fetish and love to smell and lick them…I also have fetishes about total feminization, maybe you can incorporate thatinto the video as well…you want to do something with the keys…toss them into your closet,stomp them in the ground with your boot heel, or something originalshowing you have little use for them moving forward..at the end of the video, you openly are deciding if you should fillthe key hole with crazy glue..and of course you choose do to do it with pleasure..Featuring Mandy Flores

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Tammie Madison – Mom strikes a deal with Chuck the Bully FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Darling, I now that things have been pretty terrible for you of late. You have been bullied relentlessly at school. It breaks my heart knowing that your nemesis, Chuck, has been making your life a living hell. I’ve seen you trying to hide the tears and the anger, when you’ve come home, your backpack smelling of piss because chuck ripped it from you and urinated on it. I know how embarrassing it must have been when they made you eat that tube sandwich. I’m sure you remember that time when they stole your pencil case for a day, and when they gave it back, all of your pens and pencils smelt of ass. Baby, it’s not just the physical bullying, the verbal insults are clearly hurting you. You’re my sweetheart, no matter what the bullies say, you’re not a sissy, wuss, looser. You are certainly not a worthless worm, dirt, or pathetic. Darling, you are mommy’s little hero, and I love you so much.

Now, I know you begged me not to get involved, but I couldn’t stand by and watch you suffer this way. It’s not like the teachers are doing anything. Honey, what sort of mom would I be if I didn’t make things better for you? That’s why I’m here, at Chuck’s house. Now baby, don’t be alarmed, I’m making a little video diary for you, well, because Chuck and I have struck a deal. I’ve agreed to his terms and conditions, and in return, he promises to never bully you again.

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The Tabooddhist – Stella Cox & Penny Lay – Daddy’s Lesbians FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Stella lays on her slsters bed, absolutely hungry for some stimulation in her silky nighty. She plays with her pussy through her panties getting herself nice and wet before reaching into Penny’s drawer for the vibrator she has caught her using so many times. Beads of her juices shine as they emerge from her tight hole. Penny opens the door to her room absolutely shocked to find her slster doing such naughty things in her bed.. and with her vibrator. Penny chides her slster and jumps on the bed top hit her with the pillow, however her anger quickly subsides and she sees the fun that could be had. The two sisters take turns with the gadget, as they find that toys shared between slblings are toys certainly enjoyed. Penny ups the fun as she gets on knees and elbows to eat her slster’s tasty pussy and Stella loves it. The two girls continue to play with each other and have so much fun they don’t notice the door crack open as their da-d peers through the entry way. Outraged and cock engorged, he rushes in and puts Penny on her face for a good spanking, Stella’s flavor still on her lips. Da-d makes Penny suck on his cock, and pumps her head up and down his solid rod while Stella watches and masturbates to the sight of her slster’s punishment. Both the girls pussies ache for more pleasure. Their da-d positions the girls in a 69 position so that Penny, the carpet muncher she is can lick Stella as he thrusts his cock into her. She takes his full length inside of her as Penny probes her tongue across Stella’s clit. Stella uses the vibrator on her slster as the two girls receive their punishment gratefully and ultimately their da-ds nut all over Pennies neck and chest as Stella jerks their da-d to fruition.

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Family Therapy – Molly Jane – Fatherly Advice gruzexchange.ru Threesome HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2014)

Being a good Father isn’t easy. I always go with my gut instinct, so when my son Alex asked me for help getting laid for the first time, I knew just what to do. My daughter Molly just got home from her first year away at college and I knew she’d be willing to help out her brother. I guess I didn’t spend enough time explaining how sex works with my son, but I definitely taught Molly about the birds and the bees. I told her to get naked and give Alex a striptease- then I pulled out my cock and Molly eagerly bagan sucking. My son was shocked, but I told him this is just what we do in this family, and he couldn’t resist his sister’s huge tits and wet pussy. I showed him a few positions and even how to be a little rough. It was going great until MY SON CAME INSIDE MY DAUGHTER’S PUSSY!! I told him to pull out, but I guess it just felt too good. I didn’t get mad though– accidents happen– but I did show him the right way to cum and blasted a huge load all over my daughter’s face. I’m sure glad my daughter Molly is home all summer. My son definitely needs ALOT more practice….

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KIMBERLY KANES KANEARMY – Kimberly Kane, Lily LaBeau – Russian Spy vs. Nerdy Intelligence Agent FullHD (1080p/2017)

Naive Lily is a brilliant freelance IT consultant who is on the verge of becoming a security cleared cyber security consultant to the defence industry. Kimberly is a highly trained Russian sleeper agent who aims to replace Lily and assume her identity. Once Kimberly decided to target pretty Lily she is unlikely to survive the encounter as Kimberly is a beautiful but assassin. Outwardly Kimberly is a free spirited west coast gal but really committed to Mother Russia. After a ‘chance’ encounter in the hotel bar and one drink the normally security conscious Lily inexplicably goes up to Kimberly’s hotel room. When the substance Kimberly slipped into Lily’s drink starts to take effect, Lily becomes giggly and ditsy as she says she doesn’t normally do things like this.

Kimberly keep cool and calculated as she begins to make out with the euphoric Lily. Kimberly knows what she needs to find out and how long she have before the toxin does its work. Initially Kimberly gets Lily to take off her smart blouse, Kimberly stands behind her caressing her pert vibrant tits as she whispers seductively in her ear. Lily happily tells her about her new job and how she’s to report in the morning. As her dress falls to the floor and Kimberly rubs her panties she confirms she’s never met her new colleagues. Lily feels very strange yet is thrilled by Kimberly’s suggestion for a game of truth or dare. Playing truth she unwittingly discloses all her top secret security codes and passwords in return for the dare of Kimberly to take off her sexy panties. A giggly nude Lily happily gives Kimberly access to her computer and IPhone allowing her to alter her DNA, dental, iris and fingerprint records to Kimberly’s in return for allowing her to dare to remove her pantyhose.

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Sex Rehab Crazy Milf Femdom Part 2 HD (720p/clips4sale.com)

My chronic masturbating porn addict had checked into sex rehab & got his first hand job ‘assessment’. In this clip you’ll see that time has passed & part of the therapy has been frequent & assertive daily milkings. The patient is milked dry & wants to go home but I don’t think he’s ready to be released yet. I force one more orgasm out of him despite his resistance. I am very persuasive!

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