Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Found Your Taboo Porn FullHD mp4 [German / Florida/Manyvids.com/Jul 01]

I walk in your room, your dad out of town and you are supposed to be sleeping since you have an early day tomorrow at school, and I catch you with your pants around your ankles, hardest cock ever, with your taboo mommy porn on your screen. My mouth drops! I am shocked you are even watching porn, yet taboo porn with older hot woman and young guys. I question you….wondering what you are doing!!! I know right away something is not right. I see your cock….and notice how big it has gotten since I last saw it. I tell you that you need to get this fetish out of your system. Maybe if I tease you a bit, show you what mommy’s boobies look like…maybe if I slide this tiny G String to the side….that you will get this silly and unnatural fetish out of your system.. Keep stroking that cock…don’t stop….I want you to imagine doing naughty things to my pussy….like sticking the tip of that huge, engorged head inside me….that excites you doesn’t it? Of what if I let you stick your hard penis in between my huge tits? It is as tight as my pussy honey….I want you to masturbate right in front of me, thinking of all these naughty things….I want you to cum on my titties…..this will for sure get this bad fetish out of you once and for all!!! Or will it???

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Princess Leia – Jerk to Worship My Ass, JOI+Fingering FullHD mp4

Added: 4/14/15 3:32pm

This video is all about my ass and how perfect it is. First, my ass in my panties. Don’t you like the bright pink panties I’m wearing to highlight the curves and round, plumpness of my cute, hairy ass? You can’t wait to see what’s underneath this tiny thin piece of cloth. Your cock could probably rip right through it! Okay, panties off…
You want to see what my tight asshole looks like? Keep stroking for me. You’re on duty! Every second you’re staring at my ass, I want you to touch yourself until the breaking point. Then, touch yourself some more. You’re going to see a lot of my ass and cute asshole in this video. Extreme close-ups require extra hard stroking, too. Don’t stop! but don’t cum, either! Wait for my countdown…

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WCA Productions – Alora Jaymes – Moms Business Retreat With Son Part 1 mp4 FullHD [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/16/18 12:15am studio/88054

My moms been working hard at her job and she just found out today that she got a promotion. she told me the big news in the kitchen and then dropped a bomb on me, she told me that there was a big company retreat this weekend and that family were invited. she said i was gonna have to go, i told her i didn’t want to go, i said i had plans this weekend. she said i would have to cancel my plans this weekend, i told her i couldn’t.

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WCA Productions – Mom Helps Son Get His Grades Up – Cum on Mommy`s Tits HD mp4 2018

So yesterday when i came home from school my mom caught me jerking off, that was weird enough but then something else happened. my mom actually asked if she could watch me jerk off, i was so shocked i just said yes without thinking. thinking back about it i could tell she actually enjoyed it. when i got home from school today i figured id see where things would go, i found mom in the living room and we made some small talk. i told mom i was gonna go to my room and relax and mom perked up and asked if i was going to masturbate. i just decided to be honest and yes, she asked if she could come want and i figured why not. while i was laying jerking off in front of my mom she started to play with herself so i just told her if she wanted to lay down and masturbate too i i would be ok with that. so then we were both naked watching each other masturbate and it take long before we were both cumming! tomorrow after school is gonna be awesome!

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Taboo Mom Natasha – Thoughts about your OWN Mother – The deal we made continues FullHD mp4


Categories: Milf, Mommy, mama, mother love son, JOI, mother want sex, family secrets, POV, Amateur, DIRTY TALK, mother dirty talk

Lee thinks about his mother non stop, jerking off and having dirty thoughts of her seducing him. I start to humiliate him for having these filthy thoughts, but then decide to encourage him to fantasize and stroke off while I enact with my FAMOUS dirty talk and masterbation encouragement that beats out all others. You know I will have you pumping and thinking about your own mother too.. especially your Taboo mother Natasha Smile

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Mind Under Master Aria Skye – Trance Therapy – My Daughter my sex slave FullHD mp4 2017

Session 1: Aria Skye is being forced to see the doctor because her parents think she parties too much. If she wants to live under their roof she’ll need some counseling. The doctor quickly puts her in her place, “They sent you here because you’re a brat”. Indignant Aria says he “can’t talk to her that way” But after some Trance Therapy she soon realizes that she likes when he controls her. She wants to do everything he says. Since she likes to dance he tell her to “dance like a stripper for him” and soon she’s taking off all her clothes as she teases the camera. Since she’s a stripper she should get some practice, so he commands her to “beg for him to come into the VIP” with her. She teases him at first, “wouldn’t you like to touch my 18 year old body?” and then asks “Do you want me to beg? I’ll beg if that’s what you want” before getting on her knees. She tells him all the things she’d do for him, how good he’d feel if he just went in the VIP with her, “I’ll get on my knees when the bouncer isn’t looking an you can explode all over my tongue” She sticks out her tongue and waits for his load like a good girl. She wakes, her clothes back on now, “I’m sorry I zoned out” she says not remembering anything.

Session 2: The good doctor wastes no time getting his new pet into a trance. She tells him she thinks “about pleasuring men when I dance” and how she “wants to be a stripper more than anything in the world.” The doctor offers to let her give him a lapdance and she eagerly gets to pleasuring him. [ASMR] She wraps her leg around his and whispers in his ear. “Isn’t this what you want? To be all alone with a slutty little eighteen year old? Don’t worry, no one will notice. You just lay back and let your little girl take care of you. I want to make you feel so good sir. I want to be your favorite girl in the club, I want you come back and see me all the time. Will you do that for me? Please. What if I do more? Do you want to feel my young mouth wrapped around your cock? ” she says before going down on him.

“I can’t get cared away, not yet anyway. I bet your wife can’t make you feel this good. I bet she can’t make you feel as good as a firm little eighteen year old stripper can she? Oh sir…I’ll make you feel good. I’ll make you feel good every time you come see me. I’ll make you cum all over my little hand. Oh god sir, I want that. I want to make you cum. Please cum for me sir. Please cum all over my little hand. Please cum so I can lick it up. I want to taste you all night sir. I want you to feel so good you come back again and again so I can make you cum over and over. Please give it to me, please give me all your wife’s cum. Please I need it sir” she begs before he finally gives her what she wants and spills his load all over her hand.

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Makayla Divine & Exquisite Goddess – Fill Both Of Us Up With Cum Daddy HD [American / MIami/Manyvids/May 18]

Both of us are so hot and horny. We need your cum badly. We’re both ovulating and are both trying to get pregnant. Do you think you have what it takes to get us pregnant? You think your cum is potent enough to fill both of our pussies up with a baby? You have no idea how wet our pussies are just thinking of that big, huge load you’re going to drop inside of us. So come on big guy, get over here and give us that hard cock. Fuck our brains out and and leave a big creampie inside each of us

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NymphoNeko – Cum for me Daddy JOI FullHD mp4 [manyvids/1080p/2018]

Category: Father – Daughter, gruzexchange.ru, Taboo, Dirty Talk, Family Fun,18 & 19 Yrs Old, Ass, Butt Plug, JOI, Pet Play, Jerk Off Instruction, Lip Fetish

Kira does her very first JOI! She hasn’t seen her daddy in so long, and she’s been dying to taste his cock. Watch as she teases you by stripping down and showing off her new butt plug, all the while telling you just how she wants you to stroke your cock as you watch her. She finishes off by fingering herself in doggystyle position until she cums, and begs for you to come fuck her. Lots of dirty talk and begging (which is a very first) for Miss Kira

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy wants your cock FullHD mp4 [British / Devon, England/Mar 11 2018]

Mommy loves the flowers you bought her this Mothers Day, and she thinks that the card you gave her was beautiful and you put so many thoughtful comments in there for her… But… even though mommy loves her gifts, she want’s a different kind of present… a special present… a special present that involves her being allowed to make you feel good… down there. When your father walked out, it left mommy feeling ever so lonely and desperate to feel love again. She asks you ever so sweetly to unzip yourself and she is kind enough to place her hands around you and take you out of your underwear… “There… isn’t that better now that mommy can see your cock…?” … Now she just has to reach down, place her warm hands around it and help you to release all that pent up stress

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