Primal’s Taboo Sex Claudia Valentine – Comforting My Mom HD (720p/

Added: 9/16/17

Part One:
Your mom just got home and she’s really upset because she didn’t get the promotion she was suppose to get, and the guy she’s been seeing just disappeared. Being the nice son you are, you rub your Mom’s back and shoulders. Enjoying the comforting a little too much, she starts to really appreciate what you”re doing for her a little too much.. and wants to return the favor her own way.

Part Two:
After your evening together, Claudia is craving you again. She comes into his room in a robe, and begins stripping in front of you. She has to have you again, and you feel exactly the same way.

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Karlee Grey – Horny Step-Sister Gets Spied On SD (

Watch things gets heated with Karlee Grey as she’s having phone sex with her boyfriend. She shows us her great tits before she starts masturbating. She moans and moans as it feels good and wondering Juan peaks in to see. Juan spies on his step-sister and eventually gets caught.

She freaks out at first but quickly realizes that she still horny and now wants to see how big his cock is. She calls him over and pull his cock out to give him a great sucking. Once they’re both ready she climbs on top and we get too see her nice ass bounce on his dick. She gets fucked on multiple positions until he finally cums inside her mouth.

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Piper Perri, Tyler Knight – Fuck Me First Daddy HD (720p/


A teen girl Billy (Piper Perri) has a huge crush on her step-dad Mr. Fox (Tyler Knight) and fantasizes about having him take her virginity. He has no intention of doing this EVER but then she finds a letter of termination stating that he was dismissed from his job four months ago. When she realizes he’s been lying about going to work, she arranges an evening alone with him and threatens to tell her mother. He needs the daughter to help him keep his secret and she agrees … so long as he fucks her first.

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Jenna J Foxx – My First Black Pussy SD (

Date Added: September 23, 2017

Tyler was planning to ask his stepsister’s friend out on a date but was worried because he never has been with a black girl before. Jenna warned him that her friend can be a freak, which worried him even more. He was concerned that maybe his dick wasn’t big enough for her friend since she was used fucking guys with big black cocks. But thankfully his sister helped him out in more way than one!

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Abella Danger – Abella Danger Gets Slammed By Her Step Brother SD (ap16142/ /

Abella Danger wass having a party all by herself. She was twerking in her bedroom and then she started going to town on her pussy with her trusty vibrator. However, as she’s about to orgasm her vibrator runs out of battery. Abella needed to get her nut no matter what, so she called her step brother, Juan, over to help her out. She convinced him to shove his cock in and out of her pussy. Juan pounded his step sisters pussy in several different positions all over her bedroom before busting a giant load all over her face.

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Bettie Bondage – Virtual – Its a Good Size, Son FullHD (720/

Added: 5/31/17

So embarrassing. Your mother found the wrapper to these dick pills you were curious about, and now she wants to talk to you about it. First off, she thinks you used it with a girl…which you
aren’t jumping to correct her on. Then, she wants to talk to you about penis size! Yeah, this won’t be awkward…

She reassures you that size doesn’t matter, that the average if 5.5″, that she’s sure you come up over that, considering your father…hmm. This talk is turning kind of interesting, made more so
by her lowcut blouse and tight pencil skirt. Your mom has always been a total fox – your friends are all too happy to tell you this often, and you’ve always secretly agreed. Sitting across from
you, she looks so sexy. You decide to push this, see where you can take it.

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Little Brother Caught Sniffing Sister’s Panties Gets Tricked SD (

Added: 5/23/14

I have to do my sister’s laundry since she gave me a handjob while she was showering. I can’t help myself from smelling and sniffing her panties, but she catches me! Now she says I can smell her pussy up close if I do more chores. Will she get me off again? She says she can suck my cock but what does she want for it? I don’t want to get tricked again! MY BITCH SISTER IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!

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Elena Koshka – Soviet Supergirl – Captured And Converted HD (720p/

Added: 8/29/17

The Contractor is sent to Earth 73, a reality where Soviet Supergirl crash landed in the USSR to bring her back for General Thorn’s nefarious plans

The Contractor captures and bonds Soviet Supergirl as he forces her to orgasm continuously, humiliating and breaking her.

General Thorn comes into the bedroom where Soviet Supergirl is knocked out. When he comes in, she wakes up in a panic. He pulls out a new device- pink kryptonyte. Only this kryptonite has the power of mind control, and he is going to use it to finalize her convertion.

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