Primal Fetish Aspen Romanoff – Behavior Control Chip – Magic Control, Medical Fetish, Muscle Control HD 2017

Added: 12/14/17 09:51PM

As the scientist finishes up his new behavioral chip, a young, entitled, rich girl walks in the door. She starts to claim that her Daddy owns the building, and since the scientist just leases his space, she’s going to convince her dad to let her make it into a Yoga studio. As the scientist tries to plead with her, she won’t listen to him. Realizing he has only one option now, he tricks her into thinking someone made fake social media profiles and is pretending to be her. As soon as she sits down in front of the computer, he reaches for the chip and presses it onto her chest, programming her into behaving exactly as he wants her to.

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Sofie Marie – Yummy Step Mom Episodes 1-4 – My Mother Cosplay, Handjob, Blowjob HD [720p/]

Added: 12/23/17 7:17pm

Ep 1 Swordfight
Sofie Marie is every boy’s favorite step mom! She like to play dress up and tucks you in at night. Johnny still wants to play at bedtime, so Sofie plays “sword fight” on last time before bed. Then she puts Johnny’s sword in her mouth and blows him so he can get to nite nite before his father gets home.
Ep 2 Tickle Me.
Sofie is Johnny’s fun step mom. Her daughter, Cindy, Johnny’s step sister is off to college with Johnny’s dad, so his step mom is tucking him in. She misses her daughter so she puts on her “Tickle Me” panties. She and Johnny have a tickle match and she pulls out his penis and sucks him dry with a messy cum load on her face.

Ep 3 Caught Jerking Off.
Sofie walks in on her stepson David jerking off to a Playboy. David is very embarrassed, but Sofie is kind, to him. She toys to make him feel better by taking about the girls in Playboy and asking him if she could have been a Playmate. She strips for him to show him her shaved pussy. She then offers to help him finish his masturbation by blowing him. David blows his big load all over his step mom’s face. She loves it!
Ep 4 Nocturnal Release.
After a night out partying without her husband, Sofie Marie is checking on Brian, her stepson. She notices he has a boner in his pj’s and this turns her on! She can’t not touch herself looking at her step son’s big dick, and she gets off fingering herself by the bed. She feels Brian needs help with his nocturnal release, so she gets on the bed and sucks her son’s cock dry. Sofie is unaware that her husband has installed a Nanny cam, so that is one view of the action. Brian does wake up, but doesn’t tell Sofie.

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Bettie Bondage – Blackmailing Your Slutty Boss FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/2/16 9:02am

Your boss is the biggest bitch. You really can’t stand the woman. For starters, she’s younger than you, received several promotions you were jockeying for over the last year when you’ve been there for ages…and talks to you like you’re an idiot. She expects an unreal level of perfection and acts so sanctimonious it’s unbelievable. So when you hear from a guy down in the warehouse that a few years ago, she got sloshed at the company Christmas party and took it in every hole from him and a few other guys (including a couple higher-ups…explains the promotions!), you know you’ve gotta get this leveraged against that bitch. You ask him for proof, goading him into sending you a grainy but damning photo from his cell phone of her on her knees, cross-eyed and covered in cum. You print it out and the next day, head to your meeting…
Predictably, she starts into you quickly, telling you how she expects more, she needs more, blah blah fucking blah. You pull the folded piece of paper from your coat pocket and set it on the table next to you, crossing your arms as she reaches forward and takes it, asking what it is as you remain silent. You watch her face as she opens it, confronted with the reality of this situation. Of course, she thinks you want the promotion. The one everyone knows she’s vying for. She thinks thats what you want, but really…you want much more than that. You want her, on her knees. Sucking your cock, taking your cum. You want to hate fuck her and hold this over her head for as long as you can! Seeing her quickly get on her knees, fighting barely at all as she takes you into her mouth…well, you can’t say you’re surprised. You’re just sad it took this long to figure her out!
She begs you not to cum inside her but honestly, does she really expect you to play nice, after all she’s done? You pump a thick load into her pussy as she pulls away, scooping your cum out of her cunt as she stares at you in disbelief.

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Sex Rehab Crazy Milf Femdom Part 2 HD (720p/

My chronic masturbating porn addict had checked into sex rehab & got his first hand job ‘assessment’. In this clip you’ll see that time has passed & part of the therapy has been frequent & assertive daily milkings. The patient is milked dry & wants to go home but I don’t think he’s ready to be released yet. I force one more orgasm out of him despite his resistance. I am very persuasive!

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