Amateur Clips By Sexy Fantasies – Mom Does Good Deed for Son Giving Him Handjob and Blow job Then Gets Unexpected Cum in Mouth HD (720p/

The hot MILF from… Taboo Surprise Facial as MILF Helps Relieve Son With Hurt Hands With Handjob and Blow Job … is back in the kitchen when her son walks in and starts some small talk. He tells her his hands are still hurting and wonders if she would once again help him relive himself. She agrees, but says this time she will only use her hands as she does not think her mouth is appropriate.

Mom leads her son into the living room and has him sit on a chair. She then starts to give him a handjob in his POV and feels awkward so she starts in with the small talk. He loves the way it feels and voices that, but does talk back to her with idle chit chat.

Mom tells her son that last time he made such a mess on her when he came on her face without warning so she wants to take her shirt off just in case. With that she takes her top off to reveal her big tits in a sexy bra. She then gets back to the handjob.

As good as her son is feeling he asks is she would use her mouth again. She is once more reluctant, but does give in as she wants to finish this good deed for her son. So, she start to give her own son a blow job, but looks like she has never given one before.

He is really loving the way the blow job is feeling and lets out moans and groans of ecstasy. In fact, he gets so lost in his sexual pleasure that he forgets to warns his mom about his pending cumshot and ends up cumming in her mouth.

She coughs, gags, and spits, with the unexpected cum in her mouth. She does her best to keep it all in and swallows it down. She then tells her son that a little warning next time would be good. Though she was not expecting the cumshot, she is not mad, and flashes a loving motherly smile to him to let him know it is okay.

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Taboo Family Affairs – Desi Dalton in Attitude Boot Camp HD (720p/FamilyLust/

Desi is the bitch mom that no one would ever want. She bitches and yells at her son Brad all the time. He finally gets fed up and tells his dad what a cunt she’s being. Good thing dad knew how to handle things…
Desi is a total bitch to her son Brad and he’s really not happy about it. He’s just about had it with her, so he tells her he’s going to go complain to his father about her abusive behavior. She replies that his father won’t do anything to her and that she runs the house. Brad complains to his father but his dad says not to worry and that he’ll take care of everything. The next day his mother is mysteriously gone, but comes back a few weeks later really nice and caring. Brad comes back home and sees a note on the table for him that says, “Son – I’m gone for a while, but don’t worry, I took care of your mother’s attitude issues. She won’t be causing any more problems. Enjoy your time alone with the new mommy. Dad. Brad is confused, but then he walks into the kitchen to see his mother wearing a very sexy outfit with high heels and cleaning up the kitchen counters and stove. He walks in confused and says “mom?”, and immediately she stands up straight and turns around with a big smile on her face.

She asks how school was, and he asks her what the note from dad is all about. She says that after he spoke to his dad about mommy’s bad behavior, he brought her somewhere to make her an obedient, caring mommy. He doesn’t quite understand, and asks how long dad is gone for. She says she doesn’t know, but not to worry about that, and that it’s time for him to have some fun with his new perfected mommy. He asks her if she’s feeling ok, and she says she feels better than ever. She tells him what exactly happened to her with a huge smile on her face. Turns out she was brought by his father to an attitude boot camp where she transformed into a mommy whose only purpose is to satisfy her son’s desires. Brads mom tells him shell be right back. She calls him into the bedroom and explains that his father will be gone for a while, and that he programmed her for the specific purpose of satisfying his sexual fantasies.

She can tell he’s starting getting aroused, so she squats down in front of him, pulls down his pants, and asks him if he is ready for mommy’s mouth around his massive cock. He says yes, she smiles, says “good boy,” and starts to blow him. Afterwards she gives him a tit job, and lets him fuck her in multiple positions until he comes in her mouth in on her face. She swallows and savors his cum, telling her son that he has the best cum she’s ever tasted. As she sensually touches his cock and body, she asks if there is anything else mommy can do for him at the moment. He says no, but that he really likes this new mom situation. She smiles and says that becoming an obedient mom was the best thing that ever happened to her, and that she looks forward to being his slut every day for the rest of his life.

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Jerky Wives Cory Chase – Separation Anxiety HD (720p/

Vanessa is a single mom. She left her deadbeat boyfriend (and the father of her son) when she graduated college and found a lucrative career. It was extremely difficult but she managed to raise her son while also having a career. However due to her hectic schedule, she had nearly no relationships with the opposite sex, and had pretty much devoted her entire life to her son. As her son came of age he became her confidant, supporting her emotional needs. Soon it became apparent to her that she was slowly looking at her son like a “man”, and that her deepest desire was to be “with” him…

The son wakes up, jumps out of his bed with morning wood, and calls out for his mom. Cory walks into his room. She asks if he needs something, realizes his boner, smiles and goes down on him.
BJ ensues…
Mom asks if her Son reconsidered her offer to stay…The Son gladly accepted to stay and Mom finishes him off…Cory begs for his hot cum in her mouth and asks for it now…She dirty talks to him and tells him that other girls don’t have the passion or desire that mom has for him and that she is all he needs. Son explodes in mom’s mouth, she swallows and sucks him clean so he can go on his way…
Son thought last week was a one time thing…Mom had other plans and talked him out of his clothes…Mom wanted her Son’s cock and wanted it now…Cory then gave her son the best blowjob he ever had and milked his balls dry…Cory knows how much her Son loves a woman that swallows and showed her love by swallowing every drop…Once again Mom asked if he was convinced to stay at home with her forever…He was not ready to give her an answer yet, so Cory must become more creative for her next date with her Son…

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Ginarys Kinky Adventures – Aaliyah Taylor Gets Filled With Her Sons Cum HD (720p/

Aaliyah Taylor is just finishing her dishes when her son Alex Adams comes in to greet her. She knows what her son wants and is always ready to give it to him. She teasingly leans over into the fridge to show off her ass and Alex is quick to grope it. She tells her son how much she wants his cock in her mouth as she drops to her knees. Alex kisses him mother then lifts her up onto the kitchen counter to eat her sweet pussy. Alex fucks his mother on the counter as she praises her sons cock. He picks her up off the counter as she wraps herself around him and cums all over his cock. Alex is only getting started and he bends Aaliyah over the sink and fucks her from behind. Aaliyah drops back to her knees to taste her pussy on her sons hard cock. Alex puts her back on the counter and fucks his mother until she cums again. He finishes by bending her over the stove to fill her pussy with his cum. Alex slides his cock back in his mothers cum filled pussy then she sucks him clean. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Aaliyah or Alex?

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Mom I am better then you vibrator FullHD (1080p/

My my my, look at you. What a bigboy you’ve turned out to be! And so handsome, too. Don’t be bashful, silly. I’ve known you your whole life; your mom’s one of my best friends. And I’ve kept my eye on you for a very long time. You’ve kept your eye on me, too, haven’t you? Yes, you have… I’ve seen you peeking at me, watching me.. Don’t you have a girlfriend? Oh, you do…so you’re having sex? No? But why not? Stand up, sweetheart. Come here. Let me see what you have in those blue jeans. Mm-hmm, just as I suspected. You have a BIG cock for such a young man. Babysitter’s going to have to suck that right this minute, shove the whole thing in my mouth. So young and yummy. So you’ve never seen a girl’s pussy before, either? Poor boy, let me show you…here, let’s just slide the head of that big cock in…give you a little taste. Not too fast! Back up, baby, and let me show you what it looks like when a woman has an orgasm….mmm, this vibrator shoved hard against babysitter’s clit won’t take long. Come closer, baby, look closely while I come… Now, bring that big boy cock back over here and bury it in my pussy. That’s right, now stroke it, back and forth…in and out…make babysitter come again. Mmm, yes…again! Wait. What just happened? You little fucker, did you just cum inside me?!

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Virtual Tara Tainton – You’re Going to Come So Hard for Me SD (

Don’t you like thinking back on all the very special moments we’ve shared together? How it’s happened, time after time… how this was all just destined to happen? You’re my very special boy… I love the way you look at me so adoringly. I love how hard your young cock gets for me. Haven’t you enjoyed all of our encounters together so far? Your mommy has… in fact, I want to do something just for you… this is our chance to have some dedicated time together… just the two of us… taking it slow… feeling our love… the special connection between us… don’t you want to hear me breathe “come in mommy’s pussy” between deep moans while watching my big breasts bounce above you?

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