Jizzy Jobs Harper – Stepmom with Tattoos & Piercings Fuck feat Harper FullHD mp4

Added: 8/25/16 12:04pm

You’ve always had a suspicion about your dad’s new wife. There’s something about her that’s just not right. She’s young and hot and it seems like she married your dad for all the wrong reasons. You overhear her talking to her mom about wanting your dad to so she can get all his money. Of course you confront her and she seems very eager to do whatever it takes to get you to stay quiet. She starts with a lovely BJ but you feel like there’s more to be had from this predicament she put herself in. You tell her that you want her to fuck you and sure enough, she goes for it. Maybe dad doesn’t fuck her very well anymore. Either way, this day turned out great!!!

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Kitty LeRoux – Truth or Dare, Bro – Virtual gruzexchange.ru Video FullHD [1080p/2017]

Added: 4/7/17 10:21pm

Home alone with nothing to do, your sister asks if you want to play ‘Truth or Dare’. Piece by piece, dare by dare, both of you lose your clothes and your shyness. With no clothes left, feeling your heart race, you ask her what is her deepest secret. “I can’t stop thinking about being bred by you. I mean, look at my curvy body, it’s made for this. I can’t even orgasm without thinking about be impregnated.” Taking the tension up a notch, she does it- she dares you to get her pregnant. She pleads for you to make her your breeding bitch, to fulfill her by filling her with your seed. The risks are high, but the ecstasy of filling your sister’s womb with your seed is unquestionably worth it.

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Primals FANTASIES Lauren Phillips – Ring of Truth – Mind Control, Office Domination HD mp4 2018

Added: 4/5/18 6:01am

Lauren hires a new employee to add to her crew. They already know each other from past experiences together, and she’s always managed to get his clients away from him. This interview isn’t what she thinks it is though. Now that he has a ring that can persuade anyone into telling him the truth, he’s going to find out her secrets and use her like the slut she is.

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ROBOMEATS – Casey Calvert – Rental Disagreement – Daddy Freeze Time and Fuck Daughter mp4 2017

Eric’s air conditioning is broken on a sweltering day. Resolved to fix it, and maybe have a little fun, Eric calls his sexy landlord, Casey to his spot. She is clearly hot too when she arrives wearing barely there shorts and a tight tank top, her braless breasts making nipple impressions behind the cotton. As sexy as she may be, she is a bit of a cheap skate. She refuses to pay to fix his A/C unit, but Eric refuses to barter. He activates his timestop watch and begins to have his fun. With the power of this watch her body is all his, and he makes himself at home. He uses the watch to play with her a bit, first just using it to take a few peeks at her sleek little body, but he can’t stop there. He uses the watch to take full advantage of her, exploring her body, her mouth, and her tight little pussy, all the while trying to hold back the laughter at her confusion when he un-freezes her. He gives her a good fucking, and she seems to enjoy it even, despite her confusion as to why his cock is inside her and her slight efforts to fight him off. He finishes off by jerking his cock over her still body, cumming all over her belly. He places his cock in her hand and unfreezes her again. Completely baffled she get’s up wondering what happened as his cum runs down her body. Having planned this all along, he points out the cameras as blackmail to make her pay up. Embarrassed, she agrees and quickly dresses and leaves to avoid the eyes of the other tenants.

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Primal Fetish – Summer Hart – Sex Tape – Mesmerize, Mind Control Taboo Video HD mp4 2017

Added: 11/17/17 10:00am Primals FANTASIES

Summer is wrapping up a date with her co-worker at his house, talking on the couch about their other co-workers and how they can be extremely perverted. He says he has always thought she was a bit stand-offish, but he always figured that was why. He then pulls out a necklace he tells her he bought her and she immediately becomes “” by it. Before she realizes, she is subdued by his mind control and all the sudden is starting to feel really horny. When he suggests they make a sex tape, she is more than willing.

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Primals FANTASIES – Nadya Nabakova & Jericha Jem – Mean Girls – Hypno Threesome Sex HD mp4 2018

Added: 3/13/18 6:01am

Nadya and Jericha show up late to work on their project with Rion. They continue to treat him like a loser, and put him down saying he can just do the project themselves. Tricking them into taking their phone number’s, Rion opens the app on his phone that he made that has mind control. Now, he’s going to treat them the way they deserve and use them the way they want to use him.

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Mind Under Master Anastasia Knight – Trance Therapy – Dad mindcontrol Daughter 1080p mp4 FullHD 2018

Added: 4/12/18 4:31am studio/118498

Anastasia Knight is seeing a trance therapist to deal with her anger issues about her new stepfather. He’s a loser and she always catches him looking at her The doctor knows just what to do. She stares into his light and is hit with images and thoughts she didn’t know she had. “How long have you been attracted to your stepfather?” the doctor asks.

“I’m not attracted to him….” she replies but is hit with another wave of implanted thoughts. “I’ve always been attracted to him…” she finally admits.

“Let do some roleplaying,” the doctor says, “Pretend I’m you stepfather, what should you call me?”


“Good girl”

“Thank you daddy”

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Butt3rflyforU – Rae Knight – Robotic Sensual Step Mommy – Virtual gruzexchange.ru Porn HD

Added: 1/28/16 12:00PM

You come home from school very sad and depressed that you could not get turned on by the girls at school. You feel something is wrong with you. I am a robotic step mommy programmed to be very sympathetic and understanding to my human family. As a matter of fact, that is my only purpose to serve my human family. I am also flawlessly designed with huge double DD’s and a tight body and a perfectly round, heart shaped ass. I console you as soon as you come home and try to talk to you and lift your spirits but to no avail. I then tell you what my programming is and I feel it is time to SHOW you my skills and why your father picked me out and decided to have me programmed. I start with asking you to take out your cock and let me put my soft lips around it and start getting it hard. After several minutes, you begin growing and your heart pumping in anticipation of feeling my warm, creamy pussy. I lay you down a slowly insert your penis into my very wet pussy. You are in pure heaven as you begin pumping your hard cock inside me. You begin realizing why I am so special and you start feeling how creamy you are making my pussy. You can even see the white cream around the head of your cock. You are now seeing that you have no problem!!!! I then ask you to release your load onto my huge tits! Mommy is programmed for your pleasure and I am available tomorrow afternoon too! ENJOY!

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ROBOMEATS – Lily Labeau – Full Disclosure – Freeze Time, Nudity HD


As a divorce lawyer, Lily is used to playing hardball and putting men in their place. In this case, she even knows some dirty little secrets about the soon to be ex-husband that she plans to nail to the wall. He still has a few secrets up his sleeve, though, like a time-stopping watch that he’s going to use to enjoy this little bitch, much to her dismay. He starts by unbuttoning her blouse and revealing far more than she is comfortable with.

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