Primals FANTASIES – Melissa Lynn – Step-Mom Behaviour Modification – Doll Mode On HD 2018

Added: 4/1/18 12:39PM

Rion’s Step-mom is a total bitch to him. He knows she is out to get his inheritance and that is the only reason she married his dad. One morning Rion Helps her take a nap and puts a installs a Behaviour Modification Chip

When Rion’s Mother starts barking orders at him, he decides it’s time to change the way she treats him.

Rion tests out his new robot.

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Xev Bellringer – Coworker Blackmailed into Sex – big dick small pussy, alt girl, submissive slut HD

(1280×720 HD) I appreciate you taking me out for drinks, but I didn’t want to go that far. No please, stop touching me, I mean it. Maybe you should go. You what? Oh …you know I stole money from our boss? Fuck. No of course I don’t want to go to jail…I…I’ll do what you want. Just, let’s get this over with. You want me to take my clothes off? I don’t know about this…I mean, I do find you attractive, but you shouldn’t be using this against me to get what you want with my body. No no no, please don’t make me do that.

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Doll Factory Transformations Lily Lane – Bratty Daughter Transforms into Daddys Little Whore – Mesmerize, fauxcest FullHD 2017

Added: 11/19/17 01:51PM

Categories: Father – Daughter, Virtual, VIRTUAL SEX, BRAT GIRLS, DADDY’S GIRL, FORCED STRIPPING, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, Lily Lane, doll factory, whore, slut, prostitute, brainwash, mind control, mesmerize,, fauxcest, big tits, big boobs, younger woman, older man, imposed

Bratty Daughter Lily Lane turned into Daddys Little Whore with the help of the latest neural implants by the Doll Factory. Watch as this petulant, bossy girl undergoes her transformation and in no time becomes the perfect, willing subject. Of course before he puts his newly converted slave to work for him he has to test out the merchandise for himself

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Liza k fetishes – K Voice of ancestors. Nerd to alpha! – Real Doll FUcking, forced to sex, using body FullHD

Added: 2/9/16 12:50PM

in this video: ignoring chicks to obedient doll brainwashing, nerd to alpha transformation, special effects, voice of the ancestor, h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s, male domination, female training, slut training, woman following orders, mental domination, forced blow jobs, forced stripping, forced to masturbate, forced to sex, cum on asses.

You may not believe this but the connection between generations is very strong! Especially when it comes to sex! In this family the knowledge about subjection women was transferring from one man to another for many and many years! But there was one condition! The guy must be really in the need to fuck a chick! And that very moment the signal will come to him and he will gain the power!

That morning was so usual for our hero. He was spending it with his group mates and knew nothing about that fact that today everything is gonna change!

He used to be a shadow for these lusty chicks, a guy that they consider to be “an eternal friend”, but the moment his desperation gained its maximum the Heaven was opened for him! He heard the Voice of his ancestor which told him about his new abilities and made the dick in his pants bigger and thicker! That’s was brilliant! And now he also had total control on his erection and ejaculation! Perfect!

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Liza K. Fetishes – Compilation Scientific Transformation – forced stripping, Control Brain, Male Domination part 2 FullHD

Scene 2 starts off nerdy girl doing experiments, and a sexy blonde walks in. She is bullying the nerdy girl, when her BF walks in wanting drugs from her. After they leave with what they wanted, nerdy girl is sad, and wants to be beautiful like them. So she make a formula and sprays herself, and voila, she is transformed into a sexy girl now. The first girl returns and wonders who this transformed girl is. In her new form, she convinces the first girl she is a co-worker, leaves the room for a moment and returns with an item her old self was working that can improve your hair. She convinces the blonde to try it on, and then she has control of her. She has her walk around like a robot chanting to her. She then strips her and next we see her bent over naked and barking. The blondes boyfriend arrives, and our transformed girls explains that she is Tia’s cousin. She seduces him, and as they start to kiss, she starts to transform back to her original self. Scene ends there.

Scene 3 begins with our hero opening a box as an inheritance from his grandfather. In it he finds some money, sunglasses and a note. He says he has some money, so he is going to drink. Cut to a few hours later and he is passed out on the couch and he realizes he is late for a meeting and hung over. The bright sunlight is bothering him, the girls won’t close the window, so he puts on the glasses. Suddenly the girls before him transform into sexy girls in their underwear and begin to remove their bras and play with their tits. He takes off the glasses, and they revert to the way they were before. Now when he puts on the glasses, they transform again, with their tops off this time and talking how they are bad girls. The get up and begin to dance beside him, touching him, and asking to be spanked wearing only their panties. He takes the glasses off again they return to normal, and want to continue the presentation over on the couch.

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Taboo Diaries – Daddys Poker Night – Freya Wants Her Uncle – To Explore Her Naughty Places SD 2017

Added: 5/12/17 6:17pm

Got Way Out Of Hand
Dear Diary,

Things have gotten pretty strange around here lately since Daddys last poker game. Every week my uncle comes over to play with dad and his friends. This time a couple of the guys canceled so they asked me to join. Daddy folded on the biggest pot of the night and stormed off to bed leaving me with uncle Jay.

I had a great Full Home so I was sure I was gonna win but Uncle Jay made it more than I could afford to call. Rather than fold I teasingly offered my top, sure I was going to win. Sure enough my luck ran out, uncle Jay had 4 aces so I lost my top. Sure my luck would change I went double or nothing for my bottoms and ended up naked. Thats when it got weird.

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