Primal’s Taboo Sex Claudia Valentine – Comforting My Mom HD (720p/

Added: 9/16/17

Part One:
Your mom just got home and she’s really upset because she didn’t get the promotion she was suppose to get, and the guy she’s been seeing just disappeared. Being the nice son you are, you rub your Mom’s back and shoulders. Enjoying the comforting a little too much, she starts to really appreciate what you”re doing for her a little too much.. and wants to return the favor her own way.

Part Two:
After your evening together, Claudia is craving you again. She comes into his room in a robe, and begins stripping in front of you. She has to have you again, and you feel exactly the same way.

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AstroDomina – The Wife And The Masseuse SD (

Scene starts with the wife entering the massage parlor while talking to her husband on the phone. A tragic accident just occurred to the family and he wants to talk to his wife on the phone. While her needy husband is talking to her, she undresses, getting herself ready for her massage. It’s been a very stressful day and this massage will surely ease away the stress. The male masseuse comes in. He overhears the conversation from the other room and simply cannot deny her from having a great and relaxing time. So he decides to help her on a more sexual level.

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Taboo Secrets HarperTheFox – Shy, sexy Daughter fucks sleepy Stepdaddy HD (720p/

Added: 1/3/17

They grow up so fast…and hot! Sexy Betsy was expecting a ride to a party but daddy never showed up. Now she has found him dozing on the basement couch. She should be furious but it was an honest mistake. Daddy has injured himself working out. Seeing her recently divorced daddy laying helpless on the couch touchess Betsy’s softest of spots. She tells him not to worry. She tells him to rest and she will make him feel better. Maybe if she keeps massaging her drowsy daddy like this she will get a nice ride after all.


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Adria Rae, Elizabeth Jolie – Step Sister Throws Me A Bone SD (

Jul 28, 2017

Elizabeth Jolie is cleaning up around the house while her stepbrother Tyler Nixon lazes around doing nothing. She asks him what’s wrong, and he gives her a litany of complaints, including his hands hurting so badly that he can’t get himself off. Elizabeth takes pity on him and wraps her puffy lips around his stiffie, sucking him off until he cums in her mouth so that she can swallow every drop.

Later, Elizabeth is hanging out with her friend Adria Rae when Tyler sneaks onto the bed and peels down Elizabeth’s shorts and thong. Whipping out his stiffie, he slides into Elizabeth from behind. His long strokes are smooth and slow as he tries not to let Adria know. Their secret sex brings Elizabeth off, at which point Tyler pulls out and leaves the room.

Later still, Tyler asks if he can practice his massage techniques on both Elizabeth and Adria. It’s not long before he’s caressing Elizabeth’s breasts while Adria watches and fingers herself. Now that it’s a threesome as Tyler finger bangs both hot girls before accepting a double blowjob as they work together to lick and suck.

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Primal s Handjobs – Melissa Moore – Daddy`s Girl Massage and Handjob HD (720p/

Added: 7/7/17

You open the door to Melissa’s room and find she’s still awake. She asks if you can please massage her, because it’s helped her sleep in the past. When you do, to your surprise, she slowly starts to undress and ask you to massage more intimate places on her body. Finally, she starts stroking your stomach and makes her way into your pants to jerk you off onto her stomach.

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