Brooke Marie s Fantasies – Daddy s BBC Slut ft. Brooke Marie FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/10/1

This video was a custom request and no name is used throughout, except “Daddy.” In the matter of minutes I transform from your innocent little girl to a BBC loving slut. It’s your fault though. I know you just caught me taking naughty photos of myself but I would have never done this if I hadn’t of found your raunchy interracial porn stash. You created this. Oh, and I also have something else to show/tell you. Why don’t you watch me get around for my date with my black lover and I will explicitly tell you all about it! How’s it feel Daddy? Visit for your very own custom video!

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Diane Andrews – Home For The Holiday FullHD (1080p/47036/

Added: 7/6/16

You come home for the holiday to your Aunt cooking. She gives you some food, and you can’t stop staring at her beautiful tits. As you eat, while you watch TV, when she talks. You are completely consumed with her tits. The movie you are watching with her shows a sex scene, and she attempts to cover your eyes and tells you not to watch, but just then you grab her tits. She removes your hand and tells you that’s not appropriate. Later, she’s changing into lingerie in her room and you are spying on her. She catches you and gets angry and tells you to come sit, you’re going to have a talk. She explains to you that you are not allowed to do that, but then suddenly she’s flirting and starts to seduce you! She definitely gives you something you won’t soon forget!

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Candle Boxxx – Taboo Stories HD (720p/

It’s story time, with mommy. Candle sits down to read your bedtime story. She tries to start reading to you but you just want to talk about her boobies. You tell her you want to see them. Finally she gives in and gets undressed for you. She shows you her beautiful big boobs. That’s when she notices you have a little hard on, you have an erection for mommy. She encourages you to play with it and she even gives you her body as a pop up story book to play with!

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Kathia Nobili – Perfect BIG BUTT tease will make you cum like never before FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/4/17

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You never saw the butt so perfect like mine! So big…so hard…juts a perfect ball to play with! You need it…you want it!!! You want to cum all over my perfect butt!
I’ll tease you and play with you until you can take any more and you just want to explode! But until then…I control your orgasm with my big butt.
I put on my fine transparent panty…like a fore play. So you can already see a bit of my beautiful butt…and you feel, you getting so exited…your cock pump, yeah…getting your erection just to watch me moving my but…shaking it for you.
Now…very slowly…pulling down my panty…and YES…you have it!!! Naked… perfect big butt is all yours now! All that big ball for your pleasure! Our special BUTT MASTURBATION GAME could begin.
I see you,, salute,, my big butt so…so high!!! Good….love this reaction! Let’s get dirty now….touch my butt…squeeze it and shake it with your hand! Feel how heavy and full my butt cheeks are! Feel my amazing butt! But you have to keep your cum…not yet! Not yet! I want to keep you crazy for my butt as long as possible!!! And just when I feel…it’s top…you are completely mesmerized by my big butt…then I allow you to cum all over it! Warm milk…yeah…all around my big butt!!!

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Kerri King – Daddy’s Girl Does it Better Than Mommy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 1/16/17

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Daddy, it’s so nice being home from college to see you. You’ve always treated me like a princess. Your princess. You know how much I love being your favorite girl, but I can’t stand to see you so stressed out over mom and how she neglects you. Let me show you how much you mean to me, and prove that i’m better. Don’t you know that I see just how amazing you are? How strong and sexy you are? You embody the perfect man and she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. Lucky me..and you! I propose an arrangement for us to progress our relationship, and be the perfect woman for you…in EVERY way. Trust me, i’ve picked up a few new talents while i’ve been away at school;) Don’t you love the way my sheer red lace lingerie and cute knee high socks cling to my sexy, toned body, Daddy? Let me show you what your girl has in store for you…

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Auntie’s Bath Time Handjob FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/24/15

I know you’re taking a bath, but we need to have a little conversation. I found the dirty magazines under your mattress this morning. Now, your mother told me that if I found anything like that I should tell her and she’d dole out the punishment, but that’s obviously not working.
What would you say to Auntie’s own brand of punishment instead of my sister’s? Good, I knew you were a smart boy. Now sit back and relax, I’m going to give you a handjob. Tsk tsk tsk, you can’t back out now, otherwise I’m going to tell your mother that you’ve been up to far worse than dirty magazines. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this almost as much as I will.

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Bettie Bondage – Blind Date with Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 4/11/17

Your mother has always been gorgeous. All your friends used to tease you about your hot mom, and you’d act embarrassed but secretly you thought it, too. Her long, shapely legs and round ass, her little waist and large, natural breasts act together to invade and overwhelm you every time you come to visit, now that you’re older. She’s been single a while now, and you dream about being one of those guys she talks to online. She never gets the nerve up to go on a date, but you know she’s looking.

So you decide to make a dating profile of her dream guy. You even find a stock photo of a guy who looks like her favorite actor. At first you’re just excited to be flirting with her, even if it is online and behind the facade of a fake profile. Then you start to get ideas. Your job working in pharmacology and drug development gives you access to some pretty interesting medications. Rohypnol? No. You want her aware and alert. Versed? No, that won’t help with the initial part. But this new drug…Tyflosproso. It’s a drug that induced face-blindness, this weird condition where people can’t recognize faces. It’s perfect! You need only to introduce yourself to her at the beginning of a planned date and she’ll just assume it’s the right person…not her son. It takes a while to get her to agree to a date, but once she does you know you’re in. She talks about this guy all the time. She might even be in love.

You help her pick out a dress for her date, assuring her that he’ll love it. It hugs all the curves you’ve lusted after for years, exposing the gorgeous, milky-white tops of her soft breasts and the lovely expanse of her strong, shapely thighs. You wish her goodluck and get ready yourself. When you meet her at the restaurant, she’s nervous and cute, flirting and laughing as she tries to figure out why you look so familiar. It’s no surprise when she invites you back to her place.

What is surprising is how forward she is! She leads you right to her bedroom, laying back on the bed and inviting you to come join her. She teases you, flashing her panties and telling you how much she wants it. You had no idea your mother was such a tiger in bed! She drops to her knees, stroking your cock before using her mouth on you – her own son. She’s greedy and needy and horny and hot and she’s your mother, oblivious to the fact that her sons cock is in her hand, her mouth, and as she bends over and slides you inside, you start to wonder the drugs are still working…

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Bettie Bondage – Cum on Mommy’s Hair FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/17/17

Your mother has asked you into her bedroom to discuss something. She looks nervous…and beautiful. You’ve always wanted her, even if it is wrong to think that. You tell her she looks gorgeous, and her hair looks great. You’ve always had a thing for her hair. She smiles and tells you she did it for you, making you instantly hard. She tells you she found your porn – the hair stuff. The mom stuff. All of it. You are mortified, convinced you’re in trouble but your mother suggests something so crazy you forget to be embarrassed: she wants to fulfill your fantasies, in hopes that it will make them all go away!! Your own mother, sitting in front of you and telling you she’s going to make you cum on her hair! It’s a dream come true. You’ve won the lottery, died and gone to heaven, hallelujah…

She kneels before you and explains what she’s going to do. You’ve already got your cock out, looking down at your nervous mother as she strokes you, and starts to dirty talk. She’s like the women in your videos, only it’s real. And she’s your mom. The taboo of it makes it hard not to cum right there but she’s just so good at it you need to last. You need to cum all over her hair.

After a few minutes you realize she has her hand under her tight black dress. She confesses, blushing, “Yes, sweetie…I’m touching myself. I can’t help it! I just want to be a good girl for you. I need your cum…”

She jerks you off urgently, begging for your load across her soft, shiny hair. You watch her stroke your load across her hair, moaning as strings of cum cover her. She sits back for a second, touching your cum in her hair before she brings her mouth back to your sensitive but still hard cock, sucking you again as she touches herself, telling you she’ll always be a good girl for you as she cums hard, moaning around your cock.

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Bettie Bondage – Dirty Dancing Mom FullHD (1080p/

You wake up late one night to see your mother stumbling around in your room. Crawling onto your bed, you realize she’s had too much to drink. She gets on top of you and starts to talk about her night. She’s grinding herself into you and you try to stop, thinking maybe she’s so gone she doesn’t realize this isn’t her room. Maybe she’s mistaking you for Dad?

But you quickly realize that isn’t the case. She starts to tell you about the guy she was dancing with at the bar. How she thought he was your age, and how much he reminded her of you. She tells you how hot it was to dirty dance in a crowded club like that, how turned on she was getting…and how she couldn’t get you out of her head. You can’t believe what she’s saying. You try to tell her no, it’s wrong, convince her to lay down and sleep it off but she’s persistent, grabbing your cock and stroking it, pleased to find you’re already half-hard. She whispers to stay quiet, or else Dad will wake up, and your cock hardens completely. It’s so wrong, you know it is…but as she tells you all about how wet she got thinking about you, as she strokes you against her wet pussy, as she takes her dress down and shows you her gorgeous breasts, your will dissolves. You can’t fight what you want, and you can’t stop your mother from taking what she needs, even if it’s wrong. She strokes and sucks you, slurring her words as she works you into her pussy, dirty talking like nothing you’ve ever heard as she slides you deep inside her.

It doesn’t take long before she moans and cums hard on your cock, and you aren’t far behind…

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