Primals Fantasies Lily Rader – The Accident Pussy Control HD [720p/]

Added: 1/1/18

Rion makes a song on his tablet that controls women’s thoughts and makes them become extremely aroused. After talking to his friend on the phone about it, he goes into the kitchen to make some food. His sister Lily, who is in the other room, is playing with her phone but the Wi-Fi is down and she can’t go on the internet. She decides to go into Rion’s room and grab his tablet to use for a little bit since he isn’t there and not using it.

When she gets back to get room, she notices a playlist called “Super Sexy Playlist”. Finding it humorous that her brother has a playlist like that, she decides to see what’s on it. Rion comes back from getting a bite and realizes his tablet is gone. Realizing his sister must’ve took it, he runs to her room before it’s too late. But what he finds when he gets to her room is that his device works better than he could’ve imagined… but it accidentally happened to his sister.

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Amber Skyy Fetish Palace – Cheating with Cable Guy HD [720p/]

Added: 8/17/15 02:52AM

WOW what a day, it started really bad. As always my internet was giving me problems. I called the cable company and they said they’d send someone out to take a look. Little did I know the cable guy was a big dick pervert. I was shocked that I showed him where my computer was and when I came back in he was jerkin his big dick off to one my pictures..At first I wanted to say WTF but when I noticed how big and hard he was I couldn’t help myself. Of course my bf was gone out with his buddies like always….Hope he has fun playing basketball with his bros while I’m home fucking the cable guy and taking his huge load all over my pretty little face…

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Jerky Wives – Molly Jane & Cory Chase – Final Payment for a Lost Case HD []

Added: 11/24/14 06:30AM

Scene One: Congratulations

Molly and her client are celebrating a big win over Cory and her client with a glass of wine. “Congratulations on that win” Cory says walking into Molly’s house with her client Luke. Cory’s plan is to tie the bitch Molly and her client up and get her revenge. Too bad that Luke has other plans. Handing the cuffs to Molly’s client Cory screams as she is tied up instead. The two girls yell as they are handcuff and forced to the ground. A classic double cross. “This is not part of our deal” Cory yells.

They drag the girls into the bedroom and force them to their knees. The men take out their cocks and even thought the girls try to prevent it the cocks are forced into their unwilling mouths. The cocks are rammed deep into their faces and they suck and gag. Their shirts are pulled open and their mouths are used.

They continue to suck, breasts exposed and mouths gagging. The girls are powerless as they are pulled to standing and striped roughly by the men. Barely clothed Molly and Cory are pushed onto the bed. On their backs with legs in the air they tremble at the knowledge that they are going to be violated.

“I’m going to sue you” Molly says as the cock pushes inside her making her scream. They are mercilessly fucked on the bed, their moans and screams filling the room

Scene Two: Sex Toy Lawyers

They continue to be violated each moment agony for the girls. Molly is made to go on all fours with her hair being pulled and is ridden from behind. Cory soon joins her as the men make them into objects.

The sex toys that they have become only makes their humiliation worse as the men fuck them on either side of the bed. They look at each other being fucked, knowing the same is happening to them. They force the girls to kiss as they are fucked and Cory pleads with them “Please, please stop”

Hard slaps against Cory’s ass and choking of Molly’s throat cause the girls to cry out in pain. They are made to kiss again as their pussies are filled to breaking. They are so destroyed that they no longer fight back and let the men have their way with their bodies.

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Fetish Fantasy Clips – Zone Daddy’s Girl, Daddy’s Good Girl FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 11/5/17 5:10pm

Oh yes Daddy’s good girl and she’s been filmed for 28 mins of intimate ‘Daddy Role Play’, exquisite as she is being licked out, fingered, rimmed, sucking your old cock and then fucked pov style so you really get the full experience, before shes allowed to masturbate as you watch your cum run down her petite little breast, just like your perfect ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

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Fetish Fantasy Clips Zone – ”Daddy, look at my Bra” Taboo’ya one hour long FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 11/8/17 3:16pm

And he did look, seeing her young slender frame porcelain white and nude on his bed wearing nothing but a new pale blue bra and a beaming smile. Kneeling knees parted like she use to, her golden tosseld hair flowing over her shoulder unashamed, proud even he thought to himself. Reveling in the delight that he had seen so many firsts with this girl, and now her first bra, perfectly framing those tiny rose tipped breast that he knew so well. No time does not stand still, but slowly enough to burn this vivid moment forever in his mind, like so many other memories forever etched and although she was growing, it was clear that she was and in this way would be forever Daddies Girl, his special love.

True this young woman was changing, growing and filling out, perhaps now would be the time to begin the other thing that he had talked of sometime, belaying her apprehension by saying in some time to come, when your older. Yes he thought growing harder, the time to start stretching her pink little anus is now…”let me get the camera honey, I want to capture this moment”, he Said.

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Tucker Stevens in “You Deserve Better Than My Dad!” MP4 SD []

Added: 1/2/18 11:50pm

Hey sweetie! I was looking for you this morning, I made you eggs and bacon, but you never came down!

Oh yeah sorry about that, I overslept… it was a long night..

Are you ok? Come over here, I think we should talk about what happened last night..

It’s ok mom, we both got a little out of hand. It’s not your fault.

I really don’t want things to be weird between us.. I’ve been going through kind of a hard time recently..

Well I just wanted to make sure you were ok last night, and I apologize for touching you too

Honestly, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I can’t make your father happy.. Maybe we can experiment a bit and see if it will help?

Are you sure? I can’t see how my dad isn’t happy being with you..

All I want is to feel loved! Let me show you my body, can you tell me if I don’t look right or something? Are my boobs too small? Is my ass fat? We haven’t been initmate in months!

No you look great but, I don’t know if we should touch each other again.

Maybe we can sit here and just watch each other play? Is that ok?

Yeah mom that’s ok..

Mmm, I need more! I need to feel you inside of me! We’ve already come this far… I’m just so fucking horny!

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Family Manipulation Blaten Lee in “Cum For Mommy!” MP4 SD []

Added: 6/5/17 11:40pm

Are you and dad still fighting?

Yes sweetie sorry. I didn’t want you to hear that… But your father has been lying to me for a while now.

C’mon mom, things can’t be that bad! He’s not such a bad guy.

Oh sweetie… don’t try and defend him now. He’s been coming home from work later and later these days… I know something is up with him.

I just hate seeing you so upset, you’re not yourself anymore! Just give him another chance!

Let’s stop talking about it… come in the pool with me!! Remember how when you were younger, we would used to wrestle??

It’s been years since we’ve done this! Omg mom! What are you doing!?

I got you’re pants! What are you gonna do now that you’re all naked!! – Is that a boner? With you’re own mother in front of you!!

Stop mom, we shouldn’t be doing this… Are you touching me! This isn’t right mom…

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Fetish Fantasy Clips – Zone Hairy Girls Taboo Shave 45 mins FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 11/3/17 9:22pm

Wow I know its been a while since it’s been my turn to have you over honey, but I cant believe how hairy your pretty pink pussy has got, come on baby get in the bath I’m gonna have to shave your pussy totally bald and your little ass too…that’s better, damn I forgot how pretty you look, and tight your pink little fuck holes are, your so lovely girl I’m going to make a 45 minute pov video of this for other men to enjoy. Yes angel I know that a long time, just have a pee pee in the bath if you want, I’ll film that too. You’ll know its time to come out when your all clean and shaved with my taboo cum in your mouth.

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Fetish Fantasy Clips – Zone Daddy’s Dirty Halloween Trick or Taboo Treat FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 10/29/17 9:52pm

Oh yes what’s that at the door, is it the knock of a taboo treat, cumming in for a ‘Daddy’s Dirty Halloween Trick or Taboo Treat’ how lovely, a real taboo halloween treat indeed. Cum my little girl I’ve got a treat for you lets lift up that sexy dress and peer through those black see through panties framed against your slim pale legs with those black stockings. Oh yes how delectable, you start, masturbate for me while I prepare, ummn nice now let me see, I’ll slip them down I think and lick you out…Tasty now bend over and let me push deep inside your taboo tight cunt, after all its halloween so lets live for today and enjoy it, you much younger girls make an old man feel virile and alive once again. So let the spirits of the dark night dance in celebration of the delights of a taboo romance.

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