Bare Back Studios – Kenzie Reeves, Cory Chase – Kenzie Reeves in Forced Threesome FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/11/17

Kenzie recently broke up with her boyfriend after he tried to convince her into a threesome. After a talk with Mom about what happened at the party, Mom was instantly turned on. Kenzie was then forced into a lezbian affair with her mother while Dad watched…

The next night, Mom and Kenzie enter the bedroom dressed in sexy lingerie. Kenzie was not happy to be there. Mom quickly thru Kenzie to the bed and began to have sex with her. After a few minutes, Mom asked Dad to pull his cock out and show his daughter. Kenzie was disgusted but was forced to suck his cock anyway.

A dirty threesome begins with Mom and Daughter sucking Dad off. Dad then fucks Mom in various positions and Kenzie is forced to clean off Dad’s cock after ever position change. In the end, Dad is fucking Mom from behind with Kenzie in the 69 position. Dad pulls his cock out of Mom and unloads a massive cumshot into Kenzie’s mouth.

Mom forces her to swallow and cleans up the extra bits from Kenzie’s face…Daughter will eventually get use to this but needs more training first…

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Jerky Wives – Bailey Brooke – Sister Lends A Hand FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/7/16

Scene One: Painful time
It’s so weird that Bailey has to get her brother dressed after he broke his hands. She gets ready for bed wondering how long she’s going to have to be his nurse. The next morning he walks in with his dick out of his shorts and she’s mortified!
Angry about it she calls his doctor who recommends that she use her hands to release him. Bailey cares about her brother and realizes that she will do whatever will help him get through this painful time in his life.
She explains very clinically what she’s going to do and jerks off her brother into a tissue. A sister does what a sister has to do!

Scene Two: Ruining clothes
The next day and the house is boiling hot. Dressed in next to nothing Bailey has to get to her knees and jerk her brother for his health. She looks completely unhappy about the situation and he accidentally cums all over her chest. “It’s ok, it’s fine” She says upset and rushes to clean up.
She has to stroke him off in the bathroom the next day. She tries not to look as he cums over her chest again. “Couldn’t you aim the other way?” She asks, her top ruined.
The next day she takes off her bra to keep cum off of it. She jerks and jerks but he just wont cum. She’s forced to put her mouth on his cock to make him cum. Without warning he cums in her mouth and makes her scream in anger. “You could have warned me. Fuck!” She washes out her mouth.

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Alexis Fawx – Little Girl With Huge Boobs FullHD (1080p/BadDaddyPov/2017)


Alexis Fawks maybe all grown up now, but she still is her step daddy’s little girl. While she is over to help re organize the house after Mommy’s passing, Alexis snoops on her step father’s computer. She finds all the dirty movies he likes to watch since his wife died. Alexis is all grown up now with a pair of huge boobs to entice men with. She even looks a little like her mother did when she was alive. Alexis doesn’t care that she is his step daughter, this little girl wants to take care of her man. She drops to her knees and sucks her step father’s cock with vigor to remind him that he will never need to look at porn again. He has his own little girl to drain his balls whenever he misses Mommy.

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Lilly Ford, Lauren Phillips – Threesome With The Step-Mom SD (mih16188/ /

Lilly Ford is messing around with the webcam when her stepmother Lauren walks in. She takes her laptop off and lets Lilly know she’s doing something wrong and that she need to clean up her room. Lilly bends over as she picks clothes from the bed and floor and Lauren gets horny and undresses. She seduces her stepdaughter and lets her know that it will be their secret. Juan ends up walking in on the as they’re going down on each other. He shocked and scared when he gets caught with his phone in his hand. Lauren invites him in and we get to she them having a hot threesome. Watch Juan get lucky as both chicks go down on his cock and fuck him. Lauren and Lilly fuck hard until they make him spread his load on their face.

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Osa Lovely – Fucking Lessons With The Stepmom SD (bkb16157/ /

Osa Lovely catches Juan getting ready for his date as he practices his sex moves. She enjoys the show and touches on herself before confronting him. She tells him that she will help him practice and that its okay being since she’s his stepmother. She teaches him about first base and quickly moves on. She pulls out her big tits and shoves his head into them before she has him licking her pussy and sucking on his cock. She gives Juan a great deep blowjob before she climbed on top. She fucks him on various positions until she makes his cock explode his jizz all over her.

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Izzy Bell – Right Under Moms Nose SD (

Izzy Bell and her stepbrother, Chad Alva, can’t stop arguing with one another. Chad’s mom, Krissy Lynn, is sick of their bickering. She suggests that they try playing a board game to bond with each other. She sets them up with a game, then tells them the goal is not to get off first. She relocates to the other side of the room to make sure that they play nice.

Chad winds up with his hand down Izzy’s pants while Izzy strokes his hard dick as they both try to get the other off first. When Krissy goes to get Izzy a glass of water, Izzy whips Chad’s hardon out and sucks him to total hardness. Then she bends over the counter so Chad can fuck her from behind with his big dick. Falling forward with the force of her passion, Izzy gets off just as Krissy walks back into the room, forcing her to cum as quietly as possible.

Later, Izzy tries to use Chad’s shower when he challenges her to one-up his sex skills. She takes him up on it, sucking him off with her puffy lip mouth before peeling off her panties and climbing aboard for a no-holds-barred stiffie ride in her bare fuck hole. It’s not long before she explodes again. Knowing she has to take Chad with her, she strokes him off until he covers her chest in a big sticky cumshot.

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