Jackie Synn – Cum on Mother’s Sponge FullHD [American / England/1080p/May 01 2018]

This was a custom video for a fan:: ” The video starts with you naked in the kitchen getting the sponge ready to wash the floor. Then you precede to get down on all 4s and scrub the floor with the sponge. Some forward shots of your boobs going back and forth. Close ups of the sponge going back and forth. Then some rear shots of you showing and wiggling your ass. Then you catch me watching you. You make a comment about you being my mom and ask why I’m so into sponges. Then you tell me, mommy has to clean your penis. You simulate on a dildo and wash it with the sponge. Then you bend over and demand me to fuck mommy’s fat ass. You bend over and simulate me fucking you. (Just like you did on one of your previous videos.)you shake your ass and keep saying fuck your mother, fuck her fat ass,fuck her cellulite ass. Your holding the sponge during this so I can see.

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Arielle Ferrera – Taking Advantage Of Stepmom FullHD mp4 May 10, 2018

My stepmom greeted me in the kitchen and was automatically on my case. She made me feel like a good for nothing idiot. She even accused me of taking advantage of her. In order to help me become more independent, she thought it would be a great idea to teach me how to make breakfast. As she was showing me how to scramble eggs, her titty popped out. It looked way more yummy than what we were about to cook. The eggs were taking so long that stepmom got restless. She had her breasts out and was sucking on my cock before the yolks were even cooked. Stepmom certainly did not expect to be eating her stepsons creamy egg whites for breakfast this morning!

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MissTiff – Mummy is tipsy and blows you SD [manyvids/British / LONDON/Jan 31 2018]

Living room – you are mom, you are sitting on the soffa, sipping white wine and visibly tipsy – you tell me that you are a tired and go to bedroom to take a nap, i stay in the room, watch porn and jerk off – you enter the room again, you see me jerking off, you scold me, you are very angry, you go back to bedroom Bedroom – i go to bedroom and try to appologize, just to see you are lying on bed and masturbating – you are shocked, and tell me to go away,

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Ashley Masons Play House – My Son the Sissy Faggot – Live Family Porn Video HD [720p/2016]

I have always known my son was a sissy cum eating faggot. I love my son more than anything thats why today i had to teach him the correct way to suck cock, jerk cock and 2 ways to clean up his mess. I coach him on the proper way to get his cock hard, the proper way to jerk it AND the proper wsas to eat it all up after her was done. I wanted to make sure the little faggot would have the proper knowledge for when he sucks his first real cock.

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Cum for Mommy – Keep Mommy Warm – Virtual Family Porn FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 1/19/18 08:25PM

Solo scene shot POV style. I’d love to spend some time together, just you and me. Will you stroke along and let me make you cum?
Mommy gets so cold. Here, come into bed with me and keep me warm. Mm, it feels good to snuggle like when you were a little boy. What are you looking at? Mommy’s breasts through her lacy nighty? Mommy used to love feeding you from them, feeling your mouth on my nipples. It’s ok, why don’t we pretend you’re a baby again, why don’t you suck on mommy’s hard nipples. Mmm, yes, mommy likes that so much.

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Taboo Mom Natasha – Thoughts about your OWN Mother – The deal we made continues FullHD mp4


Categories: Milf, Mommy, mama, mother love son, JOI, mother want sex, family secrets, POV, Amateur, DIRTY TALK, mother dirty talk

Lee thinks about his mother non stop, jerking off and having dirty thoughts of her seducing him. I start to humiliate him for having these filthy thoughts, but then decide to encourage him to fantasize and stroke off while I enact with my FAMOUS dirty talk and masterbation encouragement that beats out all others. You know I will have you pumping and thinking about your own mother too.. especially your Taboo mother Natasha Smile

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Taboo Diaries – Tucker Stevens – My Father In Law Came – Before My Husband Walked In SD 2017

Added: 9/15/17 5:04pm

Dearest Janie,

Things have gotten even more intense around here. The other morning I was doing some dishes when my father in law slipped up behind me. He started touching me in all the right places and even though my husband was in the shower I couldn’t stop myself.I knelt down and sucked his cock then he bent me over the sink pounding my pussy furiously.

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