Primal’s Taboo Sex – Krissy Lynn – MILF’s Midnight Desire HD (

Added: 8/17/17

Part One:
Ryan and Krissy book a hotel room, but when they show up they realize there’s only one bed. Having to sleep together in the same bed, Krissy lets her urges get the best of her, as she starts cuddling up to her son and then rubbing his cock with her leg. Eventually, she climbs on top of him and starts dry humping her until he gives her what she wants from him.

Part Two:
As Rion and Krissy are about to leave their hotel room, they get into an argument about her bringing him to his dad’s house. Rion stops Krissy in the doorway and tries to talk to her about their night together. She stops him and doesn’t want to talk about it, but as he comes onto her again, she can’t resist the urge, and they begin making out passionately, ripping each others clothes off.

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Kathia Nobili – Your slutty wife giving you live show with her 11 inches huge, black lover!!! PART 2 FullHD (

Added: 3/25/16

Ohhh God…look hubbie….look how that huge, black cock drilling your wife from behind!!! Is going so deep so deep inside me!!! And now….I want to get kinky…dirty and ride that huge cock during you watching us!!! When you see…how crazy he makes your wife with that giant dick!!! Look how he disappear in my pussy…..can you her that noise?!!! That’s my wet pussy…he make me so juicy, you can actually hear it!!! And when he thrust me so hard in this position I can stop my self….watch how I’m goading with my black lover!!! Right front of you!!! that is making all so much exited!!! I know you love to watching me getting fuck like a bitch!!! Then watch me now….I turn to you and riding his cock…watching you…I want you to jerking your withe cock…my husbands cock and I watching you doing it during I….I enjoying my black lover!!! I just riding him and letting him go deeper and deeper inside me…my pussy is so full with his huge dick….I feel like to explode….Look at me…closer and closer…look my eyes…look that pleasure I’m getting!!! And when he comes over me….and start to fucking me like that…hold my hands ….I feel like….I can’t never escaped…I will feel his big black cock inside me forever!!! And making you watching it …all…all my pleasure! Does it make you jealous? But in the same moment so exited….holding your hard cock and stroking to seeing your lovely wife to fucking with the black man right front of you!!! That’s what the good cuckold husband have to do!!!! But I want him more…still can’t have enough…..I keep all the time my pantyhose….with he ripped of my pussy…to have space for his dick…so rock hard!!! He also love to feeling the white woman …to getting so juicy for him…so horny!!!! I will goading….now…watch it…all that juice …my pussy juice is all over him…..I want him… want that huge, black cock in me…Now…yeah….ohhh God!!! Now is your and his turn…I want to see you cum and feel my black lover cumming all over my pantyhose! So warm!!! ……Yeah….that was just so great!!! You know…once you try the black…never you go back…they say!!! And honey…I have to say….I have not enough!!! I want to fuck the big, black cock again!!! But that time…I want you here!!! I want you close to me…to be there when I having big, black sausage!!!

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Lovely Liliths Lusty Lair – Over Big Tits my Mommy – Spying on Mom AGAIN! FullHD (

Added: 8/16/17

Honey… what are you doing in here? Nothing? Why are you hiding on the other side of the bed? Does this have something to do with the shower the other day? It does?

Okay, honey. You know I said that was the only time. Why are you trying to sneak another peak? You like to see Mommy naked? I understand, but this has to stop.

I’ll let you stay in here and help me pick out a dress for my date, okay? But that’s it! No touching yourself either, promise?

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Mommy Is The Best SD (

Added: 8/22/15

Mommy’s got such a big baby boy! Did her big boy wet or soiled his nappies? No? Mommy wants to unzip his onesie and check. Oh, Mommy’s baby boy is clean, what a god boy! Mommy wants to check her boy’s peepee too. Is the pink toy still on the peepee? Yes, it is! Baby boy likes his pink toy, doesn’t he? But it seems the baby boy’s balls are full! Mommy with take care of his balls. He’s been a very good boy, so Mommy will take off the little pink toy and take care of her boy. Oh, Mommy’s boy is getting really big, he likes when his Mommy is taking care of him, doesn’t he? He likes it so much, that he wets himself right on his nappies very badly, 3 times in a row. What a dirty boy! Mommy will punish her boy by making him wear his wet diapers, he deserves it and he knows it, Mommy’s big dirty boy!

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Helps You Win a Bet FullHD (1080p/

You and your friend made this stupid bet about jerking off: No jerking off for a whole month – loser has to cough up $500. You really don’t want to loose but it’s so hard! You’ve never even gone a week without jerking it. You’re finding that even being around your mom is turning you on! Granted, she is a total MILF but you’re normally able to stave off the attraction, jerk it to some porn and forget about it but now…she’s all you can think about. The other day you barged in on her in the bathroom just to catch a glimpse. You rub up against her in the kitchen…you can tell she feels your cock against her ass. You think she even wiggled back yesterday. Today, you offer to give her a footrub. With her feet in your lap, you can’t help it. You start to rub and grind yourself against her feet! She acts all offended, demanding an answer for your outlandish behavior.
You tell her about the bet, about how hard it is for you. You offer to pay her $300 of the $500 if she’ll help you get off without masturbating. Of course, she says no – she’s your mother, for goodness sake. But you push it. Beg for it. You even take your cock out so she can see how your cock is throbbing from lack of release. You can see her start to soften. She feels bad. Seeing her poor boy so desperate. You keep begging, pushing her, pleading, offering her money…
Finally, she relents. She agrees, telling you that you have an hour before Dad gets home. You watch as she grabs the lotion you used for her feet and drips some onto your already exposed cock. It doesn’t take long before she’s stroking and teasing you, brushing your cock against her lips and making you groan. You need to feel her mouth. No, she says, not for $300…
$500! You offer her the whole $500, if she’ll just take your cock into her mouth. She smiles, sliding you down her throat. My god, your mom’s mouth feels so good! You have to feel her pussy! You offer her $1000 – the whole $500 you’d pay out plus what you win! What if you both abstain? You’ll figure out the other $500, you need to fuck your mom! She grins. Ok, but because I want this! She says. Sure, you think, whatever gets her pussy on my cock…
You watch as she slides down her jeans and straddles you on the couch. Your rock hard cock slides against her pussy. She’s facing away, riding you cowgirl, sliding up and down your cock. You can’t believe how good she feels…you can’t believe you’re fucking your mother!!

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Son My Mouth Is Your Pleasure FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/11/14

Get Stepmom Pregnant Taboo Creampie

Categories: Mother and Son, Milf, Mommy, Mama, BLOW JOBS, CREAMPIE, TABOO, IMPREGNATION FANTASY, DOGGYSTYLE, larkin love, brunette, stepmom, step mother, son, family, pregnant, fucking, internal, cumshot, bj, big tits, older woman, tongue fetish,Download Free Video.

Hey sport. Come on in here. There’s something very important I wanted to talk to you about. Your father and I have been trying for a new baby ever since we got married. It’s been a few years now, and still no luck. I went to the doctor myself, and my fertility is absolutely fine. I think your dad has gotten a little too old and shooting blanks. We talked about using a sperm bank, but he’s so set on having a little one that’s 100% his, he won’t even consider it.
I need your help, son. You like having me as your new mom, don’t you? I love being a part of this family. However, I fear that if I don’t get pregnant soon, your dad is going to divorce me. I have a proposition: what if you got me pregnant instead? You look so much like your dad, the baby would easily pass for his. You won’t have to raise it or anything like that. Please, won’t you help me? I just need you to cum inside me and get me pregnant.
Oh don’t worry about not being that experienced in bed. I know what I’m doing. Let me take care of you. First, I’m going to use my mouth to get you nice and hard and help you work up a big load of cum. Mmm, just relax and let me work my oral magic.

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Kathia Nobili – Mom find your used condom under pillow!!! But this discussing deed of yours will change your life!!! You and your MOM become to be a LOVERS!!! FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/24/17

Category: Virtual, Mother and Son, mother son sex, MOMMAS BOY, TABOO, VIRTUAL SEX, POV, MILF, ORGASM CONTROL, kathia nobili, mommas boy, taboo, milf, pov, virtual sex, virtual reality, mom/son taboo, son fucks mom, condom experience, cock tease, fucking, orgasms, babe, blonde, Download Free Video.

You had no idea that your today deeds will change your life!!! Change completely your relation ship with you mother! But step by step…you are obsess with you mother! Now when you are the man and not a little boy any more…you realize how sexy…how erotic your mom is! And how much she turns you on!!! In every fantasy of yours…she is making you cum so hard!!! Fuck!!! You just hope it is going to pass…as this is drive you crazy! You living in one house with the woman of your dreams and you can’t fuck her…you can not because she is your MOM!!!
Well, this morning when you gone, your mom is coming to clean your room! And she find it…find the used condom…fill up with your sperm!!! She get all freak out and waiting you in your room when you come back for some serious explanation!!! And she goes real hard on you!,, Are you pig or what?!!! You know very well, it was under you pillow!!! Together with magazines and everything! Look I don’t have problem with erotic satisfaction, it is normal in your age…but this…hiding used condom under you pillow is discussing!,,

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