Astro Domina – Pinch-fucking for Daddy FullHD (1080p/

Sydney is getting ready for a Skype session with her black boyfriend. Suddenly, she catches her white BF’s son peeking at her getting undressed. Sydney got caught cheating on his father and guaranteed, he will sing like a bird and they will get rid of her. But Sydney thinks of a way to make him shut up. “I know you’ve been having a hard time finding someone in college. Girls don’t really like boys without any experience. But I have a solution. I think I can help you in that department” she says. Sydney grabs the boy’s crotch and starts to rub it. He quickly gets a boner and becomes embarrassed. Sydney whispers, “You don’t have to be shy. I have lots of experience. Just promise that you won’t tell.”

The boy agrees and Sydney immediately unzips his pants. His penis springs out and she slowly slides it inside of her. Sydney starts moaning and riding him hard and loud. Finding different sex positions and different angles for her own pleasure. “Don’t you cum inside boy. We don’t want that.” she says. It was very hard for him to hold and not explode yet he manages. Suddenly, Sydney brings out her phone and starts video recording. “Just in case you don’t hold up your end of the deal. Remember, keep that mouth shut or else.” she exclaims.

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Jerky Girls – FROSTED FACE!! FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/17/14


Who says we’re mean ALL the time??!! lol We can be very sweet & kind too…….if you are a good boy! Today Mandy is rewarding an employee for having done a very good job meeting all his quotas. He is about to be rewarded BIG time. When Mandy informs him that She is going to give him a bonus….he thinks it might be a big check…..hoping that he and his Wife might be able to put down a deposit for the swimming pool they have been wanting for their Family. Mandy laughs at him and reminds him that we don’t give money to boys. His reward, instead…….is the privilege of licking Mandy’s Asshole until it is sparklingly clean!!! Mandy removes Her skirt and bends over Her desk to allow the sacred Asshole licking. The employee does such a wonderful job on Her Asshole, that Mandy decides to award more bonuses to him. Mandy sucks the employees cock….Jerks his cock…..even allows vaginal penetration to the hard working boy…..and then offers the best reward of all….the opportunity to Frost Her Face!!! Mandy takes a nice, big, sticky load of boy goo all over Her Face to say thank you for a job well done to the lowly male employee. He returns to work….refreshed….rewarded…..and ready to work harder than ever!!

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Kendra Kennedy – Mom accidently y walks in on Son’s friend SD (

Published Jan 13, 2016

I’ve just walked in on my son’s best friend jerking off! How humiliating! For the both of us! But just as I was about to walk out, he mumbles he was thinking of me. I’m intrigued.. I tell him to go on… I know it’s wrong but I’ve been so lonely lately and horny. I’m loving the attention. As he proceeds to tell me about how he often pictures me in my tiny white bikini from last summer on our family vacation. I can’t help but be turned on. I ask him if he’s every seen a pair of tits in real life, along with a few other things… The situation escalates and we BOTH start touching ourselves..

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Angel The Dreamgirl – The Space Lady FullHD (1080p/studio/68591/2017)

I would like a clip in 15 minutes. The scenes will be included teasing, ass fetish, leggings, sex, double cum. You wear transparent silk leggings black color.. I attach the photo. You also wear heels at the beginning of the clip.. during sex you take off your heels. You do not wear a top or bra, I want to see your beautiful boobs. You can wear any make-up what you want and any hairstyle, but best straight hair or a ponytail.
The scene begins .. You are already dressed in your sexy transparent silk leggings .. You standing / walking .. teasing me in different poses, I want to see stretching the transparent silk leggings on your ass. After that, you have sex with your man in different poses .. wherever you want .. but important to me .. I want to see always your ass in transparent silk leggings .. Minimum 3 poses. At the end of the clip your man fills all your pussy with his sperm and the second cumshot he shoots at your ass in silk transparent leggings at the time when you stand in the doggy pose. You show once again your ass in the transparent silk leggings and the screen gets dark. End.

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Sister Anal therapy HD (720p/

Added: 3/2/15

You’re sitting down reading a magazine and your heel dangles to your foot when your boyfriend comes home from work after a bad day. He sits down and you decide to cheer him up by giving him some ass…literally. You go over where he sits and begins giving him a handjob where you’re sitting down and he sits sort of in front of you and you wrap your feet around him and stroke him for a few minutes and every so often rubbing your feet on his legs and his cock and then give him a quick blowjob.

You then sit on him cowgirl style and lets him fuck you in the ass. You put your feet up on his legs before the camera angles switches showing him fucking your ass from the side while you’re in the missionary position with your legs on his shoulders and then rubbing your feet up and down his chest a couple of times. After a few minutes the camera switches to POV style with your butt in the camera while he fucks up in the ass. You suck him off before he shoots a load in your face and you then sucks it dry before he thanks you for making his day better and the camera ……

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