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You are my stepmom, and just arrived home from church. Dad is at work, but expected home soon. We are small talking and you accidentally let me see up your skirt which I notice immediately. You take off your suit jacket and I notice you’re not wearing a bra and can see your nipples through the blouse. This really gets me going, and I ask if you always dress this way for church? You reply yes. The preist likes it, and I really dont think that’s any of your business. You call out my hard on and turn the tables on me instead of your secret. You open your blouse and tweak and rub your nipples so they are hard. As you do, you demand I pull out my cock and begin to stroke. You tell me what a naughty boy I am to be stroking to my stepmom. Raise your skirt and show me your panties…then yout take off your panties and laugh how much Im misbehaving.

You tell me its time to repent and by all the precum I must have a lot of sins to clean myself of. I am surprised you have a bald pussy. You say of course you do, the priest makes all the church ladies shave their pussies bald. You turn, and while standing you spread your cheeks to give me a good view. You look back at me while spreading your cheeks to watch me stroke. You sit back down, slide forward and lay back in the chair. I stand next to you looking down at your great body my cock now near your face. As you stroke my cock with your panties, you again tell me how naughty I am and you should be thankful that you dont grab me back to the church. You decide to tell me how Mrs. Brown is so sinful the priest makes her give him anal. He cums in her butt every other Sunday. Once he made Mrs. Baker kiss your pussy as punishment for her sins. You are not as sinful as those two. He only makes you suck his cock and cums in your mouth. Now I am ready to cum. You tell me to be a good boy and cum in my stepmoms face. You put the panties in your mouth and I shoot in your face and over your glasses and the panties in your mouth. You use the panties to wipe off your face and glasses, then put them back on. You lower your skirt, button your blouse and tell me to run along now. Dad will be home soon.

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My sister Danika is one seriously horny girl. I thought I was bad but she defintely has me beat. I used to walk in on her doing all kinds of perverted stuff so I wasn’t surprised when I caught her probing her asshole right there in our home gym. Naturally I inquired prompting her to practically force me to try it along with her. Me being the curious one goes along and Im so happy that I did. Opening up my tight little asshole and watching her play with hers was way hot! I got so wet finger fucking my ass. I was always a bit hesitant to try it but I truly got off. I love my sister, I really do.

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I was laying in my bed room the other day when my Sister came in and asked if she could confess something to me. She had seen daddy fucking me in the ass the other day. She said it looked like it felt so good so I asked if I would help get her ready for daddy’s big cock in her tiny virgin asshole. I started with one of the smallest butt plugs I had and then gradually moved our way up until she had my big gem butt plug deep in her ass. After seeing how much she enjoyed it I thought she was ready but told her I had some shirts for us to wear for daddy when we show him what we have been up too.

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