Primal Fetish – Cherie DeVille – Project Funding – magic control, office Domination HD mp4 2018

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Cherie is finally on the cusp of success. Her underling, Rion, rushes in to present his boss with Lucas Frost’s laptop, the one and only device that could ever give her access to a world of highly classified data and projects. That promotion is all hers. Rion tries to ask her about the laptop, but Cherie has no patience for her lackeys. She sends him off, not even knowing his name. Eager, Cherie opens the laptop. Right away, she is drawn to one particular file on the desktop. Sure enough, it is Mr. Frost’s groundbreaking program that has quite a strong affect on women.

Cherie is overcome with lust. She calls Rion back to her, desperate to satisfy her sexual cravings. She’s more aroused than she’s ever been in her life, and even her boss walking in can’t stop her furious pursuit. The boss reveals it was really him pulling the strings all along. Rion is the one who gets the promotion, and he runs off to clean up from Cherie’s work. But there’s no saving dignity for Cherie. Now just another one of the company’s insatiable sluts to be used by whatever male in the office wants her, she’s left on her knees, desperately begging the boss for more.

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Liza k Fetishes – Tia Flame Bitchy stepmother and… another stepmother? Doesn’t matter! – Real Doll Fuck FullHD 2016

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Both sluts will be eye-crossing-trained! H.y.p.n.o-bj, fucking

In this video: stupid new stepmother, another arrogant chick former stepmother, trance, eye crossing, crossed eyes, h.y.p.n.o., obedient slaves, crossed-eyes h.y.p.n.o. double blow job, female training, h.y.p.n.o stripping, masturbation, fucking of mindless dolls.

Yes, it was that “sweet” moment when the new “mom” was trying to make some new rules in the “family”. It sucks that every pussy hole is trying to ruing his life! But he will not pay attention on the next arrogant bitch his father managed to married. He has his own life and leaving the “nest” just after the weekend. So he will handle it.
No, you must be kidding! The previous version of the “loving mother” decided to make a visit! Now there were two chicks in the kitchen and he was thinking that he is in the poultry farm! God, make them leave!

But they were not going to do it! More over they started abusing him! That’s not the way, bitches! Someone here needs to have a good lesson to know its place! Be my guests! A wave of energy will turn you into mindless eye-crossing dolls! And it will be pretty easy because you are already very stupid! But you are pretty hot so he can use you the way he wanted!

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Butt3rflyforU – Rae Knight – Mommy The Escort – Virtual Blowjob,, Creampie HD

You are still a virgin and very curious on how to please a woman. You look up in the yellow pages for the hottest milf you can find. You have a strong attraction to brunettes since your mommy is a hot brunette! It’s Valentine’s Day and no better day to have a hot milf show you the ropes on orgasm control and fucking pussy. Your doorbell rings and holy !!!! It is a hot brunette dressed in stripper heels and a trench coat!!! Your dick is immediately aroused but she steps in and OMG! It’s your mom!!! No better hot mom to dominate you and show you how to please a woman!!!! Especially on Valentines Day! ENJOY!

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Mandy Flores – Mother takes your virginity – Femdom sex, Bondage Sex FullHD 2017

Essentially I have a fetish for older women, /taboo, forced ejaculation and post orgasm torture. I want you to play the role of a sadistic dominant mom who’s going to tie up her virgin son drain his balls dry. I would like you to completely bind him and then tease his virgin dick, you try to pull back the foreskin for the first time (really emphasis this) but it won’t move but you tease him with your heavenly hands and sit on his face. Smelling your pussy and the teasing you do to his virgin dick makes it explode. But mommy is no where near done. Without warning you shove his used cock into your mouth to get under the foreskin with your tongue and you pull it back completely, and then you start sucking without mercy. And this virgin penis that just came and got out of the foreskin for the first time is rolling around in your mouth as you attack its head with your tongue non stop. But you don’t pay any attention to him going crazy under the bondage you suck away while you muffle his cries with your beautiful pussy. I finally come in your mouth for a second time completely drained. You let me rest for 2 seconds before bringing out a tool with a devilish smile. Its a cock pump. You pump it till it fills the pump and looks about ready to explode, then you remove it from the pump, and painfully slowly take my virginity. I’d be screaming because of how sensitive my dick is from cumming twice and having my foreskin pulled back. The first day the head of my dick meets air, you decide its time for me to experience your devilish pussy. So once you insert my dick the first time, you stay still for 30 seconds, looking at my reaction and savouring it. Then you go absolutely wild riding it like a mad woman (using every riding technique on this virgin dick) until I cum uncontrollably in your pussy. But you dont care at all, you keep riding my dick till I slowly lose consciousness. Basically what I had in mind, but of course the details/dirty talk I’ll leave to you since you do the taboo//femdom videos so often and so well…..Mandy Flores

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Meana Wolf – I Want To Watch You Black Beauty FullHD 1080p 2018

You’ve become very good at hiding it…the fact that you’re a faggot. You sometimes even manage to fool yourself. You can keep it together most of the time…most of the time you can stop yourself from obsessing about cock. You’re able to squash down those persistent thoughts of dick all day long. That is, until…you see a big fat black cock. When you see that dark chocolate, you just can’t help but fall to your knees. Your mouth lubricates and salivates, anticipating his fat fucking meat in your mouth. What is it about black cock that is so superior to everything else? What is it about black cock that turns you into a slave boy faggot cock junkie? If you don’t already know…I’ll be more than happy to show you. Get on your knees N#$ger lover. xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: An intense BiG BlaCk CocK mesmerize. Fall deep into faggot bliss as I force BBC after BBC in your mouth. You’ll be nothing but a N#$ger loving faggot slave when I’m done with you. Either way, once you go black, you’ll never go back. *Intense language and racial slurs are used. Enjoy!*

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Mandy Flores – Daddy Fuck Me or I kill! – domination, necromantic FullHD 2018

YouThe Hit Woman: Executrix

I was thinking about an idea for a routine therapy session turned JOI session in which we try to discuss my leather fetish – only for me to be tongue-tied at the very sight of you in your sexy black leather jacket and black leather pants. You would then in turn add fuel to my leather fetish fire by taking off your glasses, slowly undoing your leather jacket and tell me that you’ve been looking for a man who wants you in your leather as you begin to start snapping your fingers in a seductively slow rhythm. From there, seeing that you notice my massive bulge in my pants, you then tell me in your sexiest voice to take out my cock and start stroking it as you then begin to clap in a seductively slow rhythm – only to then start dancing provocatively in your leather and keep clapping until I cum. And once I climax, you applaud and set a date for our next therapy session, sealing it with a wink and a kiss. …….

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