Step-Father Daughter Perversions 7 – Jasmine Vega in “We Can Have Some Fun Too, Right?” MP4 SD (

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Omg what are you doing!

I just need to talk to you about something.. I saw some pictures on your phone

Why were you going thru my phone? What did you see?!

I saw those pictures with you and your brother… are you guys having sex?

No we’re not! You shouldn’t be looking at my phone dad!

Listen… I won’t tell your mother about what I saw… If you and I can have some fun too

What? No way, you’re my step dad!

So? He’s your brother! If you do this for me, no one will know a thing..

Mom won’t find out?

She won’t know a thing, I promise

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Jasmine Vega – Officially A Fucking Family SD (

Jasmine didn’t do her chores, now it’s time for her sex punishment. Brotherbegins by feeling her up and down in her sexy school uniform, feeling her perky breasts and kissing down to the soles of her boots. Brother takes his little girls punishment seriously and methodically interacts with all of his ladies bits and limbs. He strips her feet nibbling her succulent toes, and removes her pants and blouse. She knows the punishment is serious when he unsnaps her bra and tosses it to the floor before sucking on her quivering nipples. He eats her pussy while she stands before laying her back on the couch, attacking her feet with his tongue again. He can’t get enough of her feet. He pulls out his cock and uses her feet to rub his cock to a hard mass.

Licking her pussy again, her sweet taste lingering on his tongue, he pushes his cock into her and begins fucking her, all the while keeping her feet close. He sucks her toes while making her suck his cock, she knows she’s been a bad girl, she hates her punishment. Eating her ass, he props her on elbows and knees. Keeping her feet on him at all times, loving her precious feet. His balls tighten as his cock spews forth his seed on her face in final retribution. Her punishment complete, and lesson learned.
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