Jayne Cobb – Stepmom Fucks Naughty Stepson HD (720p/mavyvids.com/2016)

Jul 26 2016

We were out and about today and you just wouldn’t listen. You kept doing things I asked you not to, you even embarrassed me while we were shopping for my new lingerie! I’m so mad right now! It’s time for you to be punished! I want you to sit down, and take what’s coming to you! I’m going to tease you with my hot MILF body, and make you crazy jealous of what your dad gets to fuck! My perfect soft milky white tits with pretty little pink nipples! They’re so hard when see that bulge in your pants! My pussy is so juicy! I can see you trying to fight it. Your dick is getting harder by the second, your balls ache and your dirty mouth waters at the sight of my pink pussy. How did your dad get so lucky! I play with my wet pussy, making it wetter until it’s dripping down my smooth thighs. I love the taste of my own pussy. It’s just so sweet! But then your cock is so hard you can’t take it. You knew you wouldn’t be able to hide it forever, and now I’m touching you with my feet while wearing those stockings you like to sneak into my bedroom and sniff. You’ve even used them to jerk off before. They feel so good and I know it’s torture for you so I wrap my feet around your throbbing cock, getting your precum all over them and start stroking you. Your heart is pounding, your knees are weak. You’d do just about anything for me at this point! Now that I’m so turned on by how bad you want me, I tell you to get up, it’s time for you to make it up to me. So you take your big dick and start rubbing mommy’s pussy with it.Teasing my clit and making it swell. Take your dick and press it inside me nice and slow. First just the head, you can already feel how tight I am. You’d always wondered why you could hear me moaning when your dad’s out of town. Now you know! It’s because his cock is so small, I’m practically a virgin. You’re better in every way, including your bigger dick! It fills and stretched my pussy until it almost hurts! You can see me blushing now, my pussy creaming more and more with every thrust! I want it bad! I want you to fuck me and show me how good you feel inside me! I can’t take it anymore, you’ve been pounding my pussy and it just feel so good! I start cumming and screaming your name and you can’t hold back either. My tight pussy squeezing your cock and milking your cum right out of you! I beg you to cum in my pussy! It’s okay, baby, no one will know! Just do it for Mommy! Cum in my pussy

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Missbehavin26 – Mommy / Mother Wants to make a Baby FullHD (1080p/manyvids.com/2017)

Script: You are a single mom to one son, but you want a daughter as well. You enter your son’s room wearing a sexy nighty with a lace thong on underneath . You tell your son that there is something you want to talk to him about. Sit on the bed cross legged, ‘accidentally’ giving your son a view of your panties. You talk to your son about how much you appreciate him helping you out after his dad left all those years ago. But you ask him if he feels a bit lonely, just mom and son; you tell him that you do. You ask if he would like a sister? You talk about how it would be extra work, but it would make you and your son feel more like a family. He agrees. Now you start to act a bit teasing. You say you have something else to ask him, but you want him to promise not to freak out. You try to hint at it first, and play with your clothes around your tits, and fidget to move your hips and draw attention between your legs. You realise he isnt getting it so you just tell your son: you want him to be the one who gets you pregnant. He is a feels a little odd about it but you notice him get hard talking about it. You tease him more, maybe flash him and say ‘it seems like you have thought about mommy before, huh, ‘oedipus”! At this point you pretty much start to dirty talk to your son, mentioning breeding and how it turns you on, while stripping. Suck your sons cock a little, to get it super hard, and then fuck him with lots of dirty t talk. At some point say ‘This is what mommy did with daddy to make you’, and ask ‘so you like the idea of inbreeding your mommy?’ I dont know if you like the word ‘cunt’ so I wont insist, but it would be hot if you use it. Again this is up to if you are willing, but I would love to see you riding reverse cowgirl, and slip a finger into your ass while dirty talking about son fucking it, saying stuff like ‘maybe next time’. It would also be hot if you talk about maybe having a threesome with mom, son and daughter when she is grown up. Ill pretty much leave this up to you though, you are the queen of dirty talk

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Accidentally groped SON’S cock HD (720p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

My son and I have always been very close and the days he comes home for the holidays are such a joy, I always miss him so much.

Our family Friday nights are movie nights where we all sit down in front of the tv in our pj’s and watch a film and share some good quality family bounding, but like always my husband fell asleep as soon as the movie started and my son and I were left alone having fun and commenting about the awkward and funny scenes of the film.

I noticed that night my son had on some very revealing silk pj pants where if you wanted or not, you couldn’t NOT notice the long thick shape of his penis sliding around under the shimmering material. I felt very intrigued and surprised he would dare to wear something like that without any underpants to hide his privates in front of me so I was trying to not give it much thought and went along with it.

But the more a peeked I swear it started to grow in size ever so slightly maybe he wanted me to look or notice, maybe the hot scenes were getting him aroused a bit or maybe I was just thinking too much and making up sick ideas in my head…Why would my son do something like that?…

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Larkin Love – Im In Lesbians With You Daughter HD (720p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Well well well, what have we here? An impertinent slave stealing her Mistress’s pantyhose! I won’t stand for it. Pantyhose as fine as mine are not a right. They are a privilege!

If you like the feel of the nylon so much, little wench, then you shall wear them – and nothing else. Strip naked and bend over my knee. You’ll receive a due punishment while wearing those pantyhose you loved so much, you had to sneak them behind my back.

Now I’ll grind the gusset of my pantyhose against yours and force you to cum for me. The flush of shame in your cheeks urges me to a climax of my own. That will teach you to steal from your Mistress!

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Larkin Love – Hungry for your cum qtp wednesday HD (720p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Real sex on film is awesome! This video is totally unscripted! I was doing a photoshoot for my Cybersex Monday sale (runs 11/27/17-12/2/17) and randomly decided to blow the photographer. He decided to switch his camera from stills to video. The rest is history! THERE IS NO AUDIO IN THIS CLIP. There is, however, a hell of a lot of cock sucking. This guy loved having his head licked and sucked. I had him trembling by the end of this session, practically begging me to let him cum. I draw things out a little bit, edging him for a while with my hands and mouth. Just when he can’t take it any longer, I suck the cum right out of his body and he explodes, dripping over my lips, tongue, and chin. You can’t deny I’m the queen of sucking cock.

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Larkin Love – Mother`s First Blowjob HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 11/3/17 3:00am

I can’t believe it! You’re still a virgin? But you’re so cute and totally sexy! Maybe it’s because you’re too shy to talk to pretty girls yet. Well, come here, shy-boy. I don’t need you to do any talking. I’m a little more – shall we say, experienced – than most girls our age, and I’m happy to show you the ropes. Just lean up against this wall, undo your pants, and I’ll take care of the rest. I pull your hard cock out gently, and stroke it with one hand while fondling your balls with the other. God, your balls are so heavy! You really need to cum, don’t you. I wonder how you’ll react when I start teasing your cock with my extra long tongue. Feel it flickering against your balls and under the tip of the head. I can tell you like it. Without hesitation, I wrap my lips around your dick and begin to work the shaft with my lips and tongue. Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it? Don’t be nervous. Just enjoy the sensation. I’ll suck and lick you to my hearts content before ramping up the intensity and driving you to your first orgasm with a real live girl! I’ll even let you cum in my mouth. Hell, since you’re a virgin, I’ll even swallow it – every last drop.

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Makayla Cox, John Long, Juan – Tag Teaming my Step Moms Pussy and Ass! SD (MomIsHorny.com / BangBros.com/2017)

John Long is trying to teach Juan how to play basketball. Juan is just not getting it. So Juan’s step-mom, Makayla Cox, had to come to his rescue. She picked him up so that he could dunk. This is when she realized that her step son was packing a big cock. As he was hanging from the basketball rim, she pulled down his pants and shoved his dick down her throat. From there, she told his friend to not go anywhere, because they were both gonna give her the good fucking that she deserves. She took one dick in her pussy and another in her mouth. They fucked her in multiple positions and in the ass before both blasting two giant loads all over her face.

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Jessica Starling – Little Birthday Girl Cums for Daddy HD (720p/2017)

Oh Daddy, you are the best… throwing me a surprise birthday party!! I had so much fun Daddy!! Now that everyone has left for the night you have one more surprise for me… You are going to give me one more present, a very special present… You are going to give me my very first cum shot & make me your little cum princess!! This is a Taboo, POV, Age Play, Role Play, Blow Job video. Watch me suck your cock making you cum in my mouth Daddy! You know you love to cum in your little girl’s mouth! KEYWORDS:TABOO, DADDY’S GIRL, POV, ROLE PLAY, AGE PLAY, BLOW JOB, DILDO SUCKING, EXPLICIT ROLE PLAY, FANTASY, FETISH, CUM SHOT, AGE REGRESSION, SOLO FEMALE, EXPLICIT DIRTY TALK, DIRTY TALK, AMATEUR, BRUNETTE, PIG TAILS, HOMEMADE, CUSTOM.

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Ella Knox – Fucking busty younger Stepsis SD (kinkyfamily.com/2017)

Description: I had no idea my bigtitted step-sister had such a huge crush on me, but when she snuck into my bathroom and stole my towel just to have an excuse to see me naked I knew this slut wanted more. That time it all ended up with her getting naked and having me tit-fuck her, then the very next day she sucked me off and finally seduced me to fuck her on a terrace. Man, what a body! Fuck being step-siblings cuz I wanna drill that tight hairy pussy again!

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