Mind Under Master – Lily Rader & Astrid Star – House Pet p1 – magic control, mind control FullHD 2018

Added: 2/8/18 6:01am

Lily Rader thinks she’s home alone all weekend, but someone is watching her and secretly recording her. When he makes his move he finds her napping on the sofa. He brushes her hair back, runs his fingers over her thigh and unbuttons her pants. She stirs, but doesn’t react until he presses his thumb against her temple.

She is hit with a wave of pleasure and he begins giving her commands. “Slide your hand into your pants”. She obeys as he implants his desires into her mind “You’re going to let me in when I knock”. “I’m going to let you in” she repeats. “You’re going to be a fucktoy for the weekend” — “I’m going to be your fucktoy for the weekend” she repeats. “Now, sleep” he says and walks away.

Lily hears a knock at the door. Some strange man is standing there with a camera “Hold Still” he says and touches her forehead taking control of her mind once more. “You love having me inside your mind” — “I love having you inside my mind” — “Walk downstair and strip off your clothes while you do”

She descends into the basement and he follows. Once completely naked he has her beg to suck his cock. “Please let me taste you” she pleads. He lets her prove herself and she goes to work slobbering all over his cock, spit falling to the floor a she desperately tries tome please him. After he comes in her mouth he begins training.

He puts a leash on her and she poses for him by the fire, repeatedly her submissive commands. She strips for him. She sucks him off while he eats. She rides him. She gets fucked from behind as she says “I’m your good little girl”

On his last night there he find her crying, “What’s the matter pet?” he asks stroking her hair. “I don’t want you to go” she whimpers. “I’ll come back, do you want to be fed again?” he asks. “Yes master, I’m so hungry”

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Primal Fetish – Vanessa Cage – Should Have Minded Her Own Business – Hypnosis, Mind Control HD mp4

Vanessa has never understood why her hot friend has been dating such a “LOSER”. Now she has caught him cheating and she goes over to the “Loser’s” house to confront him, She yells and curses and insults him. But, he begins to talk to Vanessa, telling her he planned to confess what he did. Even showing Vanessa the necklace he was going to give as an apology. It has been in his family for years, it has always helped in situations like this….

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Robomeats – Lily LaBeau, Nickey Huntsman, and Miles – Locker Room Fun – Doll Fuck HD

Nickey and Lily are stretching in the locker room when Miles comes in and gets a little fresh with them. They reject his advances, but he freezes them so he can do whatever he wants. He picks them up and carries them over to the gym mats, undresses them, poses them in various positions. He can do whatever he wants to his human toys. He fucks Nickey’s mouth and pussy and eventually cums in her mouth. When he’s finished, he carries them back over to the locker room bench and poses them together.

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Mind Under Master Aria Skye – Trance Therapy – My Daughter my sex slave FullHD mp4 2017

Session 1: Aria Skye is being forced to see the doctor because her parents think she parties too much. If she wants to live under their roof she’ll need some counseling. The doctor quickly puts her in her place, “They sent you here because you’re a brat”. Indignant Aria says he “can’t talk to her that way” But after some Trance Therapy she soon realizes that she likes when he controls her. She wants to do everything he says. Since she likes to dance he tell her to “dance like a stripper for him” and soon she’s taking off all her clothes as she teases the camera. Since she’s a stripper she should get some practice, so he commands her to “beg for him to come into the VIP” with her. She teases him at first, “wouldn’t you like to touch my 18 year old body?” and then asks “Do you want me to beg? I’ll beg if that’s what you want” before getting on her knees. She tells him all the things she’d do for him, how good he’d feel if he just went in the VIP with her, “I’ll get on my knees when the bouncer isn’t looking an you can explode all over my tongue” She sticks out her tongue and waits for his load like a good girl. She wakes, her clothes back on now, “I’m sorry I zoned out” she says not remembering anything.

Session 2: The good doctor wastes no time getting his new pet into a trance. She tells him she thinks “about pleasuring men when I dance” and how she “wants to be a stripper more than anything in the world.” The doctor offers to let her give him a lapdance and she eagerly gets to pleasuring him. [ASMR] She wraps her leg around his and whispers in his ear. “Isn’t this what you want? To be all alone with a slutty little eighteen year old? Don’t worry, no one will notice. You just lay back and let your little girl take care of you. I want to make you feel so good sir. I want to be your favorite girl in the club, I want you come back and see me all the time. Will you do that for me? Please. What if I do more? Do you want to feel my young mouth wrapped around your cock? ” she says before going down on him.

“I can’t get cared away, not yet anyway. I bet your wife can’t make you feel this good. I bet she can’t make you feel as good as a firm little eighteen year old stripper can she? Oh sir…I’ll make you feel good. I’ll make you feel good every time you come see me. I’ll make you cum all over my little hand. Oh god sir, I want that. I want to make you cum. Please cum for me sir. Please cum all over my little hand. Please cum so I can lick it up. I want to taste you all night sir. I want you to feel so good you come back again and again so I can make you cum over and over. Please give it to me, please give me all your wife’s cum. Please I need it sir” she begs before he finally gives her what she wants and spills his load all over her hand.

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Mind Under Master Anastasia Knight – Trance Therapy – Dad mindcontrol Daughter 1080p mp4 FullHD 2018

Added: 4/12/18 4:31am studio/118498

Anastasia Knight is seeing a trance therapist to deal with her anger issues about her new stepfather. He’s a loser and she always catches him looking at her The doctor knows just what to do. She stares into his light and is hit with images and thoughts she didn’t know she had. “How long have you been attracted to your stepfather?” the doctor asks.

“I’m not attracted to him….” she replies but is hit with another wave of implanted thoughts. “I’ve always been attracted to him…” she finally admits.

“Let do some roleplaying,” the doctor says, “Pretend I’m you stepfather, what should you call me?”


“Good girl”

“Thank you daddy”

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Mind Under Master Carolina Sweets & Khloe Kapri – Double Valentines – Hypnosis Daughter 1080p mp4 2018

Added: 2/14/18 11:07pm studio/118498

Khloe just started dating this guy and her roommate Carolina doesn’t get it. He’s twice her age, he doesn’t have a job and he just sits around their apartment watching TV and drinking, but Khloe waits on him hand and foot. Carolina hear her whispering in his ear, telling him how much she loves him, how perfect he is…but once she started calling him Daddy Carolina had to say something.

“What is going on with you?” Carolina asked while Khloe’s boyfriend slept in the other room, ”You’ve been dressing different, your acting different. You haven’t been to class in weeks.”

“Oh I dropped out,” Khloe matter of factly confessed “I make more money dancing at the strip club.”

“You’re stripping?!?” Carolina almost screamed. This girl had gotten a full scholarship, but now she was dancing for money?

“It was daddy’s idea” Khloe says with a wry grin

“Please stop calling that”

“But he likes it” Khloe quickly responded.

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Mind Under Master Nadya Nabakova – VIP Service – Mind Contol, Titty Fuck FullHD 2018

Added: 3/14/18 02:55PM studio/118498

“I’ll take another dance if I can get your phone number” he asks Nadya. “Sure” she says planning to give him a fake number, but as soon as he hands her his phone her mind goes blank.

“Nadya can you hear me?” he asks. Oh course she can… “Why don’t you kneel for me?” he asks her and she falls to her knees. “You’re going to give me a lapdance for free.”

“I’m going to give you a lapdance for free” she repeats as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. Soon he’s giving her other commands. “You desperately want to touch and kiss me”…”You’re going to cum from me sucking on your tits”…”You’ll cum from tit fucking me”…”The most important thing in the world is making me cum”…”You’ll cry and beg for my cum”…

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