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Young 19 year old Jenny loves her bubble gum and her daddy loves her sweet tight pussy and lets her have her bubblegum as long as he can do whatever he wants to her pussy and what he likes to do the most to it is to fuck it. So with a mouth full of delicious bubble gum, Jenny lets her father fuck her pussy as much as he likes while her big all natural breasts jiggle with every push into her pussy. Her father loves to see his favorite daughter blow huge bubbles that explode all over her face while her pounds her tight little pussy from behind. The bigger she blows the bubbles, the harder he gets. Jenny loves to make her daddy happy so she tries to blow the biggest bubbles she can and then he shoots his hot cum into her sweet vagina and then makes her blow a few more bubbles for his enjoyment!

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Sally DAngelo – Spying on stepmom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/11/17

Have you heard of SMILFs Stepmoms I would like to fuck. I just got married again, met this guy in Vegas “working” wink wink and I’ll be damn if he didn’t marry my ass, well he has kids (who doesn’t right) and one night his youngest shows up when (daddy wasn’t home), (just how am I supposed to entertain a twenty year old). We got past the normal chit chat and I went back to my room to RUB one out,(I thought in private) guess what the little fucker is a pervert, not only a pervert but a virgin pervert, I catch him peaking through my doorway, “that’s it buddy, you want to watch me naked then you get naked to, strip off” what a shy one this guy is, never seen a pussy up close let alone fuck one, he can’t even look at me he’s so embarrassed. So I thought I would have some fun and teach him the birds and the bees, “don’t cum in mommies pussy until I tell you to”

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Gray Productions – Alice X First Ever Anal Sex Scene FullHD (1080p/

This scene features the beautiful Alice X and Owen having fun together with really natural chemistry. This is Alice’s first ever boy/girl scene and first anal scene of any kind. They share a bunch of oral sex, have vaginal sex in a bunch of positions, and anal in two positions. There’s multiple POV shots cut in during the blowjob, sex, and anal. The scene ends with a vaginal creampie.
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Hot Wife Rio, Zoey Doll – Creampie cutie with Zoey Doll FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/29/14

This week I contacted my girlfriend Zoey Doll to come meet me in my hotel room in Vegas for some fun with me and my hubby. I told her that I wanted to watch her fuck my husband real good and then have him cum inside her so I could eat all his cum out of her pussy. The one thing that has always turned me on over the years is eating my husbands cum all different ways but after all these years I still haven’t eaten his cum out of another girls pussy mainly because I am such a jealous person that I haven’t ever let him cum inside someone else. He has always wanted to but I wouldn’t let him until now. When I surprised him today with a young girl and told him that I wanted him to cum inside her so I could eat his cum out of her little pussy he almost had a heart attack. He couldn’t believe that I was going to let him cum inside someone else finally. He was so excited to cum inside a young girls pussy that it kind of made me mad and jealous at the same time but it also really turned me on. When Zoey came over I took her into the bathroom where we put on our sexy outfits for Tommy then we came out and did some girl on girl first to tease Tommy and get him excited and then we both took turns sucking on his cock. We got him super hard and we had to stop several times so he wouldn’t cum too fast. We then moved to the bed where she straddled and smothered his face with her pussy while I stroked his cock. She then slid her pussy down on his cock which drove me crazy. I got my vibrator out and played with my pussy while I watched all the action. It was super hot! He then got on top of her and fucked her real good until she came and then he shot his big load inside her tight little pussy. Then I got underneath her while she sat on my face and I caught all of his cum dripping out of her pussy with my tongue. It tasted so good since it was mixed with her pussy juice! I really enjoyed watching Tommy cum inside her young pussy and since he has been so nice since the shoot I decided that I’ll continue to let him fuck pretty young girls more often. I know he loves fucking those young college girls and I figure its the least I can do since I get to fuck whoever I want.

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Taboo MILF Loves Young Cocks – Hot Wife Rio, Rio Blaze – Charlotte and the harlot 2 FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/20/15

Since I met Charlotte we’ve been hanging out together, having girl time and tonight we were going out with Tommy. We want to go out to some local bars and have some drinks and then go to a strip club. Tommy always gets so turned on when he’s getting dances. So I thought I should make him cum before we went out tonight. I stripped out of my clothes and put something sexy on for him and came out while he was watching TV on the bed. He was surprised to see me dressed like that when we were about to go out; but he wasn’t complaining either! I pulled down his jeans and started stroking his cock. I got him hard pretty quickly. He started to worry about Charlotte and asked what was she going to do while we were having sex and then Charlotte comes around the corner and says she wants to join in. Of course then Tommy thinks we planned this- and lol we did! We then both took turns stroking and sucking on his cock. Charlotte can give a mean bj! She just about swallowed the whole thing with no problem. She was deep throating for sure! We then got on the bed on either side of him and took turns playing with is cock. Tommy was excited to play with Charlotte. He’s had the hots for her for a while so he had her sit on his face and smother him with her pussy. While he was eating her out good I stroked his cock and kissed Charlotte. We ended up getting him off really good this way. I got a huge load out of him while Charlotte came on his face. It was super hot!

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