Virtual – A Hard Situation HD (720p/

Added: 9/5/17

Your mother was undressing in front of you… right then, in this tiny dressing room. She was in such a hurry to try on the assorted lace panties and bras before the store closed. You caught glimpses of her voluptuous curves, her swinging breasts, and even… her pussy. But she didn’t realize that you were interested in all of that. She didn’t notice your growing, hardening cock as she shimmied her big butt into tight little panties, constantly asking your opinion. Or when her big boobs bounced when she adjusted each bra… your mother had no clue how turned on you were.

Not until it was time to go. She asked you to hand her some clothes, but you were busy hiding the boner in your pants. Of course your mother would make you show her, and of course she’d insist you think about something less… provocative. To not STARE at her body in that lingerie… but it was no use. If fact, your erection got even bigger. So your mother took matters into her own hands. She grabbed your throbbing cock and hurriedly began stroking it.

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My Mom Makes Me Get My Sister Pregnant FULL VERSION SD (

Added: 12/7/15

My mom lost her job! She tells my sister she has a plan. We are going to get her pregnant and sell it after 9 months! OMFG!!! I don’t know if I can do this??? My mom sucks my cock until I am hard and my sister doesn’t want to but we go along with it anyway! NOW MOM IS TURNED ON??? I fuck my mom and make her cum before I turn my sister over and cum deep inside her pussy so I KNOW MY JOB WAS DONE RIGHT!!! OHHHHHHH I LOVE MY MOMMY AND SISTER!!!!

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Slutty Mom Indulges Horny Son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/8/14


Son, what are you doing in my room? Where are your pants? Oh my god, you’re playing with yourself! And what are you looking at there, hmm? If you’ve brought pornography into my house, I swear you’re grounded for life! Wait a minute – those are pictures of me! When did you take these? Look at that, I’m wearing the same outfit in those photos as I have on right now . . . You’ve been spying on your mother, haven’t you! It all makes sense now. THAT explains why all my silk panties have been disappearing out of the dirty laundry.

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Your First Time with Mommy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/1/17

How could I know it would happen like this. I didn’t even know he wanted me… his own mother… not until I caught him spying on me. And not just once. I thought it was innocent at first, him hiding in the bathroom while I did my stretches. My son wouldn’t look at me like THAT… would he? But then in the shower, I caught a glimpse of him behind the door. Watching me wet, slippery, and completely naked.

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Vera Price – Drunk Mom Wants Your Cum HD (720p/

Added: 8/20/17

Mommy seems sad for some reason. She’s sipping her grownup juice and still all done up from her date earlier. You wonder what the problem could be… no one likes seeing Mommy sad. She notices you and tries to explain, but she’s talking a little funny… “Well, honey, ever since your father and I split, I just haven’t been able to find another man who wants to settle down. It’s not your fault at all, baby. It’s just that mommy’s getting older and she wants to be able to give you a little brother or sister and, well, it’s just not looking good.” You can’t help but notice how pretty Mommy is lying there, how big and soft her breasts are. There’s a tingle in your pants, and suddenly she’s staring at your crotch. She gets a funny look in her eye. “Baby, do you want to help Mommy with something? Do you want to help mommy have another baby?” Before you know it, her soft hands are on your cock and her warm mouth is caressing the length of your shaft. It only gets steamier from there.

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Pretty Kitty Kat – Let Mommy Show You How I Suck Daddys Dick HD (720p/

Added: 1/9/16

Oh my sweet boy, you walked in on me & your father during our private play time last night & I think we should talk about what you saw… come sit on my bed baby & I’ll explain why I had your Daddy’s dick in my mouth… better yet let me show you why Daddy likes that so much… I suck your cock until you ooze your sweet son cum into my mouth… I’m not done yet, time for round 2, Mommy just loves sucking your cock, it makes my pussy is so wet… I start to rub my pussy for you until I squirt… but then your father walks in…. “What are you doing home?”…

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Vera Price – Oedipal Complex Mom Fuck Therapy HD (720p/

Added: 9/11/17

How do you feel about our therapy appointment today? I know, I know… her methods are unconventional but she was so, so highly recommended. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense though? If you fuck your mother, you’ll lose all that pent up resentment you’ve been carrying toward me. Boys your age are always so hard to raise. It’s essentially satisfying your subconscious Oedipal complex. I just need you to listen to me here, sweetie. This is for your own good. Mommy is going to take care of you. Just unzip your pants. I’ll let you taste my juices. I’ll slide you deep into myself. You’ll cum inside me. And you know what? I bet you’ll feel so much better afterward.

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