Jerky Wives – Cory Chase Fucking My Brother on My Wedding Day HD mp4 [720p/]

Cory is putting on make-up for her wedding when her older brother walks into the bathroom. “I can’t believe you’re getting married!” They haven’t seen each other in a long time when Cory suggests “Maybe we give it one last go” Dressed only in her blue wedding panties she lets her brother play with her tits. She takes off his shorts and sucks on his cock. He asks her to pull down her panties and he returns the favor to her licking her pussy. With her good and wet and his cock rock hard he fucks her, making her moan. “I think we should do this on your bed” he tells her and they leave to have one last fuck.

She checks on her wedding dress before getting on the bed and letting her brother lick her pussy again. She knows this is wrong, but after today she will never get to fuck her brother again. She gets on top of him and fucks him releasing all her anxiety about the wedding and honeymoon. He gets behind her and fucks her from behind slapping her ass. “Don’t leave a mark” she tells him as she moans from her brothers cock going deep inside her. “Yes” she screams as she cums on her brothers hard cock. They fuck around the bed like they are again. With Cory on top they 69 each other Cory jerking his large cock into her mouth. He explodes in her leaving the taste of cum on her tongue. She wants her first kiss with her husband to be with her brother’s cum on her lips.

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Ashley Masons Play House – Mommy Gets Blackmailed By Son – Mother make handjob her Son HD mp4

Added: 11/30/15 09:10AM

My son had really been getting on my nerves for the last several weeks. Every time I took a shower, went to the bathroom or even bent over he was right there watching me. He used the excuse that he needed to ask me something. I knew he masturbated to me all of the time because my lingerie drawer was always messed up. I finally got tired of the little creepy bastard so I ordered a metal cock cage to lock him up so he would not be able to jerk off to me. He planned revenge on me but who did it backfire! He gets the best RUINED orgasm of his life!

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Alix Lynx Needs Money – Alix Steals from Daddy FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 3/8/18 7:00pm

exy blonde Alix Lynx gets caught by her step dad stealing his money. The little slut knows there is only one way to get out of this bad situation. She starts teasing her step daddy showing her gorgeous boobs and touching his already hard cock. Her horny step dad can’t resist the young sluts charm. He pulls out his hard cock for the petite blonde to play with. Slutty Alix wants that cock in her dirty mouth and already wet pussy. And what she wants, she gets. The babe goes on her knees and gives her step daddy a great blowjob. She is now ready to feel her step daddy’s cock deep in side her young wet pussy. Her tight twat opens up as her step dad fucks her hard making his naughty stepdaughter moan. She enjoys every second of the taboo sex. The awesome POV pounding finally gets that cum on her body, and the money she wanted.

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Marley Brinx – Touch My Body Challenge – Brother`s fat dick inside in Sister`s small pussy SD 2018

Marley Brinx and her stepbrother Alex D. have a video channel. Today their video is the Touch My Body Challenge, where you blindfold your partner and have them guess what part of your body they’re touching. Marley and Alex take turns, eventually upping the ante so they’re using mouths instead of fingers. Marley pranks Alex with a dildo, and in return he whips out his fuck stick for her to suck.

To get Alex back, Marley sticks her little finger in her ass and then puts it in Alex’s mouth so he can suck her stinky pinky. Alex sticks his tongue in Marley’s mouth so she can taste her own stink, and soon they’re making out while Alex rubs Marley’s twat. Like putty in Alex’s hands, Marley lets her stepbrother finger bang her creamy twat before agreeing to put the blindfold back on one last time. Alex takes that opportunity to start fucking her.

Marley protests at first, but soon the stepsiblings are going at it like rabbits. Marley takes some time to suck Alex off for real before getting on her hands and knees to take him deep in her juicy twat from behind. Once she finishes herself off by riding Alex’s fuck stick, Alex gets the last laugh by letting loose a creampie of jizz in Marley’s hairy snatch.

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MOM teaches SON X POV – Son plays the stunt cock HD [720/2018]

Added: 3/1/18 3:57pm

This clip contains: gruzexchange.ruual dialogue with mother and son (English), JOI, slow wet handjob, slow wet blowjob, eye contact, POV, cfnm, spitting, groping, nipple flashing, doggy style, satin & silk, mature female domination, cumshot in and out of pussy, cream pie, fucking after cumshot and ass worship.

A confused and horny son asks mom for some firsthand masturbation guidance technics, because he still doesnt quite understand the complexities and enjoyments of self pleasure so maybe the best thing for now is to let mom show him and guide her frustrated son through the whole process of female and male sexual 4play and more…

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Alexis Fawx – My Step Mom made me Jerk off – Handjob, Cock Tease, Big Tits HD mp4 2018

My stepmom caught me jerking off to Mommy porn instead of doing my homework. She’s so fucking hot! I watch her in the shower and jerk off while I listen to her and dad fucking all the time. I left my door cracked hoping she would catch me. She told me my dad doesn’t get her off anymore. I could tell she wanted to see my cock. She’s a very dirty Mommy. She made me lay down and pull my cock out. Then she spit in my hand and told me to keep jerking off. I’ve thought about this so long. Then she got naked pulling out her big fake tits my dad bought for her. Thanks Dad! She showed me her thick mom ass, pulled her panties off and wrapped them around my hard dick. Her stroking me with her soft mom hands, freshly manicured pretty nails and telling me she was going to milk me only made me harder and harder. Then with both hands she jerked, stroked and pulled my cock. Rubbing it on her hot huge titties, and jerking me hard she demanded I cum for her. I exploded all over her hands. I love my new mommy.

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Butt3rflyforu – Dressing Room Handjob From Mommy FullHD [German / Florida/1080p/2017]

Added: 7/17/17 10:00am

You have come with Mommy to do errands for the day. We are in a clothing store dressing room and Mommy is trying on dresses. You sit quietly, patiently waiting for mommy to finish. Mommy takes off one dress and puts on another asking for your opinion. She then removes the dress and shows her silky, shiny pantyhose and full coverage satin bra. Your cock is beginning to stiffen. Mommy walks back and forth, you can’t help but get turned on. You love the bra Mommy wears. It always makes you hard. Mommy notices that your penis is very stiff. She is the best mommy and is totally understanding. She tells you it is ok and very normal to feel this way towards her and she understands why her pantyhose and bra makes you hard. She opens her purse and tells you to take off your pants and lean back and stroke yourself as mommy finishes trying on dresses and teases you in her bra and pantyhose. She gives you lube and tells you to begin touching yourself. She finishes trying on dresses and sits down with you and asks you if she can help. Mommy knows exactly how to milk her boy. She comments how big you are getting and how full your balls and that we need to keep our voices down because other ladies will hear us in other dressing rooms. Mommy adds more lube to her hand and begins milking your young, hard penis. She tells you to relax and remember that this is our secret and that no one will know that mommy masturbates her little boy whenever he needs her. We have a very special bond and Mommy loves you. Here hand feels so good you begin leaking your spunk out of your penis. Mommy praises you and tells you to keep it coming. We need to drain all of your spunk out before we can leave the dressing room…Mommy’s hand feels so good and looking right at her bra is helping your get all the cummies out. Mommy then removes her big titties out of her satin bra for you to look at. The bra is still hooked around her but exposing her big titties…your young penis can’t handle it anymore and you want your spunk in your mommies hand!!!

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Dina Sky – Mommy’s punishment to Son FullHD mp4 [American / New York/1080p/Apr 13 2018]

Mom just got done with her workout and she is stretching, and strips out of her tight leggings and top, upon turning around she catches you (her son) watching her. She is totally taken back and in shock, and decides you need a punishment for spying on her like that, she demands you strip for her, and upon doing so she decides she knows exactly what she wants, she bends over and shoves her big juicy ass in your face, and talking loving like she tells you to lick her, eat her sweaty sexy holes. Making you work your tongue and rub you face with moms big ass, your getting so aroused by her, and she’s enjoying every moment of it. She can’t take it anymore and wants you big cock and slips you in as she’s on top of you bouncing her big tits In your face, talking dirty and naughty, but you can’t control yourself and can’t hold it long at all, you accidentally blow your load inside of mommy. She is surprised but embraces it, taking her fingers and grabbing all the cum as it drips out of her pussy, and decides to rub it all over her big breasts, but she’s not done with you because she knows you have more cum inside of those big saggy balls and mommy wants you to feel her cum all over your cock. She has you climb on top and slide it in and out of her until she can’t take it anymore, each thrust brings her closer and she cums all over you. Before you know it you are cumming inside mommy again. She gets up and bends over to give you such an amazing view of your cum mess you just gave her, and declares that was the perfect punishment.

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