Bettie Bondage – Peeping on Mommy’s Dates – Virtual Reality Porn FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 2/17/18 12:30am

Home from school early one day, you hear some noises from your mom’s room upstairs. Peeking inside, you see your mother sprawled across the bed…moaning…touching herself…sucking on some man’s cock! You know you should look away but you can’t. Your mother is so sexy, with her tongue snaking around a cock, with her hand dipping between her thighs…you watch as she sucks and strokes him to completion, spraying his cum across her face. You groan a little and she looks over, making eye contact with you as she smirks a bit. You rush downstairs, wondering what that was all about.

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Rachel Steele – Home Education – Sex Addiction Therapy HD

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Rachel Steele is a very broad-minded when it comes to helping her son Chris to pass his biology exam. One evening she comes into his room while he is studying and announces that she is going to personally teach him all he needs to know about sexual intercourse and the female body. Young Chris has always idolized his mother. Far from being shocked at her proposal, he welcomes it as a dream come true. The next thing we see is lesson one with Rachel stripped down to red lingerie, sitting on her bed, instructing Chris in the art of foreplay.

After showing him how to fondle and suckle her naked breasts, she parts her legs and invites him to rub his fingers over her panty-clad pussy. Last of all she spends a long time French-kissing him to help him perfect his technique. Chris learns so well that several days later he aces his exam. Rachel is delighted. But there is yet more that she wants him. In lesson two, she shows Chris how to skilfully take off her dress, bra and panties before stripping off himself.

All the while her manner is that of perfectly loving and understanding mother. Some days later, as a reward for Chris cleaning the pool, Rachel decides to give him his third – and most important – lesson. This is the one where he is to learn how to go all the way with a woman.

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Bettie Bondage – Morning Wood II – Reality Porn with Mother/Son FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 3/25/18 10:28am

That son of my mine was out all night with his friends, even though he has work in the morning. Of course, I can’t just let him learn his lesson and sleep through his shift, so I go into his room to wake him. My loud calling doesn’t do the trick so I get onto his bed to shake him awake, only to realize my son has a huge erection! Morning wood in front of your mother, how embarassing! It’s massive, too. Wow. It’s getting in the way of me trying to wake him…wow, even right in his face, he won’t wake up. Well, maybe if I just grab this…my god, so hard…tug it a little. Hello? Wake up! Alright, if you’re going to be so lazy, I’ll take extreme measure…woah, it feels so nice in my hand…maybe I’ll just put it in my mouth for a second. That’ll wake him…nope, not working. Well, I might as well keep going…he won’t know…just a little bit. It feels so good, so hard, against my tongue…maybe I’ll just ride it a little. Just for a few minutes. My god, he’d sleep through an air horn…mmm, but he does feel good inside me. Fuck. No use stopping now…I’ll just do it til I cum…or he cums…mmm, that’s it baby, cum inside me, have a wet dream inside your mother!!

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy wants your cock FullHD mp4 [British / Devon, England/Mar 11 2018]

Mommy loves the flowers you bought her this Mothers Day, and she thinks that the card you gave her was beautiful and you put so many thoughtful comments in there for her… But… even though mommy loves her gifts, she want’s a different kind of present… a special present… a special present that involves her being allowed to make you feel good… down there. When your father walked out, it left mommy feeling ever so lonely and desperate to feel love again. She asks you ever so sweetly to unzip yourself and she is kind enough to place her hands around you and take you out of your underwear… “There… isn’t that better now that mommy can see your cock…?” … Now she just has to reach down, place her warm hands around it and help you to release all that pent up stress

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Dallas Diamondz – Mother Gives Me Blue Balls – Mother/Son Fantasy

Dallas had always taken great pleasure in mothering her son, Joe. Now that he had grown into a virile young man, her love for him had taken a taboo turn. Having already taught and guided him in a great many things, she had started to fantasize about initiating him into the world of sex and loving. She could see Joe was inexperienced when it came to women, and she did not want him to be hurt or taken advantage of. Despite the kinkiness of her intentions, she never felt a shred of guilt. Hers was an incredibly horny and open-minded nature. And it was not long before she got the chance to act.

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Bettie Bondage – The Wrong Gift – POV Virtual sex – Taboo Roleplay FullHD 2018

Added: 1/21/18 12:30AM

Your new girlfriend and your mom share a birthday, so you go out to get them a present the day before, picking a sexy little outfit for your girlfriend and a new sweater for your mother. You stop by the next day to give your mom her gift, passing it across the table and watching as she peeks in the bag. She seems really surprised, and even moreso when you tell her to try it on! She goes into the other room to change. You wonder why she didn’t just put it on over her shirt, but you figure she just wants to know the true fit. A few minutes later, she calls you to come into the bedroom and see how it looks.
When you walk in, you immediately realize your mistake: you gave your mom the sexy outfit meant for your girlfriend! What’s even more alarming…is that she looks awesome. Hot. You can’t keep your eyes off her, and you can’t hide your shock. She asks what’s wrong and you blurt out that it was for your girlfriend. Humiliated, your mother tries to hide but you tell her it’s ok, that it was your mistake and she looks great. She smiles a little. “Really?” she asks, “you’re not just saying that?” You tell her no way, she looks super hot. You’d like to think you aren’t trying to get somewhere but your raging boner says otherwise. You confess that it’s not supposed to be worn with a bra, trying to suggest she should take it off. Your mind is on autopilot, you want your own mother…you can’t help what you say, what you do…and she’s agreeing. You watch as she slips it off, showing you her big, heavy tits. She teases you with them, playing with her nipples while you stroke through your pants. Her eyes wander to your crotch. “Take it out,” she purrs. “I shouldn’t want this so badly…but I do. I want my son’s cock!”

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Bettie Bondage – Mom’s Porno – Virtual Porn, Blackmail Fantasy FullHD 2018

Added: 2/3/18 6:48pm

Categories: Mothe ans Son, POV, VIRTUAL SEX, REALITY PORN, POV SEX, ROLE PLAY, milf, mother son, mom, blackmail fantasy, blackmail, black-mail, family, storyline, erotica, plot, caught masturbating, bettie bondage

A few weeks ago, you were browsing around some tubesites, looking for good MILF porn, when you stumbled across something you really didn’t expect: your own mother! You searched around diligently, trying to find more. You’ve always had a thing for her, and finding out she did a TON of virtual-type taboo videos has you constantly wanking. It was only a matter of time before she walked in on you, jerking your dick to her. You’d been hoping for it. Wishing for it to happen. Even if she didn’t sink to her knees and beg for your cum, you wanted her to see how much it turned you on!

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Ashley Masons Play House – Mothers Day – Son bought fot Mother lingerie Victoria Secret HD [720p/clips4sale/Manyvids/2016]

Added: 10/5/16 2:41pm

American / Dirty South

So Mothers Day I received a gift from my son as usual. This year was different, he gave me lingerie. I was shocked at first and wondered why My son would give me sexy clothing. Then it struck me, He had a crush on his step mom! He has never had a girl friend and always stayed home with me on the weekends. He never hung out with his friends, only me. I felt sorry for him So I asked him if he would Like to see what the outfits looked like on me, he was very excited to see. After I put the first outfit on and saw the look on his face, I got very turned on. I tried on the second one and that was it. I felt sexy for the first time in years. I told him to come closer, I grabbed his cock and pulled it out of his shorts. I sucked and jerked his cock. Listen to how filthy both of us talk to each other. I ask him how his mommies lips feel on his cock and replies “yea mommie suck my cock”. We continue the dirty talk until he shoots a massive load of cum all over my tongue. Then watch me play with the cum and swallow it. What a day that was!

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