Reagan Foxx – Cheating Step Moms FullHD (1080p/

After spending the afternoon with the neighborhood wives drinking and laying out by a pool, Reagan comes home to find her step son lounging around on his bed and she comes into his room, jumps on his bed and begins to tell him what she learned from the naughty moms. She tells him all the these naughty wives are cheating on their husbands but even though her husband is traveling all the time she wasn’t sure she could do such a thing, until she catches her step son checking out her huge tits under her bikini top….then it was game on.

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Goddess Canna – From Brother to Cuckold FullHD (1080p/

I’ve had enough of you spying on me br0ther! I found my dirty panties in your room, this is the last straw. You’re not going to get free peeks of me and my lovers anymore. You’re going to pay for them… by helping. My little br0ther is going to be my cuckold from now on.

Time to practice so when my lovers are here you know just what I expect of you. Your s1ster shows you all the positions I love getting BBC, making you suck my toes in each one. But it’s not your place to touch, you’re only here to serve. Your little white dick is nothing compared to my lovers. The most important of your new cuckold duties is clean up! My little cum loving, faggot br0ther won’t mind this at all. Your favorite part is that you get to lick up all the cum you can handle. Your s1s makes you cum twice in this clip, once while lapping up cum from my perfect spread pussy and again stroking to your new love of big black cock. This arrangement is going to work out perfect, I never realized just how much you would love being a dirty cum guzzler for BBC little br0ther!

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Bondage audition qtp friday HD (720p/

American / Tampa/Miami/LA

(This is part 1 of 2. Make sure you see part 2 of Bondage Audition right here on my store.) I really want to be cast in a new bondage video series. The director says he has a juicy part for me – all I need to do is pass the audition. After a brief interview, he has me disrobe and try on some of the studio’s fetish gear. He dresses me in the highest heeled boots I’ve ever worn – a full 6 inches without a platform! Then the director laces me in a super-tight corset to give me a 22 inch waist. I can barely breathe. Even so, I allow him to tie my wrists behind my back. I struggle as hard as I can, but I can’t undo the rope. The bondage starts to turn us both on. The director pulls his throbbing cock from his pants and pushes my head down on his rock-hard shaft until I gag. He loves deep-throating helpless girls. As my eyes roll back in my head, he cums straight down my throat, and I have to swallow as fast as I can to keep from gagging. (high bitrate 1920 X 1080 resolution, 1080P mp4 format) Contains the following erotic elements: BLOW JOBS – CUM SWALLOWERS – GAGGING – DEEP THROAT – MALE DOMINATION – BONDAGE – BONDAGE SEX – ROPE BONDAGE – CORSET – BONDAGE BLOWJOBS – STOCKINGS – GARTERS – BOOT FETISH – HIGH HEELS – BIG TITS Category: BLOW JOBS Related

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Kathia Nobili – Let me suck you Daddy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/21/16

I been playing outside, trying my roller skates…and you, MY DADDY was watching me from the window…..see how I band over…and it’s so turns you on to see your little daughter panties…..And then…when I was in my room, you come to me…horny…you wanted me so much….But I didn’t scared from you or didn’t try to push you away….!!! It been for while when I dream about my Daddy…that he comes to me…play with my pussy….and let me suck his cock!!! And that moment comes….yes daddy…yes…I want to feel your cock in my mouth!!! Let me suck you Daddy, please….Oh…so beautiful cock… hard…so swollen…ohhh…I hardly can put him in my mouth….so fucking hard!!! Yes,….Daddy…pleas fuck my little mouth!!! Fuck your daughter mouth…..and then ….I’ll pleasure my Daddy until he cums in my mouth…his daughter mouth!!! Give me your milk Daddy…please!!!

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Princess Ellie Idol, London Lix – Kissing Cousins Double Blowjob FullHD (1080p/

You wake up to your two cousins sucking your dick. This is a something you have only imagined for a long time. Now it’s really happening. They have seen you watching them from afar all those years of family reunions and have finally decided it was time to act on their urges. They both take your cock in their mouths back and forth, one on one. Oh it feels so good to have your cock sucked by your two incredibly hot kissing cousins.

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Bare Back Studios – Vanessa Cage – Taking My Daughter HD (720p/

Added: 8/10/17

Scene One: Movie night

Vanessa and her father are just settling down to watch a movie. Snuggled together he softly reaches down and touches her big tits. “Dad I’m trying to watch the movie” Vanessa says, pushing his hand away. He pulls her hand to his crotch and she yanks it back. “Dad stop” she tells him.

It’s getting very awkward for Vanessa as they sit and watch. “You’re so gross, I don’t want to watch this with you” She yells, getting up from the couch. “Where are you going!” He yells back and grabs her. Throwing her back to the couch he pulls down her shorts and rams his cock into her pussy. Vanessa screams as her dad fucks her from behind, using her hot body until he cums inside of her. She’s never watching a movie with him again.

Scene Two: Dad always has dessert

The next night Vanessa is cleaning up from dinner. “Whats for dessert” her father asks her. When she tells him nothing he decides to have some dessert anyway. He grabs his daughters big tits and sucks on them like ice cream. “Dad let me go!” She screams as she’s pushed to the table.

“I’m never making you dinner again!” She cries as her tight dress is pulled up and her even tighter pussy is fucked. She cries as she’s fucked and used, her body felt up hard by her fathers groping hands. He thrusts and cums in her fucked raw slit, leaving her to finish cleaning up.

Scene Three: Don’t bother me daddy

Just taking her pills Vanessa tells her dad to be quiet and leave her alone to sleep. She doesn’t feel safe in his house anymore. Even though she locked her bedroom door, as soon as she’s asleep he barges in to take advantage of her.

She wakes up to her fathers dick pounding away inside of her. “I told you to just leave me alone!” She cries as her big tits bounce up and down painfully. “Please daddy just let me sleep” she cries to him. He pulls his cock out of her and she thinks it’s finally over when he puts it in front of her face.”What are you doing? Dad no!” She screams as a load of hot disgusting cum covers her mouth. He leaves her used and crying.

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Family Manipulation – Kendall Woods in x with Sis in Public Restroom” SD (

Added: 12/19/16

My sis and I have been fooling around on the low for a little while now. Knowing that we are brother and sister and that it’s forbidden for us to fuck each other, turns us both on! But lately we have been pushing the boundaries, to see how far we can flaunt our taboo sexual actions….and still not get caught.

Just recently our parents took us out to dinner. During the appetizers, my sis started to rub her fingers up my thigh towards my crotch. I had to sit and talk to my mom about my why I needed a tutor for algebra, while my sis gave me a handjob under the table. I was about to explode my load all over her hands, but then the waiter brought the entree’s….and she stopped right before I could finish. This was painful as my cock was throbbing, and my balls were swelled up with cum!

Sis thought this was funny….but I knew I had to figure out a way to get my release, and soon!

After we finished the main part of our meals, sis decided to excuse herself to go to the restroom. My parents always order desert, so I knew I had some time to before we would leave for home. My balls were still very achy, so I knew I had to act quickly…

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Daddy Im Home sex after college HD (720p/

Added: 11/24/16

Mandy after watching your video “Daddy I Can’t Sleep” and reading how this guy had you recreate his experience with his step daughter, it made me feel more confident about proposing this to you. My step daughter is so beautiful, and how I got started with her panties really happened by accident. I was doing laundry when she was in her last year of High School and she had this huge piled up basket of clothes to wash and when I picked it up a pair of her panties literally ended up in my face. The thing was it immediately made me hard, I can’t even explain that. I basically volunteered to do the laundry from that day forward and yes, I probably jerked off smelling her panties more times than I can count, but I never tried anything with her, I don’t think she ever even had a suspicion. Through her college years when she would come home to visit, I would always do her laundry for her. This is where my fantasy comes in…. So this one visit she is bringing in her laundry and has dropped a pair of panties on the ground by the car. I can’t help but to pick them up and put them in my pocket while she isn’t looking, problem is she sees me do it. She says nothing at first, but has a funny grin on her face when she takes the rest of the laundry from her car. I immediately excuse myself to go smell my newfound treasure and jerk off quickly, but she knows exactly whats up and quietly walks in to my room to be sure to catch me red handed! I try to deny it, and make some excuses about it, and that’s when she says that she has known for a very long time what I did with her panties, and now that she is in college she gets it, even though I am the only dad she has ever known, we’re not and it is understandable to her somehow that I have been doing this. She explains that she needs the panties I have in my pocket back, but offers me the ones she has on for me to finish up. Of course I’m embarrassed and still trying to deny, but she pulls up her skirt right there in front of me and takes her panties off, handing them to me. She smiles and tells me to get back to what I was doing, she’s going to get her laundry started. After she leaves, I begin again with these panties that are so fresh I feel like my cock might explode as soon as I touch it. Well, she sneaks back in, walks right up to me and says she’s going to help me out with some visuals. She bends over on the couch and pulls her skirt up exposing everything for me, and tells me to keep jerking it, she want’s to watch. I’m stunned but can’t believe my dreams are coming true! After only a minute of this she says fuck it, and tells me she wants to suck my cock. She does amazing, and again, after a short time, says that we aren’t related and stands up against the wall with her ass towards me, pulls up her skirt and says “fuck me daddy” with a giggle. We do this for a bit, it is absolutely beautiful. I don’t really have an ending, though I know I wouldn’t cum inside her so you can surprise me there. So if you could let me know how much this will be and how long until you can, or if you will make it, I would really appreciate that. …..Mandy Flores

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Uncle Jacks Nieces – Wet and Wonderful with April Dawn and Jack Moore HD (720p/

Added: 9/4/16

April was visiting her Uncle Jack. She had a busy day and just wanted a shower and chill but even when she’s just chilling, she is so sexy. Uncle Jack just happened to see her using his shower and couldn’t help himself. Those big, natural boobs, that nice round butt and that wonderful face, it was too much for Uncle Jack to pass up. Jack snuck into the shower but it was apparently no real surprise to April. She was horny and she knew Uncle Jack could take care of that for her. Jack snuck up behind April, put his arms around those big boobs and April cuddled him back. Jack caressed April’s boobs, held her tight and she eased into Jack’s arms. That beautiful round butt pushed into Jack’s dick and wiggled. Jack got an instant erection. April turned around to stroke Jack and Jack stroked April’s clit. Pleasing each other was something they both really enjoy. Once Jack was good and hard and April was good and wet, April turned around so Jack could go into her from behind. April slipped Jack’s dick deep into her super wet pussy and started stroking Jack’s dick. Jack was watching that beautiful butt, bent over in front of him taking his dick deep then out then deep again. April came several times but didn’t want to stop then Uncle Jack couldn’t hold it any longer and came in April’s mouth. April took his cum deep in her throat and kept sucking then she cleaned up Jack’s dick. Jack was so excited he wanted more of April but, there’s always later. Stay tuned.

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Kathia Nobili – Your Mistress satisfaction is blowing her slave cock FullHD (1080p/

Your Mistress need to satisfied her self today….and use her devoted slave..YOU…for her dirty games! She start to tease you…..she knows you would do anything just to be close to her….just to have a bit of her attention! She command you to watching her….all that body…those high boots….but…today your Mistress in not in mood to torturing you…no…she has only one interest….your sperm….she want it…feel that worm juice and swallow all of it! She command you to take out your cock and make it hard…yes…she wants it rock hard before she will take you!!! Watch how she teases you…play with her whip….and do all she asking you for…otherwise……you’ll be punished!!! You promise to her, you’ll be devoted…best slave….SO BE IT!!!……Mmmm….that’s the way she like it…so big….so swollen dick to fulfill her mouth! To play with you!!! Yes…..give me your cock slave!!! I’m gonna blow your brain out!!! So tasty….just the way your Mistress likes it! But…here is something I’m gonna trying on you my slave… fingers just slide to you asshole….and then…slide them in…one…two! Yes…massage your prostate…..fingering your ass during I suck that hard cock of your! There is nothing you can do about it…that’s how your Mistress gonna make you cum today! Sucking and teasing your cock with her tongue……lick your balls and keep fingering….keep massage your prostate! Mmm….you are loving it…look…your cock got so hard….so fucking full…is look like it will explode! But not yet! ….Stand up…I said stand up…and push your cock to me! Good…now…open your legs…..the massage inside you will continue….I can’t have enough of that cock! But here is the time….time for my juice….time to completely satisfied your Mistress! Come on slave……give me your sperm…NOW…with the fingers in your ass and tongue teasing…..cum in my mouth! Mmmm……Your Mistress love that juice of yours…..swallow….all of it!!! Good slave!!!

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