Xev Bellringer – A Tight Situation – Mother/Son sleeping Fuck FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 5/25/18 1:03am

Your mother’s plan to surprise your father didn’t quite work out the way she’d hoped. When the two of you packed into that tiny closet, you had no idea he missed his flight home, and that the latch to the door only opened from the outside… that you’d be spending the night so close to your mother, trapped in that tight, intimate space for hours on end. Her robe slipped open, and those voluptuous breasts bounced in and out as she struggled to find a comfortable sleeping position.

It was too cramped for two to lay down, so you squatted over your mother’s sleeping body. Her chest heaved under the silk. You wanted to see her naked… to touch her. She had no idea how sexy she was, especially right now. So desperate, so vulnerable. You slowly pulled the robe open to reveal her plump nipple. You couldn’t resist staring, gently squeezing. You wanted more, and pulled the silk from over your mother’s pussy. She moaned sleepily as your fingers slid into her warm slit. Slowly… then faster. The pleasure was too much and she awoke confused and embarrassed, oblivious to the real reason her robe had fallen open.

She climbed over you, insistent upon you sleeping next. Your towel pulled off as you slid down, exposing the raging erection aimed directly at your mother. You wanted her to touch it, to try and shove it back under the towel for you. But she was your mother. Under no circumstances would she put her hands on her son like that… willingly. She squatted over you, over your rigid cock, urging you to sleep. But her legs were starting to shake, your mother whimpered in exhausting as they slowly buckled and she lowered down onto you. Closer… closer to your eager cock. She begged you to move it, you could feel her wet pussy pushing down onto it. Your mother panted, quivered, and then moaned in surprise pleasure as you thrust yourself up into her.

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Mandy Flores – Mother takes your virginity: Taboo Family Porn [American / Washington State/ Mar 31 2018]

Essentially I have a fetish for older women, taboo, ejaculation and post orgasm play. I want you to play the role of a sadistic dominant mom who’s going to tie up her virgin son drain his balls dry. I would like you to completely bind him and then tease his virgin dick, you try to pull back the foreskin for the first time (really emphasis this) but it won’t move but you tease him with your heavenly hands and sit on his face. Smelling your pussy and the teasing you do to his virgin dick makes it explode. But mommy is no where near done. Without warning you shove his used cock into your mouth to get under the foreskin with your tongue and you pull it back completely, and then you start sucking without mercy. And this virgin penis that just came and got out of the foreskin for the first time is rolling around in your mouth as you attack its head with your tongue non stop. But you don’t pay any attention to him going crazy under the bondage you suck away while you muffle his cries with your beautiful pussy. I finally come in your mouth for a second time completely drained. You let me rest for 2 seconds before bringing out a tool with a devilish smile. Its a cock pump. You pump it till it fills the pump and looks about ready to explode, then you remove it from the pump, and painfully slowly take my virginity. I’d be screaming because of how sensitive my dick is from cumming twice and having my foreskin pulled back. The first day the head of my dick meets air, you decide its time for me to experience your devilish pussy. So once you insert my dick the first time, you stay still for 30 seconds, looking at my reaction and savouring it. Then you go absolutely wild riding it like a mad woman (using every riding technique on this virgin dick) until I cum uncontrollably in your pussy. But you dont care at all, you keep riding my dick till I slowly lose consciousness. Basically what I had in mind, but of course the details/dirty talk I’ll leave to you since you do the taboo/femdom videos so often and so well…..Mandy Flores

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Ms Paris and Friends – Family Reunion Country Style – Crazy Family Orgy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/22/18 12:01PM

It’s a family reunion down south in the country. There is Grandpa, his two daughters, their husbands who are also brothers and one cousin just hanging out about to go out on the boat for a good time. But, when Grandpa leaves to go get the boat ready, everybody else has their own ideas about how to start off all the fun. The brothers end up swapping wives and then the cousin joins in and an all our family orgy breaks out. Girls on girls, girls on guys and even a train forms near the end. Lots of pussy eating, cock sucking and fucking till Grandpa come out and catches them in the act. In the end Grandpa is not mad, in fact he encourages them to continue while he watches.

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TABOO – Liquid Viagra – Spanish Family Brother fuck Sister FullHD mp4 2017

Added: 6/8/17 8:50am


Tamara is playing with fire!!! She has a glass of a powerful new substance….Liquid Viagra!!! That’s right….a big glass of Hard-On fluid!! She is telling her girlfriend all about it…when her nosey Brother Carlos walks in, and wants to know what the “cool” blue drink is. Tamara tries to keep it away from him…but…thinking that it is blueberry juice…Carlos grabs it and takes a big drink!!! Within seconds….he has a Giant Raging Erection!!! Tamara confesses to him that the drink is actually Powerful Liquid Viagra….and Carlos is furious! Since she has caused this Giant Hard-On…Tamara agrees to let him have his way with her….to get rid of it!!! Carlos makes her suck his cock…then he eagerly licks his Hot Sister’s Cunt….and then they fuck each other until Carlos unloads his semen inside his mischievous Sister. Liquid Viagra is definitely POWERFUL!!!

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Robot and Limp Videos – Alex Chance and Cory Chase – Two Girls Trained FullHD mp4

Scene One: Sleep

Cory’s husband wants to spice up their sex life, and he has always had a fantasy of turning her into a robot sex slave. Talking about it with her friend Alex, they think it’s stupid. He asks if they want to give it a try. Not seeing any harm the girls agree and his swinging pendent begins to take affect. He asks them to go limp and they fall back onto the couch. It worked! Quickly programing them they say “Yes master, I am your obedient robot slave” He wakes them up and they ask when he is going to “Mind Control” them with smirks on their faces.

Scene Two: Obedient Robot Slave

The girls don’t know how wrong they are as he programs them to strip each other. Now naked he wakes them up. “Why are we naked!” Alex screams. They cover up as best they can and hide their embarrassment. He makes Cory watch, bringing Alex into and out of being his robot sex slave. “I don’t want to be a robot slave” Cory tells him and is controlled. They are completely under his power. Cory gets to her knees and sucks him as he watches Alex masturbate on the couch. “I am your obedient robot slave” the girls repeat.

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Robot and Limp Videos – Alex Chance and Cory Chase in Mind Wipe – Limp Fetish, Freeze Time HD mp4

Alex and Cory are sitting a couch when Cory’s boyfriend walks in. Cory says that she has been practicing mind control and would like to try it out on him. The boyfriend says that mind control is stupid and it will never work. Cory convinces him to let her try it out on him. Cory stands up and waves her hand in front of her boyfriends face and says, “obey!” Instantly Cory stands up at attention as does Alex, both of stiff with arms stiff against their body.

Cory and Alex say “Yes master I will obey” and stand at attention with mouths open. The boyfriend is a bit stunned but quickly realizes that the whole mind control thing backfired and now both Cory and Alex are under his control.

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TABOO – Stop Smoking – Daddy hipnotizes Eva to try quick fucking her FullHD mp4


Eva’s Dad suspects she is Smoking again, when she arrives home from school. Eva denies it….but her clothing….what little of it she is wearing…..definitely smells like smoke!!! Dad is at his wit’s end. He has tried everything to get his rebellious Daughter to quit Smoking. Desperate times call for desperate measures….so Dad decides to try something a little different on Eva. Dad is going to Hipnotize Eva to get her to quit Smoking. Eva protests….but eventually obeys her Dad’s commands to “watch the watch” Within a few minutes…..Eva falls completely under. Once she is under…Dad tells her that she will “remember nothing” until he snaps his fingers to bring her out of it.

Dad delivers the “Stop Smoking” speech to Eva….but he can’t help but notice how hot his scantily clad Daughter is!! Dad sneaks a few peeks down Eva’s tank top….and likes what he sees!! Since she is going to “remember nothing” of what happens until further notice…..Dad decides to take advantage of his sexy Little Girl!!! Dad tells Eva to “suck Daddy’s cock”….and the zombie-like young girl does it. Daddy eats Eva’s sweet, tight cunt…and then he gives her a good, hard fucking!!! Eva’s pussy takes Pounding, and then daddy cums in her mouth! Once he finishes violating her….Dad gets Eva dressed….snaps his fingers and brings her out of the trance. Eva wakes up and tells Dad that “it didn’t work”….but complains about a funny taste in her mouth……

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