Taboo Diaries – Camille Black – Daddys Special Surprise – Was Better Than I Dreamed SD mp4 2017

Added: 8/16/17 5:32pm

Dear Diary

Since Daddy and I had the house to ourselves for a few days I planned a special surprise. I put on my favorite vintage pinup outfit and heels then headed to Daddys room. Daddy was almost asleep I guess but when he saw what I was wearing he was wide awake. He gave me a hard time about the money I spent but when I threatened to go to grandpas for the night he changed his tune.

When I sat on his face and started sucking his cock Daddy forgot all about the credit card bill. Daddy fucked me doggy just like I wanted then flipped me on my back and pounded me harder. Daddy made me cum so hard that night I’ll never forget the feeling. Daddy even remembered to pull out and made a mess on my bush like I wanted him too!!

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Taboo Diaries – Kendra Heart – Wait You’re My Daddy? – That Makes It Even Hotter SD mp4 2017

Added: 7/26/17 5:41pm

Dear Diary,

My life just took some very crazy turns even I barely believe. Last week my parents went out of town and Uncle Jay was house sitting. Before he arrived I was snooping in moms room and found her diary. A few pages in and I discovered my Dad was shooting blanks so Uncle Jay knocked my mom up.

I was very upset but also turned on cause I’ve actually been fucking my Daddy. When uncle Jay walked in and saw what I was doing he was shocked. After we talked a bit though it became apparent it turned us both on even more.

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Lily Rader – Asking Daddy for Cock Lessons – Best Daughter`s Handjob HD mp4 2018

Added: 2/17/18 6:05am

My beautiful 18 year old step-daughter told me that she has only seen one cock and it scared her because she didn’t know what to do with it. My wife was gone, and if you think I haven’t jerked offthinking about her young tight body in a situation like this before you’re crazy. She asked if she could see my cock, I know, I should have said no. But I just couldn’t.

I layed on the bed. She rubbed my growing bulge through my shorts, pulled it out, and started playing with it. Looking, rubbing and stroking with her young soft hands. She spit on it for

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Taboo Passions – Melanie Hicks, Jack Moore – Daddy Spying on Me FullHD

Added: 8/21/15 04:20AM Fell-On: Fetish Factory

I am so exhausted. All I want to do is take a nice hot shower and crawl in my bed. I take my clothes off and get in the shower. Just as I am about to wash my hair, I notice my dad is spying on me. WTF, dad! Get in here! You pervert! I sit on the edge of the bathtub and command him to bend over my lap. Just like you used to spank me, now its your turn to be spanked dad. I spank him nice and hard until his ass is red. I notice he is getting harder and for some strange reason its making me wet. I sit down in the shower and command him to eat my pussy. I cum all in his mouth and then suck his cock. I let him bend me over doggiestyle until I cum all over his hard cock and then I let him cum all over my ass and pussy. Now get out of the shower pervert!

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