Dirty South Taboos – Sadie Holmes I’m Even Better Pregnant FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 3/4/17

Daddy theres something I want to show you and I think you’re gonna like it a lot. I know I haven’t been paying you much attention lately so I’ve got something special planned. I’m gonna lick and suck your cock until you explode right here and now. Yes I know you like it when I tease the tip like that, who do you think I am, mom? You know better than that, even pregnant I suck better than mommy. The way my tongue tease your shaft is so much better than mommys way. See Daddy, you came so much I know I’m the best!!

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The Tabooddhist – Stephie Staar and Emma Scarlett – Better than a Bruther FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 4/21/17

Starring Stephie Staar and Emma Scarlett

Stephie busted the zipper on her pants. She gives up before calling her slster, always a pro with fashion. Emma can’t believe what her sexy sib has done to her pants. They just won’t do. She tears them off of her silly little sls, suggesting it might be a good time to use the strap on. After the girls undress Emma strap the toy on, while Stephie readys herself on the bed. Emma fucks her slster pounding as hard as she can, slapping against Stephies ass. Pulling out Stephie takes the dildo in her mouth sucking it with the passion she would have for an older bruther. Emma sticks it back in her slsters wet cunt, sliding in and out, driving it in hard as she can until she lets out sweet moans of pleasure.

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First Time Handjobs presents Alice Merchesi – Make It Special Daddy FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/JWties/2017)

Daddy I’ve been waiting for you to get home all day. I really need to spend some quality time with you. Here lets get these pants out of the way so you can relax. Your cock gets so big when I kiss it Daddy I can barely fit it in my mouth. You fill my mouth as I suck as deep as I can. Faster and faster my tiny hands stroke your shaft bringing you closer to cumming. There thats it Daddy cum for me, all over my hands. Thank you Daddy
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Daughter Alessandra Noir Sees daddys lil dick HD (c4s.com/720p/2017)

Daddy are you awake?? Your girl wanted to remind you that she just got her drivers licence and you had offered to buy her a car. YOu had MEANT a used Corolla or something like that but she has her eyes on a bigger prize… a Mercedes!! So she’s going to do what it takes to get daddy dearest on her side…. she mounts you and starts rubbing your cock over your PJ’s…. but why aren’t you hard? You should be hard, looking at your pretty girl, who looks just like mommy did when she was younger… and slimmer… She pulls down your pants and she finally sees your shameful secret!! You have a SMALL PENIS! What!?! is that it daddy? Wow, this is going to be the smallest cock she’s ever fucked… OOOPS!!! THe secret is out, your girl isn’t a virgin anymore…. don’t get mad daddy. well you can’t because before you know it, she’s mounted you and is riding you. Is it in yet? It’s hard for her to feel if you’re inside her… and she’s only 105lbs…. she’s pretty small…. oops! It fell out. Let’s try again…. is it in this time?? Can you feel her? she can barely feel you… oops… dang it it fell out again!! OMG did you just cum inside her!?! are you done!?! Well you better get what she wants because she can tell mom at any time.
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Brooke Marie s Fantasies – Daddy s BBC Slut ft. Brooke Marie FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 3/10/1

This video was a custom request and no name is used throughout, except “Daddy.” In the matter of minutes I transform from your innocent little girl to a BBC loving slut. It’s your fault though. I know you just caught me taking naughty photos of myself but I would have never done this if I hadn’t of found your raunchy interracial porn stash. You created this. Oh, and I also have something else to show/tell you. Why don’t you watch me get around for my date with my black lover and I will explicitly tell you all about it! How’s it feel Daddy? Visit WatchBrooke.com for your very own custom video!

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Ella Nova – Virtual gruzexchange.ru – Look at your cousin s cunt HD (720p/jerkoffinstructions/2017)

It has been a while since you have seen your cousin Ella and she looks gorgeous. You can see through her shirt the outlines of her nipple piercings and you can feel your dick starting to get hard. Does she see it? She stands on the bottom bunk and notes that you are trying to look up her skirt, so she just lifts it up to show off her whole ass. You want to jerk off and she knows it, so she tells you to just do it. Ella drops her skirt to the floor. She is tall and thin and she is a dream girl to you. She slides her hand into the front of her lacy panties and then she touches her tit. Keep stroking just like that. Yes, that is perfect. Oh, you want to see more? She takes off her panties and exposes her hairy pussy. You love a good bush. “Look at your cousin’s cunt,” she teases you just before she tells you to cum.

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Miss Kelle Martina – Mommys Lover FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 1/9/15

You’ve walked in on Mommy primping in her bedroom. Wow, she looks so pretty! She tells you that she is getting ready for a date tonight…an overnight date. She knows you are curious to learn about sex, so she plans on showing you…in person! You are going to watch from the corner while Mommy has sex with her lover. You are allowed to watch and masturbate, but then you’ll have to do something for Mommy. You’ll need to be her fluffer. Oh, you don’t know what that means? It means you keep Mommy’s lover’s cock hard with your mouth so she can enjoy it all night long. Mommy has seen your gay porn stash so she knows you are curious about being with a man. Let’s see if you really enjoy it!

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Alexandra Snow – Surprising Mommie in the Kitchen HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2013)

Added: 6/30/13

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and you wake up bright and early, but when you go into the kitchen you find Mommie is starting breakfast in nothing more than her apron and a thong! You stand there with your cock growing harder as she gets ready to cook, but you startle her when she turns around and sees you. She tells you to go upstairs and shower while she makes breakfast, but your raging erection won’t let you move. You stand there, looking at her beautiful breasts until she sighs and tells you to “get rid of it” so she can cook. When you eagerly start to jerk, she realizes that you need a little encouragement and teases you with those mountainous breasts beneath the apron. She helps you stroke a bit and talks sweetly to you before putting those beautiful breasts inches from your face.

Mommie knows how to solve every problem…

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Sally DAngelo – Spying on stepmom FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 8/11/17

Have you heard of SMILFs Stepmoms I would like to fuck. I just got married again, met this guy in Vegas “working” wink wink and I’ll be damn if he didn’t marry my ass, well he has kids (who doesn’t right) and one night his youngest shows up when (daddy wasn’t home), (just how am I supposed to entertain a twenty year old). We got past the normal chit chat and I went back to my room to RUB one out,(I thought in private) guess what the little fucker is a pervert, not only a pervert but a virgin pervert, I catch him peaking through my doorway, “that’s it buddy, you want to watch me naked then you get naked to, strip off” what a shy one this guy is, never seen a pussy up close let alone fuck one, he can’t even look at me he’s so embarrassed. So I thought I would have some fun and teach him the birds and the bees, “don’t cum in mommies pussy until I tell you to”

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Mistress Janet – Mommy Cuddles and Cums HD (720p/manyvids.com/Video/439870/2017)

Added: 6/30/17

We have the house to ourselves little one…how about after I make us some lunch we spend some time in bed together and take a nap? I knew you’d like that. You woke up with what looks like a boner and you didn’t know what it was or why it happened so I made sure to explain it and even helped demonstrate how to release it. I touched my little boy and he liked it, then let him touch Mommy. We spent the whole day in bed playing with each others bodies. I showed you how to suck mommy’s nipples really good like when you were little…you really enjoyed that too. Afterwards we both came very hard and decided to take another nap before round two.

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