Family Therapy – Sunny Hart – Aunt & Nephew’s Secret Sleep Over HD 2018

Added: 4/16/18 6:30pm studio/81593

Why are you still awake? I don’t care. It’s time for bed. That means you go to sleep, it’s pretty simple… That’s right I’m not your Mother but I’m still your Aunt, and you have to listen to me you little nerd. And don’t worry about what I’m doing. I’m in charge. Now go to sleep. And I better not hear you making any more noise, or I’ll do more than just yell at you….

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Buddahsplayground – Mommy has something to show you – Masturbation Encouragment HD

We both know that there has been some tension between us. I think it is time for you to finally confess how you really feel about me. I overheard all of the naughty things you were saying to your friends about me. Not mean things… just very naughty. A nice boy like yourself has been taught that you shouldn’t have those kind of feelings towards your mom. Well, listen, I think we need to have a talk and I think that whatever may happen here between us today needs to stay just between us. We don’t need to ever tell anyone about what we are about to do ok.

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Bettie Bondage – Wrestling Cousins – wrestling games, glasses FullHD [studio/27897/1080p/2017]

Added: 3/14/17 05:00AM

Every year, your family has this reunion at your aunt and uncle’s house. You’ve been able to get out of it for the last few years, but this year you’ve got no excuse so there you are, bored on the couch, counting the minutes until you can bail. You just hope you don’t see your cousin. Last time you guys saw each other was a few years ago and it was…weird.
You guys were always close, spent a lot of time together when you were young and played a lot of games. Some a little less normal than others, you think. I mean, everybody experiments when they’re young, right? It’s just that you can’t stop thinking about how the first girl to see your fully hard cock was your cousin. That whole silly wrestling game you two played…god. You half hope you don’t see her, the other half of you hoping she challenges you to a rematch.
Like a heat-seeking missile, she finds you on the couch and almost immediately invites you into her room. You jump at the chance not to be stuck in the middle of this party and run upstairs with her. You can’t pretend that those games aren’t on your mind, but you still don’t expect what comes next…

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Mindi Mink – Mommy The Maids Promotion – Mommy Roleplay Game, Only Blowjob and Handjob HD

Added: 3/25/17 02:57PM

Categories: Mother and Son, BLOW JOBS, MIND FUCK, CUMSHOTS, Mindi Mink, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, MILF, blowjob, bigtits, pov, maid, cumshot, pantyhose, uniform, roleplay, hairypussy, ponytail, milf, cumontits, glasses

You are the boss and Mindi is your personal maid, she comes to you after working for you over a year and politely asks for a raise…..she has always gone above and beyond for you and now even wears this maid uniform for you. She has worked on weekends and even waxed your car. The cost of living and raising her has gone up and she feels she deserves it. She is desperate and asking for a 25% raise, she will do anything for you. You tell her that in order to get a raise she has to strip naked in front of you. She reminds you that she is a happily married woman…..then you tell her you also expect a blow job. She does not want to do it, but you tell her you will give her a 40% raise if she does and an extra paid vacation.
You start complimenting her and tell her it has to be today. She really needs the money, so she agrees….as long as you don’t tell her husband. She slowly starts to take off her uniform, she is very shy and reserved. You take notice how you love seeing her pussy hair underneath her pantyhose. She confirms that this is for a 40% raise and you say yes. She knows she shouldn’t be doing this and asks for forgiveness, shes never been unfaithful to her husband. You want to smell her pantyhose and she hands them to you… she opens up her legs for you so you can see her pussy. She keeps saying “please don’t tell my husband”

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Primals FANTASIES Edyn Blair – Teacher Training – Mesmerize, Orgasm Control, MILF HD 2017

Added: 9/1/17 11:00am

Miss Blair asks me to stay after class. She found my notebook I left behind and she found a drawing I did that says “I want to jerk off on Miss Blair’s tits!” and a drawing of me cumming on her tits. She starts to say she’s going to talk to the principal about it. So I show her something on my phone that will make her believe and obey every word I say.

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Tara Ashley – Valentines Day Creampie – Sister Brother sex, Family little Secrets SD 2018

Tara Ashley and her stepbrother Justin Hunt have a strained relationship. As they watch television together they argue over the remote wile Justin sneaks touches to Tara’s boobs. Later, while Justin is passing by Tara’s room, he spies his stepsister naked on the bed and hears her talking. Her words are for her boyfriend, but Justin mistakes them for him, so he does as Tara suggests and sneaks into her room where he finds his stepsister wearing dark glasses and wrapped up like a Valentine’s Day gift.

Since Tara’s glasses are blacked out she has no idea that it’s her stepbrother instead of her boyfriend when Justin settles between her thighs to lap at her bare pussy. Soon her super skinny hips strain towards Justin’s mouth so he can make magic with his tongue. He replaces his mouth with his big dick, pounding Tara’s creamy fuck hole as she fills the room with her moans.

Taking the time to stroke and suck Justin’s hardon, Tara works her way on top of him so she can slide down on his fuck stick and give him an enthusiastic ride. When she turns around for a reverse cowgirl fuck fest, Justin can only hang on so long before her adjusts her so he’s on his knees matching her stroke for stroke. Tara’s orgasmic cries are a musical accompaniment to Justin’s last few thrusts before he explodes with a creampie of cum for his stepsister. Only then does Tara take off her glasses and see that it’s her stepbrother instead of her boyfriend pleasuring her cream filled twat.

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Dani Jensen – Better Than Dad – Redhead, Horny Stepmom, Stepson SD [ /]

Dani Jensen and her stepson Alex D are each getting ready for a fun time on Valentine’s Day. When Alex’s date cancels, though, Alex goes in search of his stepmom to talk it through. He finds Dani in a sheer bra and thong, caressing her enhanced big boobs and her landing strip pussy. That sight gives Alex the idea that he’ll treat his mom to the romantic dinner he had planned for his date.

Eventually, Alex coaxes Dani into taking down her top and putting her boobs on display out of pity. Soon Alex has his hands on her tits, which entices Dani to let Alex put those strong hands on her fuck hole, too. Loving what her stepson can do, Dani hikes up her miniskirt and leans over the table so he can fuck her from behind.

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TABOO – Ashley, Summer, Lucas – College Tuition – Threesome, Sister Brother sex FullHD avi [1080p/]


Triplets Ashley, Summer & Lucas are summoned to the Living Room by their Dad. The three 18 Year Old Siblings are all looking forward to going to College in the Fall….but Dad has some bad news. With finances being very tight…..Dad can only afford to send two of them to College!!! The Siblings all argue and plead with Dad to include them. After much thought, however….Dad has decided that since the World is becoming more and more dominated by Women…..”Pussy Power” as Dad calls it….it makes more sense to send the two girls to College. Lucas, of course, is devastated by the news… Dad tells the two girls that the least they can do for their Brother is to let him…in Dad’s words….”Poke his Sisters….so at least he can get a taste of the “Pussy Power” that forced him to miss out on his Education. The girls protest the idea of having Sex with their twin Brother….but when Dad threatens to re-evaluate his decision….the girls reluctantly begin to strip down…..and let their Brother have his way with them!!! Lucas enjoys his moment in the sun, as both his Sisters Suck his cock…and then one at a time…he takes a good Poke at each of his Sisters….until he cums all over both of them!!! These Triplets seem to enjoy Fucking each other……

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