Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly, Ivy Rose – First Time Sister Blowjob FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/31/17

Late one night my sister brings me into her room. She lays me down and rubs my PJ pants. She tells me to keep quiet, Mom and Dad are sleeping. Her robe comes off exposing her huge boobs and she smiles as pulls out my pecker.

She asks if I was okay and then began to suck. Licking and kissing all with a smile on her face. She rubs my head with her thumb and I explode in her hand. What my sister does not know is, I wanted this more than her!

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Family Therapy – Molly Jane and Esmi Lee – Fuck You Dad HD (720p/

Added: 9/15/14

Its Molly:) So… my family is completely falling apart again. MY DAD IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG NOW!!! Ever since he got laid-off all he does is lay around the house naked and get drunk. Mom left 2 months ago, so its just me and my loser brother, who’s barely ever home anyway. My Dad won’t stop drinking and he’s not even looking for a new job. And he even stole a pair of panties from my best friend Esmi when we had a sleepover the other night. Esmi and I decided to show my Dad who’s in charge, so we went in his room and started jerking and sucking his nasty old cock. But this was punishment, we SMACKED HIS BALLS AND GOT HIM RIGHT TO THE EDGE OF CUMMING — THEN STOPPED!!! He was way too drunk to stop us. We were determined to humiliate and ruin my Dad for good… My Dad is such a perv!! I know he gets drunk and jerks off and probably imagines fucking both of us. Well we made him fuck us but, I’m sure he didn’t imagine this! We humiliated my drunk pathetic Dad by telling him how worthless he was, and the whole time he was begging for us to let him cum. BUT WE DIDN’T LET HIM!!! We got him right to the edge over and over, then slapped and squeezed his worthless cock and balls. Finally we let him cum and my best friend Esmi totally ruined his orgasm by squeezing out every last drop of cum until he cried. That’s what perverts like him deserve. FUCK YOU DAD!!!

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Family Therapy – Molly Jane and Cory Chase – Assaulted by my Mother and Sister HD (720p/

Added: 9/7/14

MY MOTHER AND SISTER ARE CRAZY!!!! I was just smelling my Mom’s shoes a little bit and maybe I touched my penis a couple times–is that a crime?!!?? My sister Molly just had to freak out and scream for Mom when she saw me in my Mother’s bedroom. They both attacked me and threw me on the bed and called me a pervert. They smothered me with their feet and my Mom started jerking me off!! SHE DIDN’T EVEN ASK ME IF IT WAS OK TO TOUCH ME THERE!!! My Mother jerked my cock violently until I came and then kept going after and it hurt like crazy! If that wasn’t bad enough, they flipped me over and SPANKED ME UNTIL MY ASS WAS RED!!! This isn’t fair, I’m telling Dad when he gets home….

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Little Hope Harper – Daddy Helped Me Sleep FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/1/17

The other night I was having problems sleeping again. I went into Daddys room and woke him up in hopes that sex would make me sleepy. Daddy was grumbly at first but as soon as his hard cock was in my pussy he was fine. I rode Daddy until I came really hard then I spun around and rode him til I came again. After I came Daddy rolled me on my back and pounded my hairy pussy til he exploded all over it. Glad I recorded it in case I can’t sleep when Daddys not here.

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Little Hope Harper – One Night in Vegas FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/6/17

My last night in Vegas we had an awesome afterparty and I teased Daddy all night. After everyone left for the night I went and stood by the balcony for a bit. Daddy slid up behind me and started paying me back for teasing him…. I came soo hard t was incredible. I guess I teased daddy a bit too much though, we only fucked for a few minutes before he exploded but I still came twice….. Viva Las Vegas

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Dirty South Taboos – Nora Doll – Noras Better Than Mommy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/11/16

Daddy I’ve been watching you and mommy secretly for awhile now. She still doesn’t know how close we’ve gotten but I do. Daddy I think I can blow better than mommy and I’m gonna prove it to you. Just running my tongue up your shaft is enough to get you twitching isn’t it? I bet mommy can’t do that!! See how hard you’re getting? It never happens that fast when mommy does it. OMG Daddy you came so much I know I blow better than mommy now!!

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Dirty South Taboos – April Dawn – I know what you like Daddy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/13/16

Daddy, the reason I brought you out here was so we can talk in private. I know you’ve been using my computer to watch porn. It’s ok Daddy this way I got to know what you like. After seeing that I guarantee I’ll do better than mommie. Daddy let me pull down your pants and show you how much better I can be. Oh my Daddy your cock is so big it won’t all fit in my mouth. See Daddy isn’t that so much better? I can feel you getting ready to cum all over me already. OMG Daddy that was so much cum I know I’m better than Mommie…. Thanks for cumming out here with me Daddy!!!

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Dirty South Taboos Anastasia Rose – I`m better than Mommy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/7/16

And I’m going to prove it to you Daddy. You are getting so hard just from me rubbing you through your pants this is gonna be easy. I know you like it when I wiggle my ass for you before I even lick your shaft, it’s much firmer than moms. The way you moan when I lick your shaft then take you deep in my throat gets me hot too. Daddy your cock gets me so horny when I suck it I have to touch myself too. You don’t mind do you? Daddy you’re really breathing heavy, are you gonna cum? Oh Daddy that was a really big load!! I’m better than mommy is right??

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