Ashley Alban – Step-Mom has a Gambling Problem FullHD [American/Buttville/Mar 28 2018]

You come into the kitchen and find your step-mom having a meltdown. You have a feeling what it’s about. You ask her how last night went. As usual, she launches into a story about how she was winning at the casino and thought she could make up for all of her losses, but she ended up losing everything. She tells you that you can’t tell your dad. She even asks you to cover for her since she withdrew more money at the casino and lost it too. She asks if you can say it was you, and says that you can fuck her again if you do.

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Princess Leia – Jerk to Worship My Ass, JOI+Fingering FullHD mp4

Added: 4/14/15 3:32pm

This video is all about my ass and how perfect it is. First, my ass in my panties. Don’t you like the bright pink panties I’m wearing to highlight the curves and round, plumpness of my cute, hairy ass? You can’t wait to see what’s underneath this tiny thin piece of cloth. Your cock could probably rip right through it! Okay, panties off…
You want to see what my tight asshole looks like? Keep stroking for me. You’re on duty! Every second you’re staring at my ass, I want you to touch yourself until the breaking point. Then, touch yourself some more. You’re going to see a lot of my ass and cute asshole in this video. Extreme close-ups require extra hard stroking, too. Don’t stop! but don’t cum, either! Wait for my countdown…

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Your Punishment is Cleaning Mommy’s Ass FullHD mp4 2017

Added: 9/2/17 1:12pm studio/85313

Kristi is looking for the perfect panties to wear on her date tonight. She is bent over in a short skirt digging through her panty box not knowing that her naughty son was hiding in her room peeking under her skirt… again…. until she turns around and catches him in the act!
Oh my…. are you serious… this really can’t be happening… I can’t believe I caught you staring up my skirt, again. I thought being forced to smell mommy’s sweaty stinky ass last time would be enough but I guess not because here you are again hiding in my room and spying on me. I can’t believe you would actually want to look up your mother’s skirt! Well this time you are going to get a punishment that you will never forget! You are going to lick, kiss, smell and worship mommy’s sweaty ripe ass until you learn that it is not acceptable to spy on your mother!

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Fetish Fuckery – Mum’s Little Hand Humper – Mom Grinds Ass Against Son


This is a very special clip. I realize my devoted Mama’s Boy’s will buy any of my vids catering to their fetish but obviously some are better than others for certain reasons. THIS ONE is especially erotic & mesmerizing. It’s more of a ‘loving’ M0mmy theme with similarities to “Mum’s Ejaculation Test’ with great up views of Mum’s asshole, which you are instructed to sniff and lick while you jerk yourself off. I lovingly but sternly guide you to your climax before the babysitter arrives so you won’t embarrass me with a stiffy in front of her. I watched this video several times myself (I love it that much) and I know you’ll enjoy it over and over again too. xo M0mmy T

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Lick Me Clean – Sports Bra – My Brother fucking Slave, Girls in yoga pants SD

I came home from a long sweaty run to find Lance freaking out about me not coming home earlier! I guess I forgot that we were having dinner with his boss tonight. He might be getting some kind of promotion and wanted to impress his boss. I was like no big deal I will take a shower and then we can go. He freaks out even more saying we had to leaveA now or we were going to be late. Well I couldn’t go like I was so I told him if heA wanted me to go he had better lick all the sweat from my body. He said he would do whatever it took to get me out of the house on time. I made him get on his knees andA take off my wet yogaA pants and sports bra. ThenAmake him start on my stomach. Getting even the belly button. Then on toA under my breasts and then my very sweaty armpits! I told him howA my ass was dripping with sweat and he had better get every drop! I pinned his head against the wall while he licked my crack andA asshole!A After a while he didn’t seem to care if we were late, he was too busy cleaning every inch of my sweaty body!A This is a “SWEAT FETISH” and “BODY WORSHIP” Fetish clip. This clip includes SWEAT FETISH, SWEAT LICKING, ARMPIT FETISH, BODY WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, BELLY BUTTON FETISH, YOGA PANTS, SPORTS BRA, PUSSY LICKING, and ASS LICKING!!! – HD Version 720/30p.

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