Primals Sex Fights – Melissa Moore | Sexual Supremacy Match: Melissa Moore vs BT HD (720p/

Added: 10/24/16

Melissa and BT are going head to head to see who will cum out on top! Melissa is a lot stronger than she looks, but when it comes to a sexual domination match, BT is not to be underestimated. Fierce fighter Melissa clamps her powerful thighs around BT’s face early on, causing her to let her guard down and go on the defensive. Try as she might to win the match, Melissa struggles to fight her own feelings of ecstasy as BT snatches the win.

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Wifey’s World – Sandra Otterson – Wifey Fucks YoungGun SD 2017

Category: Interracial, Sexwife, Mature, Blowjob, Facial, Milf.

I promised in our last YoungGun video that I was going to release footage of me banging this young stud’s thick BBC and here it is!
YoungGun is this really shy young stud who has a thing for big boobed MILFs. After meeting with him first and giving him a “tryout” scene where I sucked him to an orgasm I knew this guy was HOT to fuck me (and he’s another heavy cummer- fuck that’s hot!!)
When we first started out shooting this scene I could tell he was really nervous as he’d never been filmed fucking a married hotwife before.
Luckily he LOVES huge jugs and couldn’t take his eyes off mine! I took his pants down for him and gently took his nervous cock into my mouth- it didn’t take long for that thing to grow into it’s full thick size!!

After I sucked and played with his full balls he was ready to fuck me bareback. He laid down on his back and I started to stroke his thick black meat until he started to squirm, then climbed up and slowly mounted him. His thick lubed dong slid up inside of me, feeling so fucking good!
I rode YoungGun’s BBC while he sucked on my hard nipples. we had to stop a couple of times because he said he was getting ready to climax too soon. How hot is that?!
He then climbed on top of me and fucked my soaked married pussy until my legs were shaking.
I wanted to see that big thing cum again so had him lay down on his back so I could climb up and slowly massage his meat for him. His body was literally twitching as I slowly teased his big dick! After a bit of slow jerking, his head lifted off the bed and his body tensed up as he started to ejaculate. The first shots of his semen actually blasted up onto his own face and all over his chest- what a cum shot this black stud has!
When he finally finished cumming I licked it up off his chest (yes I am a slut lol!)
Two great angles of me finishing this BBC off!!

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Your Pregnant Home Wrecker HD (720p/

It had been so long since you last saw her. And now she was here, taking a shower in your house… a glorious, wet surprise for you after work. The water streamed over her round, pregnant belly and down her thick thighs, soaking the delicate lingerie. She sensually ran your wife’s soapy sponge across her belly, over her erect nipples… and down between her legs, moaning. Then her eyes caught yours.

It was obvious she wanted you to find her, to secretly watch her, to desperately want her… again. Those burning, forbidden desires all came rushing back… the ones you gave into nine months ago. It was that fateful night you spread her legs, defiled her, and pumped her full of your cum. She was big with your baby… and she loved it. You wife would never know. Not what happened then… or what would happen now.

She begged for it, coaxing your hands down her wet thighs into the wet folds of her slippery pussy. It had been far too long. Her eyes were drunk with lust for you. She needed your cock again, in her mouth, down her throat, gagging and filling her again and again. And you would happily oblige.

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Mixed Model Wrestling – Daisy Chainz – Army Sister FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/1/16

Scene One: Long deployment

Daisy has had her pick of men while in the army, but coming home for leave she’s horny and out of options. Maybe teasing her brother would make her feel better? She accidentally grinds against him and smiles at what she’s doing to him.

“Do you know I wrestled when in the army? I could show you some cool moves” Daisy says convincing her brother to wrestle her. “Scared of a little girl? Scared I might hurt you?” She asks. He tells her that he’s too strong and that he’ll hurt her. They get to the mat and Daisy schools him on how strong position and holds are over pure power.

Scene Two: Sister brings the pain!

He can’t believe his cute little sister is destroying him. She holds him tight and forces his face into her crotch. It feels so good controlling him and holding him tight. He rarely gets the upper hand on her. She puts him in a headlock and drains away all his strength.

“You just got lucky, let’s go again!” he demands. Turned on having a strong man in her control, Daisy reaches down and starts jerking him. They both moan in frustration and pleasure, stripping each other naked.

Scene Three: Are you going to use that?

They keep wrestling, their hot naked bodies grinding against each other. He puts his sister on all fours and fucks her from behind, unable to stop himself. They both know this is wrong but they fuck harder.

They wrestle and fuck for dominance. Using each other to get themselves off. They fuck each other hard, back and forth, Daisy on top and bottom until he shoots a big load all over her chest. Satisfied and exhausted they think about what they’ve just done.

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Ella Knox – The Hot New Stepsis SD (


Dylan returns home one day to find a hot ass babe chilling out in his backyard. He asks his dad who she is, and it’s none other than his new stepsister Ella Knox of course! Dylan can’t stop staring at her and neither can his dad. After she catches them creeping, she decides to ease the tension by bearing all and letting them touch. This threesome turned into a family affair real quick. Ella had no problem guzzling down both of their cocks then getting pounded down by both of their dicks. This new stepsister is definitely a keeper! She guzzles down loads even better than mom does too!

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Maya Bijou – Maya Fucks Step Bro SD ( / bkb16058/

Juan is online with a willing hottie named Maya Bijou. When he asks the old “show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”, she is happy to show her amazing tits. In turn, he shows her his big cock. Maya is very impressed by what she sees. Then they are interrupted by a female voice calling down for lunch. To their surprise, the step siblings realize they have been web camming with each other. What a predicament! But Maya can’t take her mind of Juan’s large dick. She blows him under the table with the Mom on the other side of the counter. After the Mom leaves, they fuck on the dining room table until Maya receives a hot load on her pretty ebony face.

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