Primal Fetish – Kiley Jay – Remote Control Sister – Freeze Family Games, Mental Domination HD 2017

Added: 10/13/17 11:35pm

Kiley’s brother Rion is such a nerd. All he does is play video games ALL DAY with naked, fake girls in them. She says he’s such a loser and he’ll never be able to get a girlfriend. Rion found about a new “cheat code” that unlocks bonus games. Only, the bonus game applies to real life, and when he realizes that it works, Kiley becomes his new favorite game to play.

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Primal Fetish – Kylie Rogue – Robots, magic control, submissive sluts HD

Part 1 Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training –

Put under, Trance, Sleep Awake. multiple times, Mindless Stripping, Unaware Stripping, Kitten, Crawling purring, drinking from a saucer

Part 2 Mindless and Helpless Orgasms-

Kylie is in trance and mindlessly masturbates to orgasms repeating her mantras. Then Kylie is awakened but is unable to take the wand away from her super sensitive pussy. She begs, struggles, convulses and sakes as orgasms over power her and she cannot break the compulsion that the wand is stuck to her

Part 3 Headache Treatment

During Conversation Kylie either becomes a mindless cock sucking slave, repeating her mantra or becomes a wild cock sucking slut that passionately loves the dick. Either way she returns to normal when her name is spoken with no memory of what she was just doing. Dramatic changes in every aspect of her demeanor

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Primal Fetish Aspen Romanoff – Behavior Control Chip – Magic Control, Medical Fetish, Muscle Control HD 2017

Added: 12/14/17 09:51PM

As the scientist finishes up his new behavioral chip, a young, entitled, rich girl walks in the door. She starts to claim that her Daddy owns the building, and since the scientist just leases his space, she’s going to convince her dad to let her make it into a Yoga studio. As the scientist tries to plead with her, she won’t listen to him. Realizing he has only one option now, he tricks her into thinking someone made fake social media profiles and is pretending to be her. As soon as she sits down in front of the computer, he reaches for the chip and presses it onto her chest, programming her into behaving exactly as he wants her to.

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