Kaidence King – Daddy Jerks His Cock to Me FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Kaidence comes into your (daddy’s) room and asks to talk. Her bf want to put it in her butt, but she was a good girl describes how she let him blow all over her face. The dirty talk continues as she describes the things her and her bf do. Eventually she notices your bulge and asks you to take it out and stroke it for you. This is more of a taboo story but there is stripping and nudity at the end.

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FamilyManipulation – Carter Cruise in: “Sis Scratches Dad’s Car, Good for Big Brother” HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

My sister got home from college the other day and all she does is go out drinking.
Usually I’d say that there’s nothing wrong with that, but she gets pretty wild when she gets some alcohol in her system…but not for me to say anything…until now!

This past weekend she must have gotten extra wild as I noticed a scratch on our father’s car that wasn’t there before. She must have hit it when she was pulling into the driveway last night. When I walk into the living room, I see her totally completely out on the couch with a blanket covering her legs. She is definitely hungover, I doubt she’ll wake up.

I’m about to go on my way, when I catch a glimpse of her exposed nipple popping out from her tank top. Not going to lie, I have always thought my sis was
hot, and I see her post almost naked pics on her Instagram account all the time. This is the perfect opportunity for me to finally see her naked!

So I begin to pull her shirt to the side to fully expose her nipple, and to my surprise it’s pierced!! I’m sure our parents would freak out on her if they ever found out about the piercings. But now I can’t just stop at seeing her nipples, I must see more! So I begin to lift up up her dress…and she is not wearing any underwear. I can see her pubic hair around her fat pussy lips!

The rush
of adrenaline of sneaking dirty looks at my unsuspecting sis, has giving me a raging hard on, so I decide to pull it out and start stroking away. But of course, sis wakes up and catches me jerking off to her exposed pussy. She’s not happy at all, but then I tell her about the scratch on the car. Instantly, she knew it was from her driving last night.

won’t tell mom and dad, right?” she says to me. “I won’t tell them if you play with yourself in front of me”. I love being the one that has the upper hand. Now I can get her to do whatever I want just so that she won’t get in trouble.

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Family Manipulation – Alice Merchesi in “Dad…. Will it hurt?” FullHD (clips4sale.com/1080p/2017)

I walk into my daughters room wondering why she’s calling me. She seems stressed and upset about something. Could it be about school maybe? I know her finals are coming up soon. I ask her
“What’s wrong sweetie? Are you ok?” I’ve never seen my daughter so anxious but she finally explains to me what’s going on in her mind. After she tells me that she’s a virgin, I’m absolutely
shocked! Is this something that I should have her mother talk to our daughter about? Honestly I had no idea if she was having sex or not, but I did know about her boyfriend. “So you and Brad
haven’t had sex yet?” I asked her. “No we’ve never done it… “My daughter and I have a very strong relationship so of course I would do anything to help her.

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me and I’m really comfortable with you, and I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I want my first time to be with someone I trust. I really trust you Dad, and I
thought that maybe my first time would be with you!”

Was I hearing this right? Does my daughter actually wants to have sex with me?! I love her no matter what but I don’t think that this is very appropriate. I asked how far she had gotten with
her boyfriend, and she tells me about a handjob she has given him. My head is spinning what do I do?!?! I start thinking about how much she has grown as a woman and it starts to turn me on!
I then begin to rub my daughters nipples, watching them get harder and seeing her get more excited…

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