Amedee Vause – Seduced Sister – I Slept With My Brother

Added: 3/31/18 1:46pm

Brother Seduces Hot Sister into one last BlowJob!

We used to have a pretty deep relationship. I don’t even remember when all of this began, we were so young! For a long period of time we were in love and one time even had real sex! We were practically inseparable, went to movies together, preferred to go out together, played games and so on.

I never had someone else besides my brother, until now. I wanted it all to remain a well-kept secret, because I knew he would get hurt and feel replaced in my heart. I considered that it’s time for me to grow up, to have a real relationship with somebody… who is not my brother!

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Nia Nacci – The Happy Family – Black Panther Daughter seduced Stepdad – Interracial Porn HD 2018


In bed with Your Step-Family

Laying down, I have so many fun tiny little people to play with .. I tease them with my tongue, talking about what it feels like to swallow them, and how I enjoy their struggle. All the dirty details for 10 minutes, slowly swallowing them all, rubbing my pussy through my panties, biting my lip, moaning and cumming

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Jessica Starling – Cumming All Over Your Sister’s Tits – verbal humiliation FullHD [Maltese / Ontario, Canada/Jun 26 2017]

Your bratty older sister has the best set of natural tits you’ve ever seen. You can’t help but stare at them while she goes on her phone — until she catches you. She freaks out and calls you a pervert for staring. Then she notices you’re hard, and she starts to humiliate you even more, taking a picture of your throbbing bulge. You beg her not to show or tell anyone, but she just laughs at you. She loves to tease and be mean to you, so she takes off her shirt and watches your eyes widen. She says she knows you’ve been staring at her — not just today, but all the time — and she enjoys making you squirm by wearing only a towel after she showers or walking around the house in her underwear. She asks if you can handle seeing her tits, and slowly removes her bra. She notices how rock solid you are, and demands that you show her so she can humiliate you more. She’s surprised at how thick and big you are, and starts to jerk you off. Then she wraps her tits around your cock and starts to tittyfuck you. She admits that she likes it, too. At the end, you blow your load all over her chest.

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Hanna Hays, Nia Nacci, Aria Sky & Alice Coxxx – As You Wish: Parts 1-3 – Father`s Harem, Mind Control Daughter, reverse gangbang FullHD 2018

Part 1

Hannah couldn’t stand her stepdad. He was always trying to win her over with stupid gifts, so when he gave her a meditation lamp for her eighteenth birthday she just rolled her eyes.

Part 2

Ever since her stepfather gave her the magic lamp Hannah’s been obsessed with pleasing him, but daddy’s been reluctant to let her continue pleasuring him telling her that it was wrong. She cried all night and begged the lamp to help her. It told her to show the light to her friends….

Her best friend Nia was the obvious choice since her stepfather’s eyes would always sneak glances at Nia perfect eighteen year old DDs. Hannah whispers into her ear as the lamp’s magic cause Nia to fall in love with her stepdad. “You are in love with my stepfather” Hannah whisper, “Your eighteen year old body is meant for daddy’s pleasure” “You want him, you need him, you worship him”

Part 3

Hannah won’t stop at just using the lamp to make Nia fall in love, she’s going to build her stepfather a harem so he’s completely satisfied at all times. “We need daddy. We love daddy. We worship daddy.” Aria and Alice moan in unison as Nia and Hannah tease their sexy little bodies.

All four of them send daddy a video telling him how much they love him, begging for permission to pleasure him with their young bodies, all the time…all at once. “It’ll be our secret. Don’t you like secrets daddy?” Hannah asks in her video teasing the hem of her cheer uniform.

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Family Therapy Heather Vahn, Alex Adams – Mother’s Favor – Amateur HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 12/24/17 10:34pm

Sit down baby.. How was your day?.. That’s very good to hear. You know that date I went on last night? Yes, it went very well actually… Baby, you know how we do everything together, and we don’t have any secrets.. No, it’s silly… I probably shouldn’t ask you… But, could you do Mommy a little favor?…

***Starring Heather Vahn***

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Mind Under Master – Brooklyn Chase – mind control, magic control, superpower HD []

Added: 10/10/17 04:18PM

Psychologist Brooklyn Chase has decided to take on a new client who believes he can “control minds”. She asks him to prove it by making her do something, but when nothing happens she sighs and explains that he’s just confused. “There’s no such thing a telepathy” she explains as she uncrosses her legs briefly flashing her panties.

She crosses the room to give him a quick examination. “Is there any soreness?” she asks as she lets her hand roam over his chest. Quick flashes of he being pleasured in fade her mind. She shakes it off and continues, “Follow my finger” she says as she tests his eye movement. His eyes…something about them, “You have such beautiful eyes,” she extols, “I could just stare at them all day”.

Next she leans in close to his ear “Does my voice sound clear?” she asks before breathing in his scent deeply. “God you smell good” she moans before moving to his mouth. “Please open” she seductively says as she runs her finger over his mouth, “Any discomfort?” she asks but doesn’t even wait for an answers “Here does this help?” She kisses his open mouth tenderly, but he doesn’t even attempt to his back. “Mmm, you taste so good”, She jumps back realizing what she’s doing. “I don’t know what came over me, I’m married”

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