New Fresh Video – Mandy Flores – Mom and Son After Church Taboo – POV Porn FullHD 2018

You are my stepmom, and just arrived home from church. Dad is at work, but expected home soon. We are small talking and you accidentally let me see up your skirt which I notice immediately. You take off your suit jacket and I notice you’re not wearing a bra and can see your nipples through the blouse. This really gets me going, and I ask if you always dress this way for church? You reply yes. The preist likes it, and I really dont think that’s any of your business. You call out my hard on and turn the tables on me instead of your secret. You open your blouse and tweak and rub your nipples so they are hard. As you do, you demand I pull out my cock and begin to stroke. You tell me what a naughty boy I am to be stroking to my stepmom. Raise your skirt and show me your panties…then yout take off your panties and laugh how much Im misbehaving.

You tell me its time to repent and by all the precum I must have a lot of sins to clean myself of. I am surprised you have a bald pussy. You say of course you do, the priest makes all the church ladies shave their pussies bald. You turn, and while standing you spread your cheeks to give me a good view. You look back at me while spreading your cheeks to watch me stroke. You sit back down, slide forward and lay back in the chair. I stand next to you looking down at your great body my cock now near your face. As you stroke my cock with your panties, you again tell me how naughty I am and you should be thankful that you dont grab me back to the church. You decide to tell me how Mrs. Brown is so sinful the priest makes her give him anal. He cums in her butt every other Sunday. Once he made Mrs. Baker kiss your pussy as punishment for her sins. You are not as sinful as those two. He only makes you suck his cock and cums in your mouth. Now I am ready to cum. You tell me to be a good boy and cum in my stepmoms face. You put the panties in your mouth and I shoot in your face and over your glasses and the panties in your mouth. You use the panties to wipe off your face and glasses, then put them back on. You lower your skirt, button your blouse and tell me to run along now. Dad will be home soon.

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Mandy Flores – Stealing Wonder Woman’s Body: Super Villain – Superheroines, Hypno Control FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 11/14/16 01:04PM

..An old witch lures Wonder Woman to her house and body swaps her. Wonder Woman’s officer friend discovers what happened and the witch (as Wonder Woman) seduces him to prevent him from switching them back…
Opens on Wonder Woman talking to the old woman: Wonder woman heard the cries for help from the old lady and apprehend the criminals. Wonder woman Is offered a gift. As soon as Wonder Woman touches it she screams and starts shaking and falls to the ground and scene fades…The witch now is Wonder Woman. The old Wonder Woman is trapped in the witches body and is taunted by the witch. Yes it worked! Your body is mine!, I knew you would be the perfect target. So virtuous and proper, but always flaunting your perfect body under your costume. My old body was so old and tired. Now I feel so young, so powerful… How does it feel being trapped in my old body, hahahaha Robbed of your eternal youth and power Now all mine! Checks out body in mirror. Now slowly starts to masturbate:

I haven’t felt like this in centuries! Feels so good. Continues while telling the old Wonder Woman to stop her whimpering and crying and taunting her until she cums. After Wonder Woman cums she looks up and see’s the officer friend, How long have you been here watching ? I forgot about you. Now pleading with him: please put down the (magical object) Just don’t give it to that old witch over there! so you know I’m not the real Wonder Woman? But why can’t I be! I have her body Well, maybe we can both benefit? Did you like what you saw when I was touching myself? No need to switch us back yet, why don’t you just see what I can do for you. I can make all your deepest fantasies come true. I know the way you lusted for her, How you wanted her and she wouldn’t even look at you.. You can have her now, I can give you what you always wanted. Gets on knees and starts to rub crotch. Did you think someone so pure would do this. During sex continue to ask the officer if he likes her new body. Aren’t I better than the old Wonder Woman? All throughout continue to talk about how good her new body feels, how incredible. I Haven’t felt this way in centuries etc. At the end after orgasm. Grab back the mysterious object, saying yes I got it back. Now I’ll destroy it and Wonder Womans body will be mine forever!

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Mandy Flores – Daddy Fuck Me or I kill! – domination, necromantic FullHD 2018

YouThe Hit Woman: Executrix

I was thinking about an idea for a routine therapy session turned JOI session in which we try to discuss my leather fetish – only for me to be tongue-tied at the very sight of you in your sexy black leather jacket and black leather pants. You would then in turn add fuel to my leather fetish fire by taking off your glasses, slowly undoing your leather jacket and tell me that you’ve been looking for a man who wants you in your leather as you begin to start snapping your fingers in a seductively slow rhythm. From there, seeing that you notice my massive bulge in my pants, you then tell me in your sexiest voice to take out my cock and start stroking it as you then begin to clap in a seductively slow rhythm – only to then start dancing provocatively in your leather and keep clapping until I cum. And once I climax, you applaud and set a date for our next therapy session, sealing it with a wink and a kiss. …….

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Mandy Flores – Stepmoms Sloppy Blowjob – Mom/Son sex SD [ /]

It’s morning. My hubby has left the house. I’m cleaning up in the kitchen, still in my nightie. Ready to get dressed for the day, I’m looking for my favorite bra and panty set. I find the bra, but the panties must still be somewhere in the dryer. I go look for them, my head basically buried in the dryer. Suddenly, I feel fingers in my pussy still wet from this morning. Hubby has come back? Why? I tell him to stop, we just did it, didn’t we? Before we got up? He finger fucks me to multiple orgasms. He does it very well today. Better than usual. Finally he stops. I turn around. OMG! It’s not hubby, it’s his son, called Junior.

He is two years older than I! And lazy as fuck. That’s why he is still living with his dad. And me now. To tease me, he calls me mom sometimes. Weird! And of course he thinks I am a gold digger, with the age difference between his dad and me. I tell him off. WTF was he thinking? He grabs my tits and pulls me by the arm, pushes me on my knees, and my head on his really big cock. Bigger than his dad’s. He forces me to suck him off. I’m very oral, and despite my protests, I soon start to enjoy this, and such and lick enthusiastically. He deep throats me, I gag. This always makes me submissive. I continue sucking him, trying to give him the best bj he’s ever had. And he shoots his load in my mouth, and then pinches my nose! I just swallowed my hubby’s son’s cum! Now he pulls me up. Naked as I am, he pushes me towards the bedroom, throws me on the bed where less than an hour ago I was thoroughly fucked by his dad…is my sore pussy now going to be pounded by the son?

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Mandy Flores – Sister Addiction with The Taboo – Strip Stease, Money Fetish HD [720p/]

I am your sister and have heard that you have been spending a lot of money at the local strip club. I come over to tell you that you shouldn’t be wasting your money there and should just give it to me. I begin to strip for you, brother and you are soon powerless to resist me. I laugh at you as I strip down to my bra, panties and stockings and heels and dance for you, taking your money. You beg me to take off my bra, but I tell you that I need more cash to let you see my tits. I notice your girlfriend’s purse lying on the sofa next to you and I tell you to look in there and see if she has any cash. You find some and give it to me. Then, I remove my bra and you blow your load all over yourself. As I’m leaving I tell you that I will want much more cash next time, so you will either have to get another job, steal more from your girlfriend or sell to pay for your new habit. Your sister stripper!!

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The Tabooddhist – Brooke Bliss My Uncle Jimmy FullHD [1080pp/]

Added: 7/14/17 5:01pm

Sexy little Brooke is being watched by her older uncle, Jimmy, and he can’t take his eyes off her. Her small tits budding behind her tank top, and her short, spinner stature give him the strongest woody behind his jeans as she giggles and grins. He asks if she has ever been naked in front of boys before, and of course she has. She giggles at the question meanwhile giving him some of her best flirtatious eyes. He asks her if she might want to be naked in front of him and she giggles an adorable yes as she twirls in her skirt in front of him. She begins undressing while feeling herself up and pressing her boobs together. She turns around and bends while spreading her as for him to get a better view. He begins to stroke his engorged cock behind his jeans and asks her if she would like to suck it. She loves the idea. Getting on her knees, her helps her with the zipper as she pulls out his hot throbbing rod. She HAS done this before he thinks as she slides her mouth over the head of his cock. She grips it in one hand and strokes him while her tongue playfully runs over his shaft. Her nubile pussy soaks itself as he asks if she would like him to fuck her. She wants his cock so badly, she gratefully agrees. Laying on the couch he lovingly thrusts into her as they lay like spoons. Her leg lays splayed over his, pulling him and his cock into her as he holds her and poised over her breast.

Oh she so loves his cock, far bigger than any of the boys in class. The little sluts pussy takes his full length as he fucks her on her back a leg stretched up to his shoulder. She wants his cum inside her so bad she decides to take control and hops on top of him. Her moans of pleasure coarse through her body as she rides him, her perky tits bouncing under his grasp. She grinds into him, her juices leaving a hot sticky wetness in his lap as her pussy begins to tremble and quiver with the first waves of orgasm. She pushes deep down onto him as he fills her pussy and the two cum in unison and both lovingly curl up in each others arms.

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The Tabooddhist – Penny Lay – Daddy’s The Boss FullHD [1080pp/]

Added: 10/13/17 11:40pm

Penny can’t find her tablet and is freaking out looking for it frantically when her daddy comes in and sees her in a less than conservative school girl outfit. Angered he storms in and grabs his little slut, lifting up her skirt and spanking her while he yells at her. He pulls up her shirt and sees her nipples are pierced as well and this drives him into a frenzy. Grabbing his little lady, he pulls out his cock and makes her suck it for punishment. Still angry he pulls her onto the arm of the couch and bends her over, holding her down, he takes her pussy, fucking her to let her know just how bad she’s been. He holds her by the hips and pulls her into him, making her take his whole length. He cums when he knows she has been sufficiently punished. Daddy is the boss.

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Mandy Flores – Daddy, I want you all to myself: Taboo Blackmail HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 1/27/17 12:00PM

Young daughter has just had sex education at school, and realized all the special “cuddles” that daddy gives to mum. Daughter is so close to daddy that she now wants to have him all to herself (even though she is too young to think such things).
Scene starts with dad coming into daughter’s room to find she is dressed in mummy’s short skirt and high heels. Dad is so shocked and goes to leave, but daughter convinces him to stay. (I love the idea that dad genuinely starts out good and well behaved, but ends up giving in to seduction). Daughter talks about what she has learned in sex education and that she can’t believe daddy would want such an old bucket pussy like mummy. She shows her legs, high heels (I love heels!) and boobs seductively and suggests she can give daddy what he wants.
Daddy goes to leave and daughter apologizes for being so brash. However, she suddenly realises that daddy is incredibly hard. She reaches out and grabs the cock and starts to play with it with her hands. Daddy is so hard. Her hands are so good. She teases daddy that her young mouth could suck it if he gave himself fully to her, never to touch mummy’s pussy again. She could replace mummy. Whenever daddy wants to cum she will make him cum, no matter how many times per day. But he can only cum for this daughter, no body else…….Mandy Flores

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Mandy Flores – Mom and Son III: Accidental Erection HD [720p/]

Added: 2/4/17 10:52PM

You’re supposed be getting ready for your Auntie’s funeral but you have a splitting headache. Mom walks into the kitchen telling you she’s almost ready to go and…”why are you still in your pajamas and… watching cartoons!?” You tell her that you don’t feel well and she asks you if you are too upset to go. That it’ll be okay, it’ll be good for you to see family. “No, mom..I want to go, just my head really hurts.” Mom goes to the cupboard and reaches up on her tiptoes to reach the extra strength Aleve, she’s feeling around while talking and doesn’t notice she grabs the wrong bottle. “Here, go ahead and just take 2, and then go get dressed. We are already running late.”

Mom walks into your room all dressed and ready to go. “Honey, why are you not dressed yet, did the Aleve not work?”..”Yes, my headache is gone but….” “Great, well lets go!” Its hard to explain to your mom about your hard throbbing erection. You tell her that you that something else has happened and point down to the crotch of your pants. She’s shocked. “What…how…why…honey, we are supposed to be going to a funeral!…well, just..take care of it!” You tell you have tried but nothing is really working. Mom stares at you for a moment and then gets a look on her face like she just realized something. “Honey, you stay right here, I’ll be right back!”

Mom runs downstairs…”oh God no, please no..” She reaches up into the cabinet to find that she accidentally gave you a double dose of Viagra instead of Aleve!! She takes both pills into her hands, they look almost identical! “Oh fuck, oh fuck!!!” and then thinks for a moment…”Its ok…I can fix this” and runs back up to your room

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Aunt Mandys 18th Birthday Blow Job POV FullHD (1080p/

Added: 2/8/17 01:00PM


So this is what actually happened with me and my aunt and I would love for you to re enact it forme. Setting is that it’s my 18th birthday and my aunt has asked me to go shopping with her before we go to my birthday party. After a LONG boring day of shopping she decides she wants me to go to her house so she can try on her new outfits and I can pick the best one for her to wear tonight. I try not to be be rude and agree to do it. I have a seat on her bed while she goes in to the closet and changes. When she goes in for the second change she leaves the door open a bit by accident and I see her completely naked! I try to hide it from her but she can tell I saw something. She says it’s no big deal, because I am 18 now, so then she just changes her clothes right in front of me! I can’t help but get a huge boner! She is so cool she tells me to go ahead and jerk off to her changing, even bends over so I can see a little better, but next thing I know she is kneeling in front of me taking her top off and then sucking my cock! She finishes me on her tits and then gets dressed like nothing ever happened! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

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