Creating Daddy Issues – Camille Needs Father`s Dick SD (JWTies/

Dear Diary,

I woke up really horny this morning but my boyfriend, brother and mom all both out of town. Just my luck right Diary? I tried getting myself off but nothing makes me cum like a nice hard cock. Lucky for me my sexy Father Dick is staying over for a few days to “house sit” while daddy is gone.

Honestly Diary, I have wanted to explore my Daddy`s Dick long before I even became daddy’s little rebel. He is so tall, fit, attractive and he is even nerdy like me! I just couldn’t help myself but imagine just how HUGE his cock must be.

I had to find out for myself! I went out into the livingroom where I knew he was watching this new comic book show and kindof came on strong to him. I didn’t want to waste anytime! I was horny, soaked and ready to ride his cock hard and thats exactly what I did!

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Bettie Bondage – Giving Mom What She Wants FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/19/17

You came home from school and heard your mother on the phone, talking to a friend. Not wanting to interrupt, you wait for her to finish. You didn’t try to eavesdrop, but you can’t help it. The things she’s talking about are…pretty graphic. She’s talking about that stupid new movie that’s coming out, the one all the women her age are ga-ga for. You think it’s pretty tame, compared to some of the porn you enjoy, but you guess it’s what bored housewives need to get excited…you just didn’t think that included your mom. You listen to her talk about how she wants to be treated rough. She wants to be taken. When she catches you listening, you swear she smirks. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.
You watch her as she gets ready to go to her silly movie, seeing her bend over, the tops of her lacey thigh highs peeking out from under her dress. You think about doing it here, right now on the kitchen sink, but decide to wait. She smiles and kisses you goodbye, promising you’ll hang out together later. Little does she know.
When she gets back from the movie, she’s all giggly and flirty. You watch her bend to get you both some sodas from the fridge and catch a glimpse of her pussy. She’s not wearing panties. My god, she’s being so obvious about what she wants! As she goes to the pantry to get you some snacks, you make your first advance, pushing her against the door and reaching under her dress. She resists, pulling away and telling you to stop but you know she wants it. You can feel her wetness as she moans between lame protests. You turn her around and bend her over, slipping your cock into her for a few strokes before dragging her to the bedroom.
She pleads with you, tells you she’ll suck your cock if you just promise not to fuck her. You let her deepthroat your cock, marvelling at your own mother’s talents as she throats your dick. You make her think you’ll keep that bargain, until you can’t hold back, pulling her up and positioning your cock at the warm and dripping wet entrance of her slit. She begs you not to but you push her down, watching your cock sink as your mothers protests dissolve. She’s finally admitting it to herself: she wants her son to fuck her. Watching as she starts to bounce on your cock, you tease her about how wet she is. She denies it, at first, but it doesn’t take too many long, deep strokes into her needy cunt for her to start begging for it. She makes you promise not to cum inside her, but you know better than to believe her.

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Bettie Bondage – Saving the Farm FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/4/17

This is a continuation of Losing the Farm.
Your mother looked so sweet and gorgeous and heartbroken, on her knees sucking your cock. You loved the way it made you feel to control her like that. Her reluctance, the way she gave in and savored your cock and your cum. Her own son! You tried to hold back from taking it to the next step, but you ached to feel it. Your mother’s pussy. Wrapped around your cock, fucking and cumming inside the same sweet pussy that made you. You know its wrong but it’s all you want!
You tell her that the ten grand is hers, if she lets you fuck her. Just the once. You send her an e-mail about it, not knowing what she’ll say, but within a week you have your response. She tells you to fly down and visit again. When you arrive, she’s already dressed in just a robe, looking scared. She tells you that she’s willing, but you can’t cum inside her. She’s still fertile. You agree, knowing that she trusts you, and the pull out method. A good Christian woman. She even prays when you first enter the bedroom, asking for forgiveness for what she’s about to do. It makes your cock harder.
Once you have her lying on her back on your parent’s marital bed, though, you know you have to fill your mother with your cum. The thought alone sends strong shivers down your spine as you watch your mother fight the delicious feelings your cock is sending through her body. You watch the conflict in her face and her body, flushed with a confused arousal that makes it all the more delicious when she cums on your cock, twice. You can’t hold out. She begs you not to but you unloose your cum inside her and watch as her face drops and she squirms beneath you, pulling away as your load drips out of your mother’s well-fucked pussy.

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Bettie Bondage – Late Dinner with Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/10/17

You’re in the kitchen when your mother comes in, wearing only a pair of tight jeans, heels, and a push up bra…strange. She’s smiling and bending over a lot, too. She tells you that she’s sorry dinner will be late, but Dad was helping her in the bedroom with…something. She smirks at you. Is she saying what you think she’s saying? No…but she is wearing just a bra in front of her own son…this is all very confusing.
“Oh hi sweetie…..I’m sorry I’m not completely dressed, but I was in a hurry to make you dinner. Your father will be gone for a while.” She bends down to get an apron from the cabinet, teasing you with her ass. She moves closer as you start to get hard, “Honey,” she says, “your dad and I just had sex, and my pussy is still wet and full of his cum…I love it when you stare at me and fantasize about fucking me. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck you!!” You can’t believe what she’s saying…she tells you that she always loved the way you got so interested in her privates when you were young and would follow her into the bathroom. “Come watch, sweetie, aren’t you still that curious boy?” she struts to the bathroom, teasing you with her cum filled pussy as she pees and touches herself. You’re hard as a rock as she tells you she wants you to add a load to her messy cunny. You practically run to the bedroom as she lays down and begs you to come fuck her.
As you start to stroke your cock against her wet pussy, she tells you how badly she’s always wanted this, wanted you. She tells you about how you’re going to fill her pussy first with your cock and then your cum. She’s a total cum slut, she confesses, and she needs both her husband and her son to fill her! Pulling you in deeper and urging you to cum, she admits that she isn’t on birth control but she wants you to flood her fertile hole. “Besides,” she purrs, “there will be no way to tell whose it is…you might as well give me your cum, son…”

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Lovely Lilith – Your Father’s cum won’t work! I need yours! FullHD (1080p/

Hey Jr! You’re home a few days early, aren’t you? That’s okay… your dad’s still at work though.
Actually, this kind of works out in my favor. I’ve been wanting to ask you something. It’s kind of personal… and I know you and I haven’t gotten along since I married your dad (considering our age difference and all)… but just hear me out!
We’ve been trying to have a baby… and it’s just not happening. Your dad is shooting blanks! I was hoping that… well… maybe you’d give me your cum instead? It would basically be like he got me pregnant– you guys share the same genes! I’d be grateful forever!
I know how much you love big tits– I’d let you play with mine whenever you want– when your dad isn’t home! Just please, Jr! Please!
Will you fuck me and get me pregnant?

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